Advice on Ikea's Blinds and curtains


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Just wondering, did anyone up there purchase Ikea's blinds and curtains before? Can give some advise on the quality?


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Hi Kadaya,
I bought a $5 roman blinds and hung it there for a month, guess what the whole blinder turned moudly after a month. I seldom opened the windows for that room but dunno why it became moudly.

I also bought 2 white blinds($29 each) from Ikea for my bedroom, so far so good. but dimantle it out bec only go over to my new house over the weekend only.
the white blinds look spacious but it is not wipeable. so in the end, I bought another 2 light blue wipeable type of blinders($26 each for big one, $19 each for the small one) for my living room at neighourhood curtain shop.


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Bought 4 $59 wooden blinds. Think its Lindhom or something. Ok so far although sometimes if you pull or release too quickly, the blinds dont come up or down evenly and you need to adjust it. But its a small issue. Value for money I think. Attaching the pic.


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Yup, DIY, quite easy. Basically you need to drill 4 holes for each blind to install the bracket. After that its just putting the blind in the bracket. Drilling is the hardest part.


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Hi, I'm new here cos just got my keys last month and now waiting for defects rectification before I can move in. Desperately need advice on curtains. Last week engaged a curtain shop to do up all my windows in Park Green. But the quotation came up to $3100!! My budget is at most half of that. Any suggestion? Or any recommendation for a good and reason priced curtain supplier?


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Hi Loverfern,

Curtains from IMM's Osaka is very nice may be u can try...I paid 1200+ for whole house (4A). Although thier price is a bit high but among all the curtain shops I have been, their colour is the best.(two tone somemore!).


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Just bought some bamboo blinds from ikea as well for my office....sigh always go askew when u pull up or down....but anyway as always if you pay for a small price guess this is what we will get.


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hihi... total i pay $1100 for my curtain for my whole house (5 rooms). juz did it 2 mths ago. Living rooms and master bedroom are full length curtains with day and night curtains. Then as for the other 2 common room, i do roller blinds which is wipeable and it comes with 5 years warranty for my blinds.


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got curtains from ikea, master bedroom and living room, blinds for study room was from far pretty good


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Hi Katherine, seems like you've gotten most of your curtains from Ikea, i'm thinking of getting my curtians from Ikea too, mind sharing with me the pictures of your curtains with me if you have one?


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i got my curtains from ikea a year and half ago...

initially no problem at all....

last week, the whole METAL rod came off with the curtains!!! Had the shock of my life, luckily no one was hurt.

And the best thing is, I seldom use/pull the curtains, just leave it there for show only. And the rod actually fell down. Imagine if your children is below and the rod fell on them. Now, my wall is left with holes where the bracket to support the rod used to be..

It's really "yi Fen Qian Yi Fen Huo" do think twice before buying their curtains


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hi everyone, i am oso looking into alternatives to vertical blinds better and less maintenance than typical cloth curtains? personally i prefer the clean and simple look of vertical blinds...though the sales people told me that it is equally difficult to clean the blinds as well..but i thought otherwise as at least i dun have to remove the curtain and put in into the washing machine and put back again..but would be it safer than curtain especialy when there are small children?

any good website (company located in singapore) to learn about the blinds? how is the prices calcuated and what expensive and cheap is the range of blinds? do anyone knows of blinds that have UV reflection?...

thanks alot!!!


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Hi natsumi
There are two types of vertical blinds (or that what I know), Roman and Roller. Roman blinds are make of cloth so you need to remove the whole system to takeout the cloth and wash the cloth. As for Roller blinds, they are of plastic kind....not sure how to discribe it and they can be wipe with wet cloth.

I think Roman blinds are more exp than normal cloth curtains whereas roller might be cheaper depending on the design.


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Hi PPP and Apple,

Can you gals share the pics and contacts of your curtains? I am thinking of doing up my whole house but do not wanna spend too much at the same time. My email is at [email protected]. thanks alot.


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I got my blinds from the contractor intro by my ID.. they are the roller kind n come with 5yrs warranty.. for me its less hassle n no need to take up n down for cleaning as can clean with damp cloth.. do the whole hse (4 rm) cost abt S$900 incl. installation.. but prices depnds on wat design u choose..


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I only need to do up two windows, as i m staying @ inlaw to DIY , like those @ it easy?


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Hi there,

Same as Elaine Yue, I am also looking for nice and not so expensive curtains for my living hall. Full length curtain. Anyone can share and recommend their pics to me please.. my email is [email protected]


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juz wanna share wth everyone my experience. i found curtains fr ikea not v gd quality but blinds are ok. however dont expect blinds to last many many yrs tho


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Hi all,
My parents used to install those wooden curtain rods from Ikea. But it was very difficult to pull the curtains. Too much friction.


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I vote for the curtains. I love the sliding curtains and am going to use them to create a separate office area in our family room. You can be a lot more creative and decorative in the design and aren't confined to the solid colors of blinds. With curtains the sky's the limit. Also, depending on your daughter's current age, the room may go through a few transformations over the years and you can change the curtains to fit the decor.

Another thing about curtains is you can make them out of anything. My sister made window curtains out of some of my nephew's old sports jerseys and they so cool.

I'm trying to visualize blinds without a window or door behind them and my mind just really can't fully go there. Also, do blinds come in lengths that go from the floor to ceiling or would you have to have them custom made? Blinds are designed to control light flow, so it seems they'd be a bit out of place without a light source. If you like the up and out of the way concept, maybe consider roll up shades (again, I'm not sure what lengths they come in)


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I would think either would work and not fall down. We have the Kvartal system Kathy was mentioning, and have it ceiling mounted, but not into joists, so that's a similar mounting system. We haven't had any trouble with anything coming loose.