Aircon - anyone heard of All Best


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Hi I am new here.
Anyone heard of All Best air-conditioning & electric pte ltd?
Thinking of getting the aircon from them cos the price is cheaper compare to others. Please comment.


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i hv purchase a Toshiba Sys 2 from them at $1299.. they only provide 1 time installation for Sys 2 but my ID told me to ask for 2 time installation instead.. so i went down again to request for 2 time installation n they didn't charge me extra.. i had just install my piping on mon...


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Hi zlement,
i intend to purchase my aircon for them too. Thinking for getting the LG system 3. They say that they do provide 2 time installation if we need to. The price is about $1400. No sure whether LG is good or not. Anyway how is their workers? Did you encountor any problem when they were installing the piping?


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most aircon shop i went to say LG not recommended... i find their worker quite nice except dat they were late for abt 45min during my piping installation... but overrall i find their staffs r quite helpful..


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Hi i got my aircon from them.... they were prompt for 2 trips. Ya LG nt recommended though 5yrs warranty coz all LG products come with 5yrs warranty. I had a toshiba system 3 installed by all best 2mths bk.. $1.6kplus


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Hi honeybear,
which toshiba system did you get? It is the newest one? I was told that the price for the system 3 is $1.7k plus from them. If it is $1.6k plus than i will definitely get the toshiba one.


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Opps sorry....
Its 1750.... with GST i thk its ard 1.8k plus
Sorry for the info... juz ch wif hubby, its $1750 b4 GST...
pai seh


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I got my aircon from Allbest too. Sharp plasmacluster. About $1900.

I had my 1st installation last week. The guy came on time BUT he was inexperienced and the aircom trunking installed was really messy! It was supposed to run neatly along the perimeter of the ceiling but the guy actually ran them zig zag across my master toilet ceiling and also not a neat job along the other side. Cannot really explain the way the trunking was being done....if i can will try to take pics of the trunking.

Hence, now we have to put up a box up the ceiling to hide the ugly trunkings. My contractor advised us against complaining to the company as the staff may take offence and do "stuffs" to the trunking when he come back to rectify ...internal trunking faults will be worse!

Haiya! Will never recommend anyone to get aircon from them! Also, do be home to supervise when the aircon guys are there to do the job....


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Hi Jan,
cant imagine their workers are so bad. Wat i heard from them is that they have their own workers to intall and service the aircon so will have a better service. If this is the standard they provide than may consider other shops.

Thanks for the info.


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Anyone having problems with their Toshiba aircon? Seems like specs wise, very good and design wise is not bad at all.

Hope to hear any not so good news on the products. Cheers.


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Hi Bonn,

Have been using Toshiba for more than 10yrs and no problems encountered. U may like to read the following link for energy saving brands Realised that Toshiba was not in the list but got no problems with Toshiba.

Maybe would opt for Daikin or Mit system 4 (inverter) when new place is ready since both brands are recommended.

Anyone knows the price to install system 4 (inverter)?


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I think all inverters will get 4 ticks since Daikin and Mit also got 4. Guess inverters are really power saving.

I just checked out at one of the shops on system 4. Mit and Toshi will cost approx. $3.4K. I think the warm weather is coming and surely the price will go up. Daikin price is up by 300 bucks for inverters.


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I just bought a Mitsubishi Sys 4 from them last week. The best price around and the salesman who served me was very informative and friendly. The only down point was waiting time was 3 weeks! Dun mind though as its recommended by my friends.


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did anyone checked with them, do they provide vacuum process b4 installation ? heard tat it will help maintain ur compressor lifespan if u do tat but saleman from allbest told me it doesnt at least for mit. sys 4 can anyone retified it ?


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Hi Keith..
can you remember what is included in the $3338? ( e.g fan coil combination 10x3 + 1x20 or 10x4, installation, 1 x or 2x etc )



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Sorry didn't really check what is the package for. Cos i just pop in to asked how much he charge for system 4. 3 bedroom and 1 for hall...

If you happen to asked please let me know too...



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For all best, they said they will give 36 months installation guarantee, meaning only first year limited guarantee, 2nd yr onwards have to pay for labour but free transport or otherwise, i forgot. Also, their free $120 service voucher is bullshit. The vouchers are in domination of $10 and expires in a year. Only one voucher of $10 can be used each installation.


