Advise on Outdoor Photoshoot Preparation


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Hi Zhen & Adeline, sent


molly: thanks!!! Can give mi the add???tinkin of going there for my AD pic-taking. Coz i didn't managed to go there for my PS coz of the rain~~~**Sob**Sob***


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address?? no address la.. it's just next to the airport runway le.. it's in the bush next to the runway.. no house nothing one.. there are some turning by the side of the road (the straight road next to the runway), note that those road you turned into are yellow soil and non-tar, a lotsa big truck turned into those path.. very dusty one..

got dry trees and lalang there.. can get both! how good!


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Hi happy,
Jus for yr info, my fren took her outdoor PS at Jurong Bird park. There's a beautiful waterfall there. But there will be alot of tourists lookin at u! My fren went there for PS, was actually requested by tourists to take pics with her! Heehee, but the waterfall very nice la. Can consider.


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HI all,

Is Botanical Garden or Japanese Garden a nice place for outdoor PS? Pls kindly give opinions as I will be gng for my outdoor PS 2weeks down the road.
Thanks all!


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hihi all,

my ps is in sept and i am now looking at ps venues

can anyone advise me where i am able to rent a yatch for the photoshoot? been thinking of how lovely it will be..

like the lalang field too


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Hi all,
Sorry, have not been checking on this thread anymore. You can view my wedding pix & album at my online photo site:

The albums are under "photos", towards the bottom of the list. Good luck for your weddings!


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Hi all ,

I am also deciding my PS location... I would like to have a more urban kind of theme. Any suggestion?
I went to Vivocity 3rd level.. seems pretty nice.. Those of you who wants to take your PS.. maybe can consider there.. nice view facing sentosa.. I believe it will be nicer in the evening or at night.


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Hi all, mind to share your wonderful pictures that you all have taken? I am going to take mine on August.. Felt like I am still v ignorant about the location etc...

If you gals dun mind to share the photos with me do send me a mail to [email protected] Thank you gals.


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hi all, Pity pls advise me on what you did the day before your outdoor photo taking? my photo shoot is tuesday. I took tues "No pay leave", so mon i work as per normal...Maybe "OT" till 7/8pm then reach home by 9pm...

Also, what do you do in preparation for this BIG event...Do you apply any lotion or cream the day before??I think a facial mask is a "MUST", but which band? Any recommend of cream /lotion for facial,body, etc?? Any slimming cream to recommend too???


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dun use any mask that u normally dun use. in case u not suitable then breakout or wat....

i guess sleeping early will help ba....


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anywhere with nice sky/ sea view? i'm very much into nature themes but can't think of anywhere except ECP and the common beaches in Singapore.


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You can try Clarke Quay, it has a nice backdrop of modern design combined with old shophouse architecture.

Almost every couple have wedding photos at Botanical Garden, Punggol lalang, Beach with black rocks (try to avoid these).

For Botanical Garden, should try the Orchid Garden, it's more beautiful.


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haha..! yea, those ylang ylang and beaches are kinda common, but i am hard up for ylang ylang :p We went to seletar airbase for its greenery and punggol for (what else) ylang ylang. Be prepared to feed the mozzies!


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Using a mark before the night is good. Keep the face moistures. But if you have never put mask, pehaps buy 1 pc to try 1-2 mth before the ps. So in cas any breakout you got time. I using collegen mask, personally i quite like.

And ampoules is really good. I tried it personally. Makeup become really lasting.


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yup do slp early the night before. on the day i think it is good to have a jiemei following becos there's so much to be done n carried.
It's good bring a nice chio umbrella just in case too. i din bring one so i regretted a bit esp when there's a little drizzle during the noon of the photoshoot. other then that it was fun but tiring. wet tissues and do bring some props for ur photoshoot and do communicate a few weeks before with ur photographer on the style of photos you wan so they know what locations they can recommend to you!


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Does anyone has any recommendations where to shoot the for my wedding photos? hmm.. alot of ppl go to botanic garden but i want sthg more colourful at the backdrop of my photos..


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hi, any of u take your wedding photo at Pula Ubin? please share with me your photos taken there? my hubby thinks it will nice to do it there but i am not convinced. haha...worried about mosquitoes bites at the end


my email is [email protected]