Advise on Ko Hong


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Hi Irene

Ko Hong is still around, but their ID section has been 'sectioned' out to ID Emboss.

I've just had my place done by them. Drop me a note if you would like more info.



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Hi StillH20s,

Could you kindly send your quotation to [email protected] as well, i currently scouting for an ID too. Thanks



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Hello StillH20s,
I have juz gotten my house key last week and am scouting for an ID now. I have visited KoHong's website and found out that they hav 30 yrs of experience. So, how is their workmanship like and how's your experience with them? Could you kindly send me your quotation? Thanks. My email add: [email protected]


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Hi All,

It's so unfortunate that I had bad experience with Ko Hong. I went to HBay to source for an ID, thinking that it would be more reliable. It turned out otherwise. Actually I was not referred to Ko Hong at first. It was on a renovation tour organised by HBay that I was introduced to Ko Hong by one of the staff there as Ko Hong's ID's were on duty that day.

I shall remember this phrase that they always quoted " Nothing good comes cheap and nothing cheap is good" They seemed to swear by this but did not live to it.

When I got their quotation and compared it against another ID, I found theirs more expensive. When I told them that I have to consider them since they are more ex, they reiterated that " Nothing good comes cheap and nothing cheap is good". In the end I chose them because the other ID is quite slow in response (they are very popular and I guessed they have a lot of projects to do) and I have to start reno soon. Mine is in the resort theme and they said they have not done one so far. They dont even have pictures of their renovated homes which I thought was absurb. Anyway, I went to see their workmanship but it was an uncompleted one...I should have taken the clue from here that if they dont have many homes that they did to show or if they cannot show a completed, hand-over flat, then something is wrong.

Dont see why there is a designer cause what he proposed was something which I can come out myself. In fact, I completed the resort theme of my home myself with my hubby.

The reno was completed as scheduled (probably because if they dont complete on time, then they have to pay me $50/day). However it was not smooth sailing and the workmanship sucks. They have to make several trips to rectify one can you imagine when there are many??? In fact till today, after 3 months, they still have to come to rectify on their poor workmanship. All so much for their " Nothing good comes cheap and nothing cheap is good". It turned out to be "Not cheap, Not good".


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Hi All,

Just to highlight that Ron did not do my house. It was another project manager. However, this project manager is a nice person but the designer is a pain in the as*. Whatever it is overall wormanship counts in every reno!


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Hi Tiqa!

May I ask who is your designer? The reason is becoz I am about to sign up with ID Emboss. Your Phase of " Nothing good comes cheap and nothing cheap comes good" seem very familiar... If you don't feel confortable posting his name here. May you please email to me at [email protected]

Thanks a Million!


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Hi! I am the Manager of Ko Hong and would like to clear the misunderstanding. At Ko Hong, we take every aspect of our work seriously especially where our service and workmanship is concerned. Usually we would bring customers to view our projects, on-going ones to let them have a feel of the renovation process and completed ones. However, we have to understand that not many homeowners would like to have people come in to their new homes after completion.

Many customers come to us with a particular theme or an idea in mind. Being in the interior design sector, we are required to be very familiar with the many various themes. A customer may know what kind of concept he wants but might mislead us with the theme quoted.

A good portfolio and a strong track record are very important for all companies. Being in the industry for almost 35 years, we are proud to have built up an excellent portfolio and proven track record. We are strong in terms of stability, reliability and very much dedicated to our profession. With our multiple accreditation by HDB, Hbay, RADAC and RCMA, this means that we have criteria to meet and stringent rules to follow. Our customers are assured of our commitment towards them. We understand that design, service and quality matters most. We know because we are homeowners too.

In this case, the issue is targeted at a particular designer and we have investigated and the matter dealt with.

If you wish to contact us, we can be reached at 6295-7096 or email to us at [email protected]


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for those ppl who had ron as their project manager pls tell me how does he normally do the quotation? Is it supply & labour or just labour? Will he bring us to get those stuff we need or he just supply us the stuff? Normally is it cheaper that we buy the stuff ourself or get them to buy for us?