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Hi Rachel,

for the vouchers, it is stated that it expires 24 months from month of issue so that makesit 2 years.

Each voucher can only be used to redeem one particular fancoil unit, does it means per aircon in each room, we get to use 1?


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FCU (Fan Coil Unit) is the compressor... not those units inside our room. If you have a system 4 or even system 5, you may need 2 FCUs but that is rare


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I had bad experience with them at the branch in IMM.

Got a quote initially at $3250 for Toshiba Inverter System 4 from the uncle there. Then went to another shop, same at IMM and the auntie quote me $3200. I went to ask the uncle again and he say that since auntie quote me $3200 then he will honour that price.

3 days later, me and father went to down to make the purchase, when told we will be paying by credit card, he immediately say then will be $3250 and won't cover the stainless bracket. so angry...we walk off.


FCU is the fan coil unit aka indoor unit or the blower, whilst the compressor aka outdoor unit is known as the condensing unit


yes calvin,

they are like that.. i have posted several times in my other posting in this home and decor forums about them,

one thing about them is that they are not very transparent about their prices and they like to brag and making matter worse. their items that they give you is the not too good ones and if you want you gotta add some more.

you can try honx tax, which is just round the corner, although the price is around the ones that is quoted by all bext just slightly higher i chose honx tax cos they do not aspire to "cheat" me right from the beginning like what all bext is trying.

Oh did you get your air con in the end? cos i hopefully you would know what specifications to look out grade what for the pipes and the insulation.. can share with you some info if you havent gotten yours yet/



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Very important note for anybody who is going to All Best.
All Best is far from being good, much less best. I bought a Mit Starmex system3 from their branch in IMM 2 weeks back. Their receptionist at the service centre is very rude and unhelpful. Their technicians are VERY unprofessional. 2 of them came to dismantle my air-con. They checked if all the the units in the rooms are working, then they kept pestering my grandma to let them take the old air-con away. After being refused the request, they said there is only 2 of them and they cannot dismantle the compressor(Fujitsu system3) and took 2 of the remote controls (which are working) for the air-con.
I called up the service centre and the receptionist is very unhelpful, accusing me that I am calling their technicaians thieves.
All Best has added to the stress of having my apartment done up.


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When purchase aircon at their shop, their service very good. But after that, nightmare just began.

On the 1st installation, my hubby have to go to work. Luckily I get my ID to come n help me bcoz need help on how to lay the piping. As I expected, they say cannot by the way I want but when my ID came everything can. See they always bully gals but I m not scared. On the 2nd installation, worst. I called up to fix the 2nd appt but the customer service gal was so rude and say upcoming few weeks all fully book. I complain to the manager bcoz I already call in advance to book now tell me dun hv slots. Then I have to wait until when. So finally was solve but again so suay the available slot is on my ROM. So again, get my ID to come n help and rush back to the new hse after ROM. Can’t even have a peaceful day. The nightmare is still not over yet. As we are not customary married yet, so we sleep in the common room first. And few days later we realise the MBR aircon water condense. And call them to come up for 3 times to serve. Guess what they say oh bcoz u on the common room aircon n the MBR aircon is not on and hot that why water condense. I was so angry and tell them off "I m not sleeping in the MBR can't expect me to turn on 2 aircon right". After that I call my uncle who service aircon he say its bcoz the way they lay the piping something is wrong that’s y. So end up the last time they came up and open the casing n install a black sponge now cross my finger the problem is solve


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I posted my views on allbest in the website below: as recommended by calix.

wat i said was that i was served by an uncle who looks v experienced and assures us his shop dont use foreign workers, dun use lousy piping etc.. spent a long time explaining to us but i feel he is quite hard selling ...he says he cant guarantee the aircon we buy fm him in future would be made in japan


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i've purchased my aircon liao but stumbled upon this page cos I was served by an uncle in All Best as well. Comments on him is the same as above - he is very experienced and everything etc. But he also mentioned that he cannot guarantee that the aircon that we buy fm him in future will be made in japan as well? it's almost half a year already and they are still using this tactic?!?!?!?!?


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I've just done my trunking last tuesday. The trunking guy not bad... very patient with us. Our blowers will be installed next monday. Hopefully no cock up.


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Went down to AllBest and Best Tech, price quite competive last weekend.
Haven really visit Ho*g T*r and Gain City yet.
Those interested can go read up from this site
There is a short write up on Best Tech and Co*l Ser*e.


