Advice on overseas PS and bridal package


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Hi babes.. Hope I can get some advice and help on how to choose my bridal package

Me and my bf would like to go overseas to experience our PS as well as have a pre-honeymoon :D but then also dun want to burst our budget too much.

We are actually thinking of customising the BS package.Thinking of getting photographer and makeup artistes from overseas but getting the gowns locally.

1.Do you tink the bridal shop will let us borrow their gowns overseas? cuz like bringing the photographer and makeup artistes along quite costly..and overseas package also more expensive than normal and does not include AD services.

2.Issit possible to rent gowns to bring overseas? How much do the gowns costs normally? Where can i look for them?

3.I'm also tinking of giving up the PS from the package only taking the ROM and AD services. wonder if they actually do such packages?
Anyone know of any?

4.Anyone have any recommendation for overseas photographer and makeup artistes frm japan, HK, aus?



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For oversea PS.. i would suggest you go there and look for it ?? rather than bring the gowns over..

I heard Taiwan BS is cheap and good..

I just come back from my BS today .. and there is a couple choosing their photo that they took from oversea.. i think it is Australia .. it is sooo nice .. and they say is very fun..but i do not know how much is the cost lah ...


hi twinkie, i think some local BS do allow u to borrow their gowns overseas but u may have to pay a surcharge or a fee.. Anyway, u can get your gown package from Ted Collection, coz i know the gowns are MTM & to keep. They do not have OTR.. So u can MTM ur gowns there & keep it n use it for ur PS & AD..


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hi twinkie, tried to PM you but couldn't.. i'm going aussie for PS this sep.. wanted to email you some details.. possible to gimme your email addy? thanks!


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.Do you tink the bridal shop will let us borrow their gowns overseas? cuz like bringing the photographer and makeup artistes along quite costly..and overseas package also more expensive than normal and does not include AD services.

My PS and bridal shop is separately, I took up their BS w/o PG, find my own PG, MUA is from BS. Went to Bintan for 2D1N PS.

2.Issit possible to rent gowns to bring overseas? How much do the gowns costs normally? Where can i look for them? U can sign up for BS w/o PG.

3.I'm also tinking of giving up the PS from the package only taking the ROM and AD services. wonder if they actually do such packages?
Anyone know of any?

4.Anyone have any recommendation for overseas photographer and makeup artistes frm japan, HK, aus?
My PG is very good and my bintan PS photos turned out to be very very nice. My MUA is from local


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hi ham ham

I did my PG in Aus and engaged a local MUA there. She is very experienced with asian makeup and hair.

For WGs, i tried to rent it from my BS but their charges are very expensive cos we extended our PG trip to include our pre-wedding vacation. Hee.. So in the end i bought a brand-new WG. I am selling it so if you are keen, i am willing to let go at a good price. Pls email me at [email protected]


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Hi Fiona,

Would you still have the contact for the MUA in Australia who is experience with asian makeup and hair? It might come in handy for me... would you send it to me at [email protected]?

Thanks so much!


Hi Brides-to-be (who are considering overseas PS),

I am getting married in Oct 2008 and is also looking at pre-wedding photoshoots. Not sure if you are having the same headache as me! I am considering doing it outside Singapore for more fun and interesting scene. But a lot of such packages from teh reputable SIN photographers I like are way above my budget! I wish I can stratch my budget!

I have found a WPJA photographer outside Singapore and is checking with him on his availability.

For anyone who is keen to take pre-wedding shoot out of Singapore in end Jul 2008, pls contact me.

Let's plan the trip together to get the economies of scales and also hire a makeup artist to bring to location together. One thing I notice from a lot of overseas pictures is that the pictures are so beautiful but usually the brides are short of having a nice makeup and hair-do and styling. I would like a nice picture including a beautiful me! :)

I am considering either Koh Samui or Perth or anywhere which is scenic and preferably cooler than Singapore.

Pls email me at [email protected]


HI all,

Pre-wedding shoot in Perth

I and got more information now.

If there are at least 2 couples, it should costs about SGD$2500.

This estimated costs includes:

* 1 Photographer (member of WPJA) & 1 Assistant for 1 day of photoshoot in Perth
* Professionally processed photos and digital editing services (45 photos)
* 3-5 mins Photo Montage
* DVD video slideshow
* ONE 12" x 12" deluxe coffee table magazine style album (20 pages - fits about 45 pictures) or 12" x 12" hard bound album (10 pages - fits about 25 pictures)
* All images returned in Mid-res digital copy & Hi-res digital copy

For more information, pls email me [email protected]

I am really keen but will need to look for another couple who is keen so that this price is valid. Else it will be more expensive than this.


