Advise on Outdoor Photoshoot Preparation


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Hi dear_dear & Bigtoes,

Mind sharing with me your photos too?
Thank you very much!

[email protected]


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Hi deardear and bigtoes,

Is it possible for you to share your photos with me? My email address is [email protected]

Thanks in Advance!

BTW, I'm looking for a field with lalang and/ or a place with clear and nice sun set (preferably can see the whole sun set) for my outdoor PS. Any recommendation?


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hi all...
e lalang field u all r mentioning is it e one at punggol?? near to punggol marina? if it is then i can tell u all e way.... is really a very very nice place if u want natural old kampong road scenery
I will be going there for my outdoor shooting tis week...


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Hi there,

I'm new here... am taking my PS at the end of this month and am looking for ideas of where to take the OD PS. Anyone here took photos in churches? Do we need to seek permission to take photos there?


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I came across friend's photo taken at a place with dry trees or almost leafless trees .. which give very winter look, or at least autumn.. Is that at Tanah Merah? U guys heard of any place like this in spore? Where is it exactly.. hope u can share if u know.. thanks..


hi molly, how come u nbr ask ur fren where they take the pics>???? I'm also interested to know.
Actually, i found a place tat looks abit like this (Frm afar), but hav not recce the place yet so dun know if really like this. But this place is at Canberra link, between Yishun MRT to Sembawang.


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my friend says tht's somewhere at tanah merah.. near a safra camp but not long ago she passby the place saw the area being fenced up liao.. but i believe there are many places look like this..