Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package


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hi i'm new here and a bit confused by all that is being said haha

i would like to have recommendations about bridal studios too! our actual day is next may, and we would like to have an overseas photo shoot.. we already had our ROM too.

what does a package usually consist of?
and what is a "good" price to start of for a package? can somebody send me the said checklist too please??

if anybody has any good recommendations please email me at [email protected]

Thank you!!


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Seems like many people are asking for advice but no one replying. Let me try to say something.. Just my point of view though.

I personally feels that choosing a Bridal shop is very personal. Things of concerns will be:

1) Gowns - are e gowns to ur liking. I may think that the gowns in this BS is pretty but u may think otherwise.

2) Photographer - Is the style of photographer what you prefer? Try to book the photographer tat the work you like and make sure it's written in the invoice before you sign it. If not you may end up having an excuse of.. "oh, but wat we do here is to assign the photographer"

3) Cost - this maybe one very impt deciding factor. Things to look out for when comparing different BS on this will be

a) The number of Poses and pages in the album - this can be negotiated. You may want to have them discuss with you the costs of additional poses and pages before signing the invoice as well. Some will say they'll give you better printing etc, but in my point of view, doesn't really matter if you're getting them print in sg, the quality is basically there. But I've seen albums from tw before. Those quality must take note. They may have improved. But I'm not sure.
b) The number of outfit. There will be pros n cons of getting this number up. The more outfit means more pictures taken means u'll select more at the end of the day, ended up paying more top up.
c) What do they offer on the actual day. Things like AD car, AD PG, bridesmaid dress, bestman suit, mother's dress, tea dress, father's suit, corsages, hand bouquet, car decorations, etc. These are some of the little things that you maybe able to negotiate for. Which is usually what you will get if you ask for them. Also ask them if you decide not to have any of these, what are the things that can be exchanged for. I got mine as poses and it's stated in the invoice.
d) other things like montage, mini album, table top. Better to think abt if you're going to hang them up in the future. If not, then not neccessarily get them. Can negotiate for other things.
e) MUA - do ask about the top up costs for things like fake eye lashes, ampoule, early arrival etc.

Do also ask if your AD gown can be different from your PG gown if that's what you prefer. I took many gowns with black for my PG. All cannot be worn on the AD.

Oh yah.. talked to one of the bosses of BS before. Try to sign up during bridal shows. It is during the Bridal show that they'll offer more perks. So my suggestion will be, shop around, identify the BS that u wanna sign up with, ask them when's their next show, appear in the show.

Hope the above helps. Can PM me for more information if needed.


this is the checklist....

<center><table border=1><tr><td>
BS checklist
Bridal_shop_checklist-341332.xls (26.1 k)</td></tr></table></center>


Thks kass for pointin out. I posted it already on the 20th. don understand y they did not notice at all... =)


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Like to share my experience encountered with blush blush. When I called, a lady-like male voice answered my phone call. From the start, he started spitting out all the prices even before explaining anything else! "our package starts at $4800 hor and is custom-made I asked" what about OTR? "OTR ALSO starting at $4000"

I was a genuine customer but thanks to the stereo-type answers, they just lost a customer.


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Does anyone have the Package Details for:

1) Di Gio
2) Julia Wedding News
3) White Link
4) My Bridal Room
5) My Dream Wedding
6) Golden Horse Award
7) Shilloute

Can email me at [email protected]?

Many Thanks!


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All BS are the same.. try bargain wat u wan b4 u pay.. once payment / deposit made.. no turning back or room for negotiation.. if they dun gif u wat u requested, immediately stand n walk away.. i m sure they'll try to gif if they wana close da deal.. again remember to write them down in ur proof of receipt down to details.. lastly oso try to b reasonable lar, dun request unreasonably.. ;) enjoy!!


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Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've searched through the whole forum and couldn't find much comments on Feline. Has anyone signed up with them before? I've just signed up with them and would like to know what to expect. Pls help!!


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hello ladies!

i'm with MY BRIDAL ROOM (MBR) and i'm very satisfied with them. they are all very friendly and there is no hidden cost... even the first time i went down they did not hardsell me at all. they are very open with all the items they provide.

if anybody wants info about their packages PM me... i can email you


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one thing im worried about bridal studios package is the hardsell tactics, esp during bridal shows where there's alot of competition... wondering about photography also.. are there any affordable BS? typically, what is the range of cost? anyone rented/buy gown before?


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bingbong> tt's why u try to talk to bridal studios NOT during the bridal shows... go straight to the shop so that you can look at the actual gowns, albums etc.

i'm with my bridal room and they even let me try on the gowns the first time i was there to see what designs, colours etc suit me. even explained the different kinds of albums like hotpress, gloss, metallic etc.. and each detail of the package etc. i think i spent 3 hrs there haha!

if u want i can send u my package for reference. email me at [email protected]


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haha! charmaine, thanks! can email me at [email protected]

im thinking of whether to get BS, or rent gown, then how about photog..etc, cos our budget is quite tight, so wondering what things i can do without.... AD is on 6 nov 2010 so wondering if it's too late/ too early?? *nose bleed*


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bingbong> i think package will definitely be cheaper than ala carte. save time and money... i know MBR for sure, u can exchange items u dont need for things u do... e.g. mini album for extra poses etc

nov 2010... can start to look arnd already lor... haha. but still early la...

jenny> ya i would think they are good so i signed up with them

for me, good = professional, friendly and reliable.

i think BS packages are abt the same everywhere... it's the people tt serve u tt makes the difference. after all, u will be dealing with them abt 1 yr.. surely u will want to meet someone u dont detest on a regular basis!!


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Hi i'm, can anyone pls advise me if PS do not turn out well does BS allow retake at no cost?i had a bad experience, my outdoor shoot did not turn out well, am utterly upset, had contacted my BS but they tried to talk me into accepting the photos..pls advise


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I have signed up with Thomson Wedding Collections and their package is really great! Worth the money...and their services is good too. I was served by this lady Doris...very friendly. And when I went down the first time, they did not hardsell me too. In fact, they ask me to go back and consider and to look ard and compare. They gave me 1 week to consider.


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just got back from my first bridal show lol, must say the experience has been quite fun but stressful! shortlisted a couple like The Aisle (any reviews?) and Yvonne Creative (a little stressed from them, although it sounds very attractive to have lots of things 'thrown in. we were served by Sally, who said she has 15 yrs in industry and has the 'say' in YC as to what she can 'throw in' for us....)
a little wary of the 'too good to be true' syndrome...any tips?
i am most picky about MTM gowns as i have specifications - heard that sometimes simple alteration also = 'MTM'!
does anyone have gd recommendations for places that have great service with MTM?
(what is considered 'good service'?? becos while they're hardselling, ur bargaining, its bound to be stressful...)