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During the roadshow at vivocity today, there is a taiwan BS..
the package is very tempting.. go taiwan got photoshoot..anyone has experience with them before???


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hi poseidon gal,
that tw bridal shop at the roadshow is very high end one... the sales girl told me their shop is like "LV" in taiwan. She say photoshoot packages starts frm $3000++. Actually i went through a lot of taiwan bridal shop websites and their package is really cheap n good... probably less than $2000 is very good already.


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hi poseidon...actually wanted to just go look see look see but ended signing up a package with them at 3380 with total 35 pics. After came back regretted abit cuz didnt do homework properly.(they are the 1st and only BS we saw) Actually osea packages can be quite affordable. either go there then book, or book a BS here that has oseas trip. now headache cuz need to fork out another sum for AD stuff!!!!

Kay, do u think that the shop at the fair is good?

Also like to ask how do we do payment? cuz at the fair i paid 2k, how abt the remainder? do we trf over when we get the album or pay when PS over or how? Also do we need to pay for the postage for the album to get sent here?

ANd they mentioned abt 1 free air tix, but if i book package oso dunno how to claim at what cost...
Im so lost now!


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hi solidbrik, i also signed up with them today. Your package include what else ah?
Mine doesn't include free air tix...

I paid $3788 for 48pics (after i confirmed i will take 10 more pics on top of the 38pics they offered me)
As for the remaining balance, they say to pay up after PS in taiwan.
And for the album, they will send by postage, but we have to pay for it.
Well, i did like the photos that they displayed, after i compared with the other BS around the same fair. So i decided to sign up for it and at the same time can go taiwan for pre-honeymoon.


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Hi gals, I also signed up with Romantic Life today. I paid $2588 for 31 pic. I didn't take up the free 1 ticket (only Jetstar) offer as I think ordering in pairs/package will be cheaper and easier but I have them rebate me for $400 straight away, they did tell me you can claim the ticket amount once you get there at the PS. They didn't mention about the postage fee to me tho, I thought it was inclusive =(

I didn't do much homework as well, their style and photos were too tempting and I felt the price was reasonable too.

My package includes:
-31 picture/ set (they call it)
-gold plated small wedding cert. framed
-50 inches guest book/scroll
-Free family photo
-12 sets of special invitation cards
-one additional dress and hair style free
-free appointment of photographer
-free seamless photo album plus graphic edition
-Price of addition photo album reduced to 15inch $70, 12 inches $60
(extra condition: we will get the album in 1-2 months time after the draft of the album is being made)
Lastly, I made them alter the condition to transferable in case I can't make it to taiwan for any reasons.


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Oh one more thing, I asked about rental of bridal gown and evening gown for AD and they wrote down on my conditions that if I do take up it rental it will be $500. You will try the gowns during the PS in taiwan and confirm with them. 4 days before your AD the gowns will arrive at your doorstep and if you are unhappy about the fitting, they'll have someone in Singapore to alter it for you. Once you are done with the gowns, you have to post it back to them without dry cleaning. I am still thinking about whether to take up this offer or to rent it locally, I do think that their gowns are really pretty and trendy.


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hmm...didnt know that they actually can rebate $400 straight from the package.
Anyway, i took up the gown rental offer at $300 (included in my $3788 package with free postage)
1 bridal gown
1 evening gown
1 suit for bridegroom
Taking a gamble actually, praying hard that i can find suitable gown for my super-mini size when i am in taiwan.
Don't want to spend another sum of $$ just for AD gown. But still have to source separately for AD MUA & hand bouquet,corsages and ribbon for cars...
My package also include free car rental during PS.
Is it really cheaper to get travel package (air tix + accomodation) rather than buying air tix separately from jetstar? They say if we get hotel accomodation thru them, can get 30% discount. They recommend to make a 4 days trip to taiwan. 1st day arrive go for gown selection and alteration, 2nd day go PS (indoor and outdoor), 3rd day go select photos and decide design for album setting & pay up remaining (i paid 1.2k for deposit), 4th day return to home sweet home.... But i think i will go 2 more days earlier just to make sure i have ample time for my gown selection and alteration and can have some time for sight seeing.


