Advises needed on what i am facing now


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currently, hubs and I are renting the whole house (four room flat) from my aunt.

we have intention to buy over the house from aunt once the five years are up. this will occurs next month.

currently, there are 4 occupants (me, hubs, maid and my son). everything was ok till recently where suddenly MIL said that FIL is forcing her to sell their flat and that MIL might be shifting in with us.. to add on, i am heavily pregnant and will be due next month.

in my heart, i was thinking.. wow, such a coincidence. we are nearing the due date for buying the flat and MIL suddenly needs a place to stay..

if MIL were to come over, it is not just her. it would be the three of them (FIL, MIL and BIL). how to squeeze all in the 4RM flat? even if possible,
there will be space constraints..
my newborn will need a sleeping space and also space for its things..

i definitely dont allow her to come over to stay and dont approve of her coming to stay. for now, i am still 'safe' as house is still my aunt. but what is going to happen once the house is under me and hubs' name??

hubs keep insisting to me that, once MIL sells her flat, she has no place to stay (MIL can stay with her mom, she and BIL can rent a room, she and BIL can buy a flat). then hubs told me BIL has not enough $$ to get one. which is bullshit..

seriously, i see it that MIL has all these plotted with BIL and now she is shovelling everything on me. hubs is just being manipulated by them. he neither agrees nor disagree with her shifting in.

currently, we are still ok financially, but with #2 coming along, we will be living hands to mouth..

if MIL and BIL were to shift in, there will be the huge bills which we have to shoulder. they wont fork out a single cent for S&C, electricity bills, internet bills, groceries, etc. this will be a burden which we cant shoulder.

what can i do to prevent them from coming over? hubs has been telling me 'to be prepared for MIL to come over to stay'. he didnt discuss with me nor seek my approval.


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The PM wants you to have 4 babies...

You should have complained to Minister Khaw.

The flat is too small.

And it is smaller than in the 80s!

You are unfilial, anyone giving you idea to prevent you to sayang your MIL is... ... LOL~

It's very easy.

Buy them a condo lor.


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Not the size of flat, ts just didn want to live with them. Just curious, Why they wana sell their flat? Are they gonna stay with you temporarily until they purchase a new flat?

Let them know yr stand but do it tactfully


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I am obviously teasing her... LOL~

Naughty Scope is naughty.

Why not just tell them sleep in the drains?

It's seriously unfilial to think like TS...

Someday, maybe she is sick and used up all her money and need to sell her flat...

She looks at her only son...

"Son son, let me stay with you?"

"Sorry mama, I love you sooooooooooo fugging much...

But my beloved wife, your DIL, doesn't want you"

Then Xin Yue could remember the day when she is trying to tell her MIL to live in the drains... LOL~

Of course there is a way...


Go rent a flat. Go to your MP, and make arrangement for her MIL. Problem solved. It's considered short term accommodation, and since she is not living alone... can apply.

Worse comes to worse...

Divorce lor. LOL~


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The battle of two women. She plot, i plot and see who's the winner. I don't wanna judge but some mil (in some cases are dil) are difficult to get along.


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That's not an excuse to 'dump' them...

You chose to marry, you chose the MIL lah...

Your parents ain't your choice, but your MIL is...

If you love the son, you appreciate the MIL's effort in making a son you are in love with.

But still...
in reality...

Yeah you are right. Some MILs are fugging hell...

Then how?

Are you sure Xin Yue will be 'heaven' to her DIL?

Such things are very interesting. It's like Milo Meelo and those haters of myself... They think they have all the reasons...

But when you start probing, you realize...

They are just morons. LOL~

Xin Yue's problem can be solved by getting temp rented flats from HDB from seeing the MP. Assuming the brother is working, he should be able to afford the rented flat.

If the MIL just wanna keep the proceeds and stuck at Xin Yue's place... Actually, TS is pregnant, and it's likely the baby will need the MIL's help to take care of. Why not?

But when the baby is growing up, Xin Yue can cite reasons to 'invite' her MIL to move out so that the child has a room.

But 4rm flat leh... should be enough room if the bro sleeps in the living room... Kekeke~


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"Such things are very interesting. It's like Milo Meelo and those haters of myself... They think they have all the reasons.."

interesting... I wasn't even commenting in this thread. MORON indeed. I don't hate u. You are just a stranger, just a very irritating dellusioned troll that keep trying to market your stupid blog. Seeing what your endless self rants and numerous photoshop self portrays you posted gives me the creeps. Profile of a psychopath.


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You don't need to write in this thread.... you moron. once again, directly applicable to you. Sick psychopath.


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Sorry, what I was obviously saying is you are a moron without even a need for your reply...

And what moronic you are saying is you have the legal power to stop the freedom of expression in this online forum...

Don't you ever wake up, Milo Meelo?

But you are entertaining, anyway. LOL~


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Hi Xin Yue,

Just close one eye and everything will be ok.

Think of it this way. It is better for hubby to spend time with his mother than for him to be with another woman.

One of my girlfriend always dislike her MIL from talking or spending time with my girlfriend's hubby. Guess what, in the end the hubby started seeing another woman. So which is worse then?

So from her I learn a valuable lesson, if I happen to be busy with work and my hubby is off, I always ask him to bring the kids out and spent time with his parents.

3 things are achieved : 1. MIL will love you for being filial 2. Hubby will not have time for another woman. 3. Hubby will love you more because he gets to enjoy time with his kids and parents while you are slogging at work and he will try and arrange special date with you later on.

So my advice to you is to live with them. Old people cannot live by themselves alone. There is always a chance they may fall down or have stroke.
In fact I told hubby I want to move his parents and my parents to live with us, it's ok to squeeze a bit. Hubby is very please with my thinking.


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1. Difficult MIL will be difficult.
2. Seeing MIL doesn't mean hubby's dick will not get erected for other women.
3. Hubby will not love you more for such things in general, and if MIL is really difficult, the deed could in fact backfires on the relationship with hubby...

"See lah, your wife never do XXX, how can she wear like that, you must tell your wife she like that means like this which is not good, waliao got baby I still take care and your wife complains!"