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i happen to chance upon this thread while doing my research, and it seems that many people in 04 and 05 took up their services

anyone whose house is taken in 06 and signed up with them?


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hi wee kuan lian

I have just signed with them and my renovation starting next mon. Hope everything will turn out well.


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hi all, though I didn't sign up w them, I just would like to say that Yan is really friendly, helpful and patient and she responded very quickly to my emails.. thanks yan!


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Hi Yin, I hope everthing turns out well for your reno.

I'm planning to do a major renovation for my 4 room resale flat and I'm actively discussing with a few IDs and one of them is Ko Hong. They seem quite prompt in their response so far.

I'm interested to know your renovation experience with them.



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hi frost

i just completed my renovation last month, everything went quite smoothly (thank goodness) except for some minor hipcups at the beginning. If i say there r no rectifications, its a lie to you.

The project was completed on time despite my hse has lots of existing furnitures in there which need a lot of shifting here and there.

They acted fast when there are things to rectify or be replaced. E.g.My newly bought mirror from Ikea was accidentally broken by their guys during the shifting from one room to the another, without further questions they replace one for me when i told them abt it.

I had Ron as my project manager, quite a patient and accomodating guy(of cos dun take advantage la). A busy guy hence sometimes he need to be reminded. The price they give is definitely not the cheapest if you start to compare but i signed up with them becos we feel comfortable with Ron throughout the discussion.

Overall i am still quite satisfied with their work and his service. Seriously to me no point comparing the quotes between renovators afterall the materials they used are already different.

Some who we met were not even serious during our discussion or dun even bother to rectify the quotations properly and worst still not even taking down those stuff we are telling them to include into the initial quotation.

But of cos everyone has their own standards for these service providers but i think whats impt is that whether can they fulfil your requirements and that if u are comfortable with them during the process of discussion. Its very important and of cos follow your gut feel.

By the way who are the renovators you can considering besides them? Can you share with me: [email protected]


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My house oso done up by Ron Leow...fantastic guy I've to say. Although still in the mid of doing...I've full confidence in this guy because he has delivered what he promised so far.

Only 4th day into the reno, all the hacking is done (on the 1st day), debris cleared and plastering starts today. And although we paid only 10% by now all the flooring and tiles are lying in my house.

Engineer- Initially I had full of ideas and concepts as newbies but this guy here feed us with practical advise with a balance between beauty and finance.

Responsible- Because I'm stationed overseas- when I meet him for the 1st time and told him I need to rush thru the quote and designs within a week, he made an effort to accomodate me amid his tight schedule. And I was always late for his appt.

Frank- I could see in his blood rushing up his brain that he/his company is only earning penny when I tried squeezing the price. We aim for a win-win and of course everyone has to benefit from this transaction.

On the overall Ko Hong, I appreciate the friendliness from its staff. Once I went there for some discussion when one girl walked up to me and showed me a catelogue. It turned out to be a drink menu..I thought the boss is trying to be funny. And when you go there at the wrong time (staff eating inside the fish tank), be prepared to get stared upon. But I think they are thinking if they should give up the nicest table/place for their client using their visual power.

Finger crossed..I hope everything goes on smoothly as planned. Things can go wrong when carpentry and flooring starts to come in. I've no idea at the end of the day, it's me or my girl who turns crazy. Selfishly speaking, I hope it's she.

Ron Leow: 90080700 (if I rem correctly..)


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hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm also talking to Grace of Ko Hong (ID Emboss) Reading all these good comments make me feel at ease. Anyway I feel really comfortable talking to Grace, which is already one hurdle over.

Just wondering if anyone here willing to share with me yr quotation from Ko Hong? can email to [email protected] Thank you in advance.


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hi all,

i was browsing thru and saw this thread. seems that there's alot of gd comments on them and esp Ron.. how do u guys managed to get Ron? if im interested in him, how do i go about contacting him. pls advice. thank you.