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Best Tech not honest. When we visited them somewhere in Apr06 to purchase the Sharp Plasmacluster System 3. They have a display set on their shelves with very cheap pricing @ $1,427, however when we said we interested, the guy said Sharp is going to stop the production of aircons, hence he got no more stock. We were so shock, and went around asking if this is true.... Eventually Allbest told us, cos Best Tech could not get the rights to distribute Sharp aircon, so just say no stock. And the saying of non-production is not true at all.......


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hi plain

it's me again. i also had my aircon done by the company mentioned in this thread.

we went back to them recently after talkin to them in Nov as we think their price was the most competitive and they give good trunking - totaline pipes etc.

but now disappointed. let me list:

1. they said give them 10 days notice to give them time/date of installation. cos tat time when we bought havent fixed date yet so when i know when i want to install, i faithfully called the uncle we bought the aircon fm n told him v clearly over the phone my required time (am) /date. repeated it and he said ok he will fix it tat morning of the date. then just the day before they supposed to come down, called my FH and told him they coming down only in afternoon. i was furious as tat uncle said we had to arrange for our contractor, ID, us, and his workers to be there for the briefing n discussion on where to lay the trunkings. but our ID already had prior appointments in the afternoon and could be there oni in the morning, which was the time i fixed with all. so bo pian i had to apply for afternoon urgent leave as well, and ate a rushed lunch, din dare to dily dally. tat day was v hot n me n hubby actually fell asleep on the floor in one of the (as yet unairconditioned)rooms. they promised to come by 2pm. they arrived at 4pm. ok never mind, the guy looked v experienced n advised us n was v nice n i felt we were in good hands. they told us go walk ard as it would be late, and when i came back, i noticed cigarette butts on the floor even tho my ID alrady pasted notice clearly sayin no smoking in the house. ok nevermind i still swallowed. waited till 7pm + then no more light we got to plug in a standby light for them. even tho the trunking was big n awful (ok i can still accept that).

2. then came the 2nd installation when they were late as well. we had to fight for an early date cos our ID said it must be done before a certain date. so we pushed them, and they reluctantly gave us a slot. they were late again. then my FH was shocked to discover on the outside aircon ledge, the pipes were pushed out of a hole and silion gel were simply poured over them. they were damn unsightly n my FH blew his top when he compared ours to the neighbours' ones upstairs and downstairs. he wanted to call to complain.

3. before he managed to call to complain, the painter hired by my ID was very zi dong / conscientious and warned her who told us that the air con trunking in MBR was leaking water!!!! we oni switched it on to test it during the technican's instructions n never on it after tat one brief time. our floor was parquet ok!!! we immediately rushed down and checked and it was true. my FH immediately called them n gave them hell. the guy was also rude, claiming not their fault. but when my FH pressed them, they promised to send someone down.

4. they pushed back the date again. then one late afternoon they suddenly called FH and tell him they going down 7pm. we all had work to do and i tell u, we rushed like hell to go down to new flat. they were late. (ok nvm i ren) then they still insisted the water was fm the rain, the leakin window,antyhing but their fault. my FH made them open up the trunking and true enuf, there was water inside, with sand. they tore away the trunking, spoiling the newly painted bedroom, and did their best to repair it. then they also trunked up the pipes outside, and poured silicon gel over the hole where the pipes lead out to the aircon ledge cos that side also leakin. we waited till 9pm+ and we were tired. the technicans were nice lah, but i tell myself, no more this company.

i hope u wont hear more fm me abt this company anymore. i wan my aircon to be working well. today just tested it. cross fingers!
wah!! reading this thread makes me very worry.. we bought our air-con from All Best too. The uncle mentioned above sound like the uncle we made our purchase from.

we yet to install our air-con but will be very soon. Does that mean we better call them and fix a tentative date 1st?? if not they can't make it on that day.. we jialat!!!
Hi All,

I did my 1st installation today. The tech were late but this is small matter. The big matter is that I was not given the kind of copper pipes and 16mm pvc pipes, as promised by the uncle who served me.

They brought with them copper pipes from another brand and claimed that they are of the same quality. Also claimed that it's even pricier than the one that was promised to me.

I did not buy their story and tried calling the uncle to complain. Unfortunately, I was unable to get him and ended up calling the main office instead. My call was answered by a lady. I question her as to why the material supplied did not tally with my sales order, she (shamelessly) told me that my sales order is not accurate, I have to check the tax invoice from the tech.

