Advice required for Church wedding & chinese customary


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Hi, i need advice on church wedding solemnisation and chinese customary planning.

My bf planned to have Church wedding solemnisation on 1 day, and the chinese customary(gatecrashing, tea ceromony and wedding dinner) on the next day. He wants it to be split into 2 days as he felt that it is very tiring to combined both church and customary into 1 day.

However, I suggested to him that we can have the gatecrashing and church wedding on 1 day. And the other day can be wedding banquet since he felt is very rush. He said that it doesn't make any sense. What do we do after the church wedding?
I just felt that the sequence is abit weird esp. the gatecrashing part on 2nd day??

Does anyone out there have a better idea?

Please advise.


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Hmm... Ya, if you have gatecrash on 2nd day is super weird. The whole idea about gatecrash is the groom is coming to fetch his new bride and hence the gatecrash.. if you already have your church ceremony and married, why need to gatecrash?

Maybe like what you say, gatecrash, tea ceremony and church on one day.. which will take like 3/4 day and dinner on the next day. I tink that is what most ppl do.. You can have a small reception for your guest aft church ceremony on the first day..


ur idea is better than ur bf's, ponytail. cuz like what shan has said, it's weird to gatecrash on second day.

alternatively, u can have everything like what you have suggested but shift tea ceremony to hold it before your cocktail reception. this is of course if both of your parents do not mind not holding it at your own homes. cuz some parents would like to hv the tradition of hvin the ceremony at home. >.<


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i am having the same issues bf is a catholic and have to have a church wedding, after going to his cousin's wedding, i realised that we do not have time and it will be so rush for us if we do it all in 1 day. We are thinking of separating it to 2 days. the church wedding on the 12/05/2012 and the dinner on 19/05/2012, but we are just wondering is it too weird??? can i have any advice???


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hi galxuz, have u attended the Catholic Engaged Encounter course or MPC ?

i'm catholic, whereas my FH isn't. We'll be holding the church wedding &amp; dinner on the same day, 22/12/2012.

Splitting the church wedding &amp; dinner on 12 May &amp; 19 May, may seem abit too far apart. O__O your bridesmaids &amp; groomsmen...have to work doubly hard, imo. ^^;;;


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Hey miyabi! I'm exactly in the same situation as u! My FH is not catholic too and we are having the church wedding n dinner on the exact same date as urs, 22/12/12! Can I check with u if u r having a reception after ur church wedding? Or is it just the dinner?


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hi. I am Nov 12 btb. my schedule is
gatecrash / fetch bride from hotel
church wedding
back to hotel - tea ceremony
then wedding lunch

shld i cater transport for guest who does not have own transport from church to hotel, maybe even from hotel to church...? seems that i should provide, should i? how? bus or cab?

i just booked the church. finished pre-nup inquiry w Fr, what's next?

what do you girls do abt these? choir, deco, hymn etc?

what about invitation card to the church?
pls advice.
Wow can manage to have it all done within a morning session? I need help ladies.. anyone has an itinerary for the actual day? As usual..gonna have all those wedding service (fiance isn't catholic), and banquet at night. But my VG says they have to leave by 1pm so as to have enough time for editing the express highlights.. So far the only advantage i have is having my side's tea ceremony in church cos my home is quite far from fiance's home. Any advice anyone??