Advice on Renovation Contractor


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Hi all,

Can you recommend your ID/contractor to me? I am planning to renovate my sembawang flat. My fiance is always outstation (so sad) so I really need all your help ;-)


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Hi Kah Hui,

Pls email ur id n Tom's contact n company.
My email is [email protected]


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Hi, would like to recommend my ID contractor here.

A responsible and prompt person. Though a bit forgetful at times, but 100% honored his words everytime. Give a reasonable quote as compared to those big names outside. Finally engaged due to his friendliness, and ease in communicating with him. He will do what is requirement within all his capabilities. Trustworthy, guaranteed workmanship too.

Mail me, if you require to know more about him.
[email protected]


hi suewong,
drop u an email already..we spend abt 40k on reno..includes our 4 in 1 aircon and toilet accessories n bowls..we actually did an entire overhual of our hm lor..rewire the electrical, hack all the flooring n wall tiles in kitchen, toilets and replaster the entire house n ceilings coz previous owner has rock stone..include painting, homogenous tiles for living rooms, parquey for 3 rooms, granite table top for kitchen, granite vanity tops for 2 toiles, blum systems for kitchen and cabinets n walk in wardrobe in rooms as well. Plus alot of custom made carpentery works..Hee save a lot actually...
well hope the contacts help..cheers


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Hi there all,

Stars, totally impress with the reno. Can mail mi ur contractors contacts?

oiseau qui chante, great to hear ur reno on the way, 1 less headache for searching. Can mail mi ur's too?

My mail [email protected]

Tanks all...


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Hi Stars,

Would really love to get your details on the sub contractors as I am finalizing my flat soon. If you can email them to me, I would really appreciate it.
Email to: [email protected] Thanks!


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Hi Stars and Kah Hui

I am first time here. Could you two email me ur contractors detail? Stars, ur house looks great! Kah Hui, do u mind send some of ur house photo to me if u have and how much did u spend for ur reno? Thanks


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Currently i having reno in my 22yr resale flat. I found my ID patient and responsible.
Anyone interested can PM me. I can show the pictures.


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hi guys,

me and hubby are still scouting for a contractor and so far we have met up with 1 (recommended by my uncle). but my hubby feels that he is not able to give us much suggestions as to how we can do up our place and also he brought us to see some tiles to see which tiles we like so that he can adjust his quotation accordingly. However, when we were there, he was more busy entertaining his other customers and not much time to explain to us what kind of tiles we can choose.....hiaz.....hubby not very happy with this also not much confidence.


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Been seeing loads of messages posted under this thread asking for Tom's contact. I would definitely like to explore another option for my ID. Anyone care to share his contact with me.

My email: [email protected]


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Hi Folks,

Saw this thread and I think my ID deserve to be commented here. I have recently done up my house. I have no problem communicating my requirements to him and his attitude was thumb up!

The workmanship was gd and he is always patient and explained to us what the pro and cons of installing the gadgets / woodwork.

Should you need the contact, juz email me.

Enjoy your process of renovation ok.... IT is once in a life time major project....haha