I blew my top on hearing this. If my sales order is not accurate, then what is it for???? I signed for that sales order!!!! We had a shouting match (yes, she really rise her voice!!!) over the phone and she only relent after I told her to tell the tech from carrying on with the work. I insisted on using the materials as stated in my sales order.

So, please check and make sure that the material used are as stated in your sales order. They included the word "or equivalent" in their tax invoice. Stay around when the tech are doing the work. Play safe, be kiasu!!


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Hi Gracefulswan,

Can I ask how you checked to ensure that you have received the right materials? I'm asking because apparently (I was away and my girlfriend made the check) there was a PSB-tested written on the wrapping. Is that what we would expect to see for the copper pipe and 16mm PVC pipe?

It only seems to me that there is a problem with this so-called Uncle from Allbest..I got mine from him as well and he made the same promise as like everyone else mentioned in this forum.

They completed the 1st installation for me. Please advise what we shd expect when they fix the blowers and compressor.

Thanks and greatly appreciated.
Hi Ken,

When we purchased the air-con, that uncle told us that the pricing we paid is using this particular brand for the copper coil + insulation and is using 16mm drainage pipe. So when the tech guys came, we kpo took a look, to our surprise the brand was different from what stated in our sales order lor.

For us, that brand the tech guy brought dont even have any PSB-tested wrapping at all !!

As for what to expect for the 2nd appointment, I'm sorry as i really dont know yet. Maybe, jus look out for the correct brand and model of the air-con that we paid for bah... hahahaha..
(who knows they give a different brand or model?? )


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we din even check the mm of the drainage pipes. we did finger them n see see look look but we din know which pipes r for wat. we did see the word totaline tho so we din bother to check the size or wat PSB tested wrapping. oh my god..

n ken, u beta stick around when the technicians are doin their work, tho they would tell u to go out n walk ard cos it would take 1-2 hours. gd luck n update us.

i still havent shifted to new flat yet so duno if aircon repair done properly. haiz


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the allbest installation suck big time!

water start to leak from the fan coil on the 1st nite of my stay in my new house, i was very angry and contact Toshiba aircon, the Toshiba technician helps me to diagnose the problem and found it to be a installation fault.I call to allbest office and demand the installation guy to come down immediately to resolve the problem,

after retifying the problem, these guy just walk away and i have to clean up the mess for them, the cable and pipe connections to the condenser unit looks like piece of sh*t to me,as compare to gain C*ty, i think the latter who install my prevous home had a better workman ship.

our 2nd installation is not done yet. not so soon. mayb 2 weeks later, i'm not sure. (waiting to do 1st round of painting.)


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Hi Hapict and Gracefulswan,

The installers came last weekend and helped us fix up the blowers and compressor. I was not around but according to my girlfriend, they turned it on for a few minutes and found no leak. I'm not convinced anyway because I guess it takes time to find out if the piping is causing problems.

Kind of headache really...feel happy because Allbest did came and they did install the aircon for us..feel shitty because after reading the response about Allbest (esp with that uncle), it's just not worth the time and hassle really, esp when I'm currently overseas.

But I really hope everything goes on well for those who have or intend to get it from them. I guess it's just a matter of luck.


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FH want to test the aircon again but i m sort of hesitating cos duno wat problems would crop up. we will test again before we move in. tat will b quite a few mths fm now. wil update u all.

u test the aircon when u back lah. but meanwhile ask your FW to constantly check the aircon piping for leakage esp if the floors are parquet. perhaps lay some cardboard on the areas below the trunking.

gd luck gracefulswan...update us okie...


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Hi guys,

My hubby and I had the same problem with Allbest.

First time, the aircon in MBR is leaking and our floors is affected. So we called and get the guy to fix it and pay for the floor damanged.

We also asked the guy to fix the condensation in the study room which he did. After fixing, he asked us to check after a few weeks to see if the condensation continued.

Now, the condensation in the study room still continues and we try to get hold of them. My hubby called them this afternoon and they hung up on him after telling my hubby "let me check your case and we'll call u back".

My warranty will expire in 1 mth time and I'm not sure if we could get them to fix the condensaiton problem.

I'm kinda give up on them and thinking of getting somebody to fix it once and for all. So we don't have to keep movign our furniture and re-paint the room.