Ah Yat Banquet Hall


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Hi Cloudia

I have booked my banquet for in Sept this year with them.

The area is quite spacious and well-equiped with LCDs and projector. Only things is that I gave them some feedback about their table cloth and chair skirting


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May I know if we can use the restaurant as the dinner venue rather than the banquet hall itself? By the way, any experience to share regarding their food and services? Thanks a lot!


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I had a bad experiance with Ax Yxx Banquet Hall.

- Meet up at the restaurant during the weekend and i got all information i need. I was quite happy with the place and menu.

- During the discussion, the incharge agreed that we are the priority as we are the 1st couple to check on the date. Anyone who want to book on the same date with me, she will call me first.

- We are almost confirm and we wanted to see how actuall wedding is held there. So the incharge told us to visit them on the following sunday.

- On that day we discussed on the payment method and the incharge need to seek her boss's permission. She will get back to me 1 or 2 days later.

- 2days passed and she called.I was informed that the date was taken and the other party alredy signed the contract.

- and she dare to ask me what i can do and expect me to change my date! what the hell.

- My WTB called them up and had a long talk which did not come to any favour to us.

- the reason of this case is that she was on leave (before we went to see the actual wedding) and her coleague accept the booking without informing her.

Below are some of the suggestions:
1. Change date
2. Held the banquet at the restaurent (open air)

- My friend did help us to call them and below are some words that the incharge's manager said
"go ahead and complaint or sue us la"
"why should i take your suggestion"

***So here to give you some advice. BLACK & WHITE IS VERY IMPORTANT***

I made a mistake which did not request for an email on the 1st priority. If i had it, for sure, i will sue them. Do this for other restaurant as well to cover yourself.

Really. If not just like me, what can i do? Nothing, but to find another restaurant


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Hi Mae,

I understand that they can use the 3rd floor.

But I feel that 3rd floor has a lot of pillars. unless its near the window area which i think is quite nice


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Any pictures of the banquet hall? The pictures that SB had put on look quite old fashioned.

Anybody can share pictures with me?