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Hi Lily, you are fantastic, think u got the best deal here. i think ur package for 48 pics is very good. They offered us only 30 but we bought 5 more so price up to 3388, our worked out to abt 60per pic, but urs is only abt 44!!! But i dun have free car rental, how did u get that? i think it will cost a bomb for mine as we plan to have all/most outdoor shoot.

Hi Fern CHew, Yea, at first i tot postage paid too, but i read in the esd forums that need to pay ourself for postage so i called them to ask and rthey asid that its in the receipt, which i overlooked! What is the ROM cert thing? we are not given that..
Actually dunno how the 400 rebate works too, just hoping that they wont default on it when we are there..cuz i asked if we take a package tour how will it be counted but they said will just rebate 400.

Also i asked abt AD too, they said the same for ur case, the correspondance bridal shop here is actually Julia something, can be found in this forum. And abit heartache cuz went to read abt it but discovered that julia has twn pkg too, just top up 1k, so if taken that up need not worry abt AD stuffs!

Anyway i think now that all cfmed, dunno if go there can squeeze the price somemore anot...

When are u all planning to go? maybe u can drop me a PM with msn or something den we can discuss further.. if im goin later we can even help to take ur album back so can reduce costs!

But i think RL is quite a branded studio there...


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Hi solidbrik, don't think too much about it.
i hv just checked out jetstar air tix for 2 pax total is going to cost $1118!
My boyfriend tells me there is no end to comparison, since already signed, just go there & enjoy the PS + holiday. It's not the $ that counts, it's the experience and process of organising wedding preparations that makes it memorable...
I had a friend who took up Julia S'pore with PS in Taiwan, adds up abt $6K+, so not cheap also. But i can tell u the photos are great, therefore i have a feeling that taiwanese photographers got certain standard.
RL and Julia in taiwan are just across the street facing each other from what I found out, they are competitors.
My wedding is in dec, still haven't finalise when to go taiwan for PS. They told me latest to go is Sept to make it in time for album.
Let me figure out how to send PM to you...this is actually my 1st few days on the forum.. :p

Hi Fern Chew - ya, i oso duno what is this wedding cert frame that they have offered u. and what is this free family photo?


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just a basic question about Overseas bridal PS...when we sign up such packages, wat happens to our AD gown? i'd think if we sign up via a local BS, there shud b AD gown included. But wat if we sign up directly in that ctry e.g. Taiwan, does it mean we gotta separately engage a local BS for AD?

wud appreciate some advice here.


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hi lily, yea...thats wat im trying to tell myself still cant help but feel anyway agree that the fotos are great!...was looking thru alot of albums, and i think no matter which pfotographer the pics comes out great too! you might wanna look at this...

yea...jet star is ex loh...thinking if just take a free and ez package there will be cheaper...cuz my fren just booked a FnE package for 6nights cost abt 7-800 oni...but the rebate of fare part dunno how they will go abt doing it...

although julia and rl are competitors, but the thing is they seem quite friendly too...cuz when i asked abt AD gowns n all, they said can arrange for us to get it from Singapore's Julia...but all add in also abit of cost...

and oh ya...dun mind when u planned ur itinery, maybe can send to us for reference too..and poto when out if possible...and oh ya, this is my first few days

Jopp, the oseas PS package is realli JUST oseas AD stuff...and also airfare, accomodation there are all to be paid by its realli quite abit...but it will definitely be an experience! So the AD things is still a BIG headache for me now...


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hi solidbrik, i tried to PM u but was blocked. think u have to set accept message or something b4 i can send u PM.
i just took a look at the website, wah lots of couples wor...wonder which are the places they go for the seaside scenery...btw, when's ur big day? nx yr?


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wow.. i feel like i got cheated..
i had no free photos
no free car rental
no free air ticket or rebate
charge me $600 for rental of 1 gown

they did not tell me that the album would be posted and i had to pay..
they gave me the impression, i could collect it on the 3rd day.

if anyone is planning to go.. interested to go together? i am looking at may-july.

not sure if we can ask for the stuff we didnt get


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Hi Lily, have updated profile(correctly i hope)...
yea the webby the piocs all damm nice rite? and they are all taken by any random PG, so i kinda relax which photographer takes it cuz all seems ok...the seaside scenery is a std site, the PG will definitely know, so no worries on that ROM in Nov 08, AD setting to be in 09, but no fixed dates yet, hope not too late to start planning AD later, but frankly now our AD will be more DIY and need more effort to plan, legwork and budgeting wise...

