Air-con installation - Gain City, Twin City or ???


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I just went to the hong ta shop at jurong west today for aircon enquiries..i haven made up my mind whether to choose hong ta or Gaincity,anyway here is the address

Blk 506 jurong west St 52 #01-190 S (640506)
Another address i found on the company card i got from them

40 Toh Guan Road East, #01-65 Enterprise Hub S (608582)


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On the day of installation, what kind of things do have to look out for to ensure the installation is done the correct way?


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Hi all, I would recommend following Co for their good services and reasonable price.

I engaged their installation service last Sept and I found their workmanship was good too.

Creation Air Conditioning Services (Balestier)
Add: 586 Balestier Rd #01-02 Eastpac Bldg Singapore 329898
Tel: (65) - 62566163

Look for a guy call Desmond


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I've personally used best tech 2 times' one for my mum's place and second on my own house. 2 sets inverter air-con for 2 seperated units. Previously we hired another air-con company located in the west, they came see the place and says that the piping was too long and they left the place, we were left unfolded until a friend of mine recommended me them which was located at IMM,the salesman was very experience and the salesperson offered me an insulation from italy name K flex, this insulation actually help to stop our long years with problem of insulation.

My second set of air-con was just installed 1 week ago, very satisfied with their workmanship and most important pricing. I would rate them 4.5/5.

P.S I'm sorry for winningeleven plight, maybe it was just a wrong day for u and the installers. Good luck on your next purchase!


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The Toshiba system 3 owner who bought on 5 Oct 08, first called Gain City on 23 Oct 08 and fixed an inspection on 24 Oct. He subsequently changed it to 1 Nov. Gain City provides 3 years warranty for piping workmanship and Toshiba gives 1 year standard warranty for the equipment. Warranty requires only Toshiba agent to inspect its equipment. Gain City did not diagnose the equipment during the inspection under these conditions. Toshiba agent had to document its diagnosis for claims. But the agent has not been able to secure an inspection with the owner. The owner's conditions prior to an inspection were: to exchange the equipment and to provide 3 years warranty. Toshiba agent agreed to exchange faulty equipment but disagreed to extend warranty from 1 year to 3 years. Gain City has been assisting both sides to resolve the icing issue.


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Oh got so bad ah for Toshiba aircon? Oh no i just bought one Toshiba aircon from Gain City. Need to know the outcome, do update us. Thanks.


harlow anyone here?

a salesman quote me $2.6++ for sys3 Sharp model.

anyone used sharp models before?
their ioniser is certified and i think other than that is abt the same as other models.

pls advice/feedback


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I'd like to express my sincere thanks to Gain City. They've been very helpful, cooperative and accommodating to our needs in my previous purchase. They are a genuine retailer with a reputation for, excellent services and fine installation workmanship. Once again, thank you very much, Gain City.


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So what is the default installation of gaincity? Do u all upgrade the insulation and the piping or use the default insulation and pipe?


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I also just had my system 2 toshiba invertor installed by Gaincity. Very good service from their technician. He will discuss the trucking route with you before he starts and tries his best to minimise the trucking.

We did upgraded the insulation as we had a bad experience with aircon trucking condensation previously. By the way, Gaincity uses a metal sheet to cover the exterior of the hole for the compressor (old flat kind) instead of just using the usual wood plank. We thought this is quite good as wood usually breakdown easier with the constant contact with rain water and sun.


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I had very bad exp with GC-Choa Chu Kang branch. We order MXY3 (system 3) but they deliver MXY4 (system 4) compressor. And none of them informed us abt this. My hubby found out when check the compressor model, by that time, the men had taken down our old aircon. No choice have to accept. We feel cheated cos we believe GC just wanna clear the old stock of system 4 hence gv us the system 4. Very bad and the workmanship is not good (they outsource to 2 young men from JB). Aircon in my masterbedroom is not cool. Spent $3.5 k and got all this nonsense. Till now, none of GC mgr bother to call us eventhough I have called the service hotline.


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Wa.. paopei.. such a good deal ar, GC-Choa Chu Kang Branch which salesman can tell me... I want to buy also. cos recently i search ard for aircon also sys4... see if they can also give me sys 4 but paid sys 3 price


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Don't get air-con from Best Denki, got a very bad deal from them. Also although free installation for HDB flats but length of piping is restricted to 25 ft per blower. Hence you will most likely have to pay extra; in my case have to pay extra $250. Get your air-con from Gain City; I would have saved $600 if I get my air-con from Gain City.


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How much does it cost to install a system 3 air conditioner? I am keen to install but i dont know which company to choose? Gain city? But they are charging me @ quite a high price... my friend recommended me to install my a/c from Service Aircon Singapore he said that it is cheap & good.