Advise need to backpack/F&E honeymoon to Europe for begineer


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Hi all, I am gg HM on 25th sept. I need to know if london is using pound or euro??

Which hotel offers the cheapest accommodation?


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Hi Midas, thanks for your advice. Think I will decide to use cash for part of my purchases and some in card then. Am intending to hand carry those purchases so shld be a prob on the checking-in part. Thanks.


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hi petrina,
london shld be using pounds...only large dept stores will hv two prices pound/euros price tags.


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Intend to go Paris for Honeymoon and I dun wan to join tour. Any cheap and convience hotel to recommend in Paris? Is it very difficult to walk around Paris?


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I am planing to go Paris for Honeymoon... anyone know estimated how many will it cost per person?

how the weather like in Nov?


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Hi Cindy!

I was in Paris twice for about 2 months 2 yrs ago. but was there in March and May..November will be really cold. So pack a lot of warm clothing, but layering will be more useful than just bringing one large coat.

It depends on whether you want to splurge on an expensive hotel or a small hostel for your accomodation. Since you are on honeymoon, i guess you will prefer a hotel. It will be at ard 200euros per night. But locations matter too. The good thing is that Paris has an excellent Metro system so it is easy to get around places.

For dining, even simple streetside cafe meal will cost at least 8euros. So if you are thinking of having a romantic roadside cafe below Mont Marte, it will set you a neat 50euros for 2 pax at least.

And if you are into shopping for branded goods, well the cost adds up too.esp when u are at CHamps Elysees.. Hee! Have fun with your honeymoon!


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Thank Min Min and Raymond.. will do more study be4 making the decision.

By the way.. I know it will be very cold in Paris during Nov but will it snow..?


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Hi Cindy,

Actually November is not the coldest month. Yeah it will be colder than SG, but no where is it the coldest month of the year. That's typically January.

The likelihood of snow in November is low, but the weather in temperate countries can be unpredictable; just has how it can rain in Singapore any day of the year. December was the coldest winter we had in 100 years in the UK, and it was similar in France. Some parts of England had snow starting from early December, and perhaps even late November. We had about 10 - 20 cm of snow that came in mid December and stayed all the way till past Christmas, giving us a beautiful White Christmas, which is fairly rare in the UK.

So while it's unlikely, I won't wager my house on it.

Are you looking for snow or you are NOT looking for snow? If it's the former, you should just head to the French Alps or the Pyrenees.


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Everywhere in Europe is nice. It just depends what you want to see. Do you have any idea? You must have some preferences, interests, likes, dislikes.