Advice - What to buy in Bangkok?


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My brother is going Bangkok next month. I am thinking of asking him to buy wedding items for me, cos heard that it's cheap and good. But I have no idea what to buy and where to buy. At the same time, afraid that the things he buy may not suit my taste. Maybe ask him to mms before buying. heehee. Any body can advice? It will be good if you can attached any pictures of the things you buy from Bangkok. Thanks. Your help is much appreciated.

hi m&m, actually it's the best that you go there yourself. I bought my wedding favors (400 candles) there - it's heavy. I've also made my wedding evening gown there.
Can ask him to go chatuchak market buy the favors. I've tried a couple of times to mms back to singapore back cannot leh... dunno why - perhaps it doesn't work.


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Hi bubblybride, thanks. Did you buy any shoes there? Any idea whether the size is the same as Singapore? Saw a btb that bought a wedding shoes, very nice and it's only $10. So tempted
sorry for the late reply. been very busy lately. yes, I bought a pair of wedding heels there and a pair of beaded shoes for my Mother in law. Size is simlar as to singapore. Fabulous design and varieties!


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HI Bubblybride
Can share with mi where u make the gown they make dresses too.I am interested in thai silk dress leh much is the price range there?



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Hi, mind letting me know the details of your gown too? Me tinking of going to bangkok to do wedding shopping. May I noe how much is the shipment fees back to SG per kg and wat are the best place to shop for wedding stuff.


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Sorrie, so long never visit this forum. Has been extremely busy and stressed out by my weddiing. Thank goodness it's over! It was a fun one!

The gown was made at this shop named Vanda at Indra shopping arcard just opp of my hotel. A lot of my guests commented that my gown look fabulous! esp under the lightings at night. My favors were well received by the guests as they thought that they are unique (pumpkin looking candles) however many tot that they are chocolates or sweet as they look simply too delicious! I got to get the Emcees to announce that those are not sweets but candles! I also threw some colourful skeleton leaves on the tables and they love it! none was left after the wedding dinner... kekeke....

I got my wedding shoes from the Indra Shopping Arcade just opp of my hotel Baiyoke Sky.

You practically just shop around, there's no specific place to find your wedding stuffs cos it's everywhere! It's a shopping paradise.

I'm not sure how much is the shipment cos i handcarried them back with me on flight. My 400 candles plus shopping stuffs exceeds the lugguage limit luckily my friend helps me take some Kgs.


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hi all,

jus to add on, i went bkk early tis yr to shop for wedd stuff too. if u r getting ur dowry stuff (jia zhuang), u can get things like traditional kettle, mug, plate etc for weddin at chatuchak mkt. things like toothbrush n bedroom slippers etc can get from the Siam Discovery Center.

at Suam Lum nite mkt, i got pretty nice wedd photo frame there. can also go Naraya buy those small red pouches to put olden ancient coins or "da yuan, xiao yuan" etc..those stuff are for auspicious a change of style as per norm to pk them in ang paos..

hence is true tt things are everywhere...jus tt hv to keep a look out for them. of cos is best u go there urself. will most prob hv a fruitful trip.

i do hv sme pics taken of those stuff i bought. haven download them yet. if u gals wan hv a look let me noe ok...


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hi jasermine,

i would like to have a look at what you've bought.. FH and myself are planning to go to BKK just after CNY to get some wedding favours as well as other wedding stuff.. so would appreciate it if u could email me ur link..

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hi gals,

sori for the late response as jus been bk from honeymoon n nvr log in the forum for at least a mth..keke...anyway jus send out the online album for ur viewing. mainly is stuff for my guo da li which i buy from bangkok as well as in sgp. hv fun viewing...


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Hi jasermine,

Just trying my luck here to see if u are still active in this thread. If you r, i hope to see the items that u bot in BKK for your guo da li.

my email addy is [email protected]



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Wow, simply a shopping paradise leh! My fren just got back from BKK with 50 pairs of false dirt cheap there...7 pairs of shoes, each less than $! I wana go!


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Hi there...

Know it's too late.. Just like to check if I can also share the photos of the things you girls bought and the price range to MTM EG at BKK. Please email to me at [email protected].

Thanks so much! =)


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Hi there

Just to share, China town in BKK is also a good place to buy stuff other than Chatuchak (cos Chatucak only open on weekends)and usually in China Town if you are getting in bulk e.g wedding favours you can get things at a lower price cos they do whole sale stuff there.


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Yup, i agree. The stuff there need to buy in bulk else is very very expensive. I like to go Bkk buy shorts and bags