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I thought I should recommend my ID over here because he really did a great job for us. If not for some delays on our part (because I'm overseas and my wife handling everything by herself), the renovation work would have completed in less than a month as promised (to be honest, I didn't expect him to fulfil in the first place). Just to list a few things which some ID firms might not be able to match:

1. Strict deadline- when he promised to turn up, he would not be late. In fact, I was always the one to be late (from the day we met for quotation). And he MAKE SURE his contractors turned up on the time and day he promised.

2. Do first pay later- Maybe because he is the manager, the happiest thing you ever want to hear from your ID is that "it's ok, take your time" or "pay us when everything is done". It was us who asked to pay him (or maybe because our reno cost a small sum to him lah). From the first 10% payment, he never once asked us for payment. As soon as we confirmed the contract, the next thing we knew all the tiles and things were placed inside our house.

3. Spend money wisely- He will advise you whether it would be feasible to get the shelves from Ikea or to call his carpenter. Minor works were done FOC from any of his contractors (too carpet got cabinet got floor got mirror). And he will even recommend his contractors to you so that you can deal with them directly and from my understanding, he earns nothing.

4. Don't need to bargain at all- Trust me, you don't even have to open your mouth. Once I broke a 2.0x1.7m mirror myself and when I ordered the 2nd piece, he gave me a 50% discount on the broken piece without asking and even asked his carpenter to help me cut the broken one into smaller pieces so that I can use it for other purpose for FOC. The interesting bit was he even cursed and swear at one company for over-quoting me for the mirror installation charge.

5. Price consistent- From my understanding, usually IDs will start to quote high prices AFTER the renovation works begin eg. additional carpentry or electrical works. I think it's common because you can only LPPL. Not for this guy here when we got our own painters and bought our own switches.

I think the most important thing from him and his company is that they are very accommodating. Everybody gives and take (but owners want more) and I think Ron and his associates were particularly pro in doing their jobs. In order to make my wedding and house-warming continue as planned, he asked his carpenter to come up to my place at 11pm and rushed through the work the next day (a public holiday when the carpenter's family is downstairs waiting to go out with him).

Ron Leow (Manager)
Ko Hong blah blah blah


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Hey all,

thought i can share my experience here,
my hse oso done by Ron, still ongoing, hoping to get handover by this wkend,indeed he nvr press us for payment, give and take. a veri nice person,tho forgetful at times.

Not to forget he got a gd helper as well,jason,
thanks to them, our hse is going to be ready soon.

and thru ron, we get our hardware tings and curtains also,overall a pleasant experience dealing with him.


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Hi guys,

my hse is currently done up by ron, being assists by dick ..... both are super busy and very nice people, answering my call at 10plus 11 pm .... and both are hardworking people who make check to my plc even at 11pm!!! and late saturday afternoon....

i would say their quote are competitve but may not be the cheapest but among the lowest as compared to some contractor whom i had met...

now my house is in the final stages around 98% ... everything is done fast and schedule is around 2 weeks delay ... but i can accept it as i know they have been working ... unlike some of those stories we heard in the forum where there are weeks after weeks of delay .... and many days of absent from the workers.... everyday sure got workers doing something....

Their workmanship i would consider is quite good, my brother in law who is also looking for a contractor is also considering him and he commented he is quite good too.

the only thing is that ron is quite forgetful like the other forumer who has commented, but i suppose it is due to his busy schdule , gotta do our due diligence to keep sending sms and email to remind him.

Error made were promptly recitified and accomodated. now i am waiting for him to finish the list of 50 item of touch up and to do list and i suppose my house is completed with exception for defects which might come in later.

Also the final bill of any unreasonable charges later would also be reviewd later...

keep a lookout for this space....



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hi all,
sorry..been busying lately,my hse was hand over within the 6wks as promised. my quotation i will send to those who want,soon.sory abt it.u may wan to send an email to me so i can reply u?
my email: [email protected]


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Anyone worked with Kohong / ID Emboss recently?
The designer we spoke to was Susan, anyone worked with her before?



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dun haf a gd impression on this ID company Id emboss. I personally felt it depend who is d designer..i was over quoted and info given to the designer were not stated in the quotation at all.