Elaine, which package u took up? i didnt get the car rental too, but tried to work out even if i spend 10hrs outside, its max 250...the rebate i think u can ask when u r there cuz its a collaboration by TWN tourism board and out STB... the postage thing is actually on the invoice...i oso saw it only after i went to read the HK forums (links posted in prv postingz) ...anyway ur $600 gown rental is for an extra PS image or for AD rental of gown to be flown over to SGP?

Me and WTB plannin to do shoot only Mar 09 cuz we wanted to capture the Sakura...(heehee...we love the colors) will hope to seek your help and experiences with itinery, things to look out for, possibility of requesting for more freebies when over there etc etc...heehee...thanks so much to all in advance... =p


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hi solidbrik,

actually i really like their pics, which is why we signed up ;)

standard package - $2988
+20 photos - $900
metallic finishing - $400
AD rental of 1 gown - $600 (exclude 2-way postage)
car rental - $25/hr
hair & makeup - $200+ (cant rem exact)
seamless album - foc
photo frame - foc
mini card sized photos (150pcs) - foc

so it will come up to 5K+ excluding tickets and accomodation

do you noe if there is a b/w saying that this is a STB promotion for the air ticket rebate?

i might be changing my dates coz the weather does not look good in may/june..

anyway good luck for everything, will let you noe if i have any new info ;)


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Hi Elaine,

i dunno if theres any B/W but can try asking...cuz dun think they will go back on it...d let me know the progress and hpws the outcome in bargaining extra freebies...thanks in advance! ")


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hi solidbrik, just PM u, pls check.
damn pissed, i sent an email to a popular JP on this forum, no reply for abt 2 weeks, i re-send email again and got a reply like "your date is still far far away...However, if another Solemniser can promise you NOW that he/she would conduct...go ahead to 'book'!"
i tot most of the singaporeans are so kiasu to book JPs in advance, so i better follow suit in case i hv prob getting one. But still some popular JP dun wana commit too early beforehand.
Coming back to the BS package, i feel like asking if i can hv the rebate too once i am there in taiwan, but seriously i doubt so. we oredi signed the so-called contract mah, so dun tink they will add on lor.


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hi lily...sorry ah...but do u know how to check Pm?

wah...who is this ATAS...anyway when is ur date? ROM or AD together? i wanna get flowers etc to decorate my venue lei...but all so ex...dunno budget of 200 can do anot...hahahaha...quite hard actually

for rebate, i think can ask harm...but the thing is i think they already included ur rebate price in the package thats y u can get such a gd see liao still salivating..haha...=p


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hmm when i first saw the taiwan package..was super tempted.. the pictures are nice..and the lady throw in lots of freebies.. but got some reserve coz didnt do hw..dont dare to book..
the lady even got her sg artist Liren Neo to come and talk to us.. think we spend close to 1 hr at the booth..
Liren Neo manage to throw in even more freebies and discount price for AD make up and stuff..
but in the end..we didnt take up the package..
Guess i am a very kiasi singaporean..


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ya...we also nv do hw...but nmind la...shd be ok can earn back...most impt is happy can le...

oh ya lily and elaine...we just got our rings at S** K** ytd...very nice...heehee...but quite ex also...abt 3k+ for a pair...hers brilliant rose half eternity, mine cartier design custom made ...


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I guess just stick to it since we like the style of the photos =P

I heard Romantic Life is opening a branch in Singapore in the near future?

I just got their email, and I saw the condition that if it happens to rain on the day of the PS, we can only take indoor shoots, that's a bit sucky, and we can arrange another outdoor shoot if we want for NT2000. -__-

Lily and solidbrik,
The marriage cert is something like a a B5 size cert. plaque (gold plated) and there's a photo of the PS on it.
The free family photo is 12 inch where my family can all go in the photo =P

I think the air ticket rebate is a bit tricky, if you gals really take a tour package, I suggest you ask you tour agency to evaluate or a least have it written down somewhere how much the actual cost of the air ticket. In that way, they have to rebate the price of the ticket even tho it's in a package.

Lily, if you are taking up the AD gown offer, I think you dun have to worry about not fitting into the gowns, they have alteration services and when you receive it 4 days b4 your AD and you are not happy with it, they have a tailor to alter it for you in Singapore.

I want to take up the gowns offer as well, but I am really worried about them delivering it on time. Too high a risk to take I think?

Soildbrik, I am having my ROM solenmisation at home too and I have my florist to decorate the place for $430, he is a friend of mine, so this is about as low as you can spend (Hand bouquet, 2 pillar deco, banner, 3 flower display, solemnisation table display and hair flowers)

Elaine, are you sure about the metallic photo finish? I am quite afraid they will go off after sometime.

I am thinking of going over to taiwan during chinese new year next year, they are open on the 5th day of new year. Feb-March 09

Gals, when you go over there and pay for your final payment, I think it better to have it down black and white, when you can have the photo album especially if you need it in certain time frame. I heard ppl ranting about how they dun get their albums in time.


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Hi gals!
I also signed up with Romantic Life.

My package costs $2988. But I top up to $3500 to get 40 pictures in all.

I think I was too rash in deciding on the spot. I was overwhelmed by all the nice gowns and PS.

Plus, their main photographer - Apple (ya, that's his name) came and talked to me. They really know how to sweet-talk!

I hope we have made the right decision. Apparently, they are pretty reputable in Taiwan from some of the Taiwan forums I have seen.


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Hi Fern Chew, thanks for the recommendations!

Hi Pen, yea...dunno rash anot...but done liao so cannot regret...just go n enjoy as best lor...haha...wat does ur package consists of? i guess they are pretty reputable ba...


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hi all, thanks for sharing, i have decided to go in march-apr next year;)

but im also quite sceptical abt the AD wedding gown. im afraid they might not send it in time or it might not fit. also i wonder if they will ask for any collateral since we actually need to post it back to them. now im thinking if i should shop around in SIN for AD gown 1st to see if there is any i like and how much it actually costs before i make a decision when im in TPE.

i asked my taiwanese colleague abt romantic life and apparently they are quite well known in TPE! so that's a plus.

actually this was the 1st co i actually sat down with and discussed abt wedding photos and i signed up immediately, guess they really know how to sell their product.

hi Fern, actually i was really attracted by the metallic finishing, esp the pics with the rainbow.guess will take a chance on this.

when r u planning your ROM? actually at home sounds nice.. have you got your JP yet?

im planning to ROM this year and after tt buy a resale flat. wedding considering for nxt year at british club, coz i like outdoor settings


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hi elaine, yea...we are shopping ard for local AD gown too...cuz for shipping likw 10kg or something...dun think will be too cheap..we planning 15/11 jp yet...u? trying to get flat...dun like resale lei...heehee...


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Hi solidrik, I guess we can only hope for the best. I heard they have a branch in Hong Kong (near Kimberley hotel). I am going HK in Jul, maybe I should pop into their HK shop and take a look.

Hi Elaine, how much do you think the courier charges will be? It's no surprise if they ask us for collateral for the gown. I think I better email them and ask them.


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Hi Solidbrik, haven't decided when to go taiwan, maybe will go in sept. hv to chk out the weather, hope its not too hot. or else i will be "melted"...I saw a no. of RL indoor shots, seems like they dun hv many props, just mainly a sofa w/ mirror and a glass window. Wonder if they hv any backdrops for us to choose?
Me oso need to get flowers for decoration for my venue too, mine is partial outdoor.

Hi Fern Chew, ya i think shdn't be a prob to find gown over there 4 myself since taiwanese gals are quite small size too...just wondering if they will charge extra for alteration in singapore.

For those who hv signed up with RL, the sales guy told me the album postage will cost abt $200. Pls put that into ur budget.

I am just thinking that if i go taiwan for 4 days trip, there will not be enough time to choose photos and they still hv to do the graphic design b4 finalising the whole album layout. My friends who took up JB package had to go in a few times to choose photos and graphic design layout...


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Hi Elaine, I am having my ROM next Sunday! It's an outdoor garden theme, I like the idea of hanging around after the solenmisation for drinks and food without rushing around hehe. Just a bit worried about the kind of weather recently, raging heat till like 4pm then heavy rain. I have a florist and a gardener to decorate the house. My JP (Ong Chuan Huat) is a friend of my Dad in law so should be interesting.

It's reassuring to hear tat Romantic life is quite reputable in Taiwan, thanks gals.

You gals have any idea where to get package for AD that includes gown, MUA and photographers?

Lily, for choosing the photo and graphics, it will be done electronically with RL I guess. That's why it will take longer cos you can't actually communicate in person with the designers.