Advice on Honeymoon Travel - Greece, Italy, Spain


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Hi, am looking to travel to Greece, Italy and Spain in Jan 07 for honeymoon, however, am concerned about the weather as I heard it can get cold and wet (not so nice for honeymoon), any advice from experienced people? Much appreciated...


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The mediterranean countries tend to have warm, dry, summers and mild, wet, winters. So there is some truth that it can get wet. Cold, depends on your definition of cold; probably 5 - 15 degrees; but wind chill factor must be considered.

However, it is a nice time to go as it is less crowded and cheaper. They are nice countries anyway so personally I'd say, just go for it. Don't let the weather deter you.


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hi there, went to greece for my HM in OCt... and it was a beautiful place. however, it was already starting to be cold.. and i was told that hotels in greece start closing for winter in mid Nov and open only in Jan or so.. esp on the islands which are the highlights of greece travel. so u might not want to go to greece in Jan.. best time to go is actually either June or Sept.


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i juz came bk from my europe HM in may. It's spring time and supposed to be warm (above 15 degrees C) during the day, but when it rains, the temp dropped to as low as 3 degrees. So i guess if u travel in jan, then it must be freezing...i suggest u go to Australia or NZ instead.


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Hi FH and me also planning for our HM in early may 2007. hows the weather in greece? we're thinking of going greece. is it safe for a couple to travel around? we don wana go for group tours. besides greece, wheres nice? thinking it'll be a waste going all the way just visit greece. but don wan to over pack the trip also. so maybe 3 places would be nice.


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hi annpaul,

how about italy and swiss? they r neighbouring country with rich history...actually everywhere in europe is nice hee. May is the best weather for travel to europe


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hi raymond,

i saw ur website, veri tempting to go to paris, as france is out of budget...
check with u, do u think is wise to go to greece in dec? me more interested to go to greece....


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It's been a long time since I've been to Greece; we went there in Feb then. It's the usual wintry weather; short days, cloudy, cold and windy. But I love winter and the cold. As long as you have clothes that are warm enough, it's fine.

Check that the hotels and ferries are open in Dec; some places close during the winter season.


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hello bump2
greece isn't so good in december as most have said, it's out of season (which is from May - Oct). what is it that you want from greece? if it's the beaches, the carribean in december is the best place to go instead.

there are literally, hundreds of islands to explore in greece, some are as far as 8hour ferry ride from Athens. even if you decide not to island hop, you can go to italy or turkey or sail through the med south toward Egypt.



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I went to Greece in Jan 05.
It was cold but with the sun shining, it's really isnt that bad. Hotels in Athen itself isnt close for winter but my trip to Santorini could have been better. Most of the hotels are close and there is onli of handful of tourists ard. Good thing abt it is, one can mill ard the place, taking nice nice NICE pictures without other tourists walking into ur frame. It almost feels like the whole island belongs to u. Bad thing is, MOST of the resturants are closed, sites of olden ruins closed during winter too, and beaches are too cold to go to.
But hubby and me still had fun lah. At Athen, ALOT of tourists tho.


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earthbaby its peculiar that u wanna go 3 so not connected countries. consider going to places closer together. it'll not only more expensive but also time consuming from all that travelling.
i'm considering going to spain next yr too. haven't been there myslef any advice? actually in oct.


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HI all, me & HTB also plan to go greece... but am not sure how as I know it will takes us sometime to explore greece, and not sure if we should go with tour group =/ pls advise thanks


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hi Every1,

i just cane back from spain For my HM last fri, still havin jet lag now. the temp range between 6 to 18c in diff part of spain. a little wet in barcelona. sunny in malaga n cold in madrid.Spain is a beautiful place to go but the weather is not so favorable during the cold season cos most of theme park or outdoor activities are shut till april.

my suggestion to all is-- if its ur 1st trip to euro do more homework.

there a new rule in all euro airport-- no liquid including drinking water are to be brought in.

>>earthbaby r u going to all the above places you mention? u wont be able to cover all 3 places unless to hav lots of time. n its rather tiring to hop around.


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I might be going to Greece and Italy for honeymoon next year. What is the shortest number of days that is most optimal for a trip to these 2 countries? Like 2 weeks or 3 weeks or more?

Thank you.
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Wow ! that is great stuff because Greece is very nice place for travelling.Because weather of Greece is good.But I do not have knowledge about these countries but I think Greece is nice place for travelling.


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It will give much attraction to the place. Mediterranean countries is very beautiful and they have many places that gives time to eat delicious foods and place to relax.


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In my view you can go to Switzerland,Singapore.Mauritius,Malaysia,Paris.These are the beautiful places of the world.The places where you wanted to go has the coldest weather in December-January.At this time in greece & Spain there is less people so you can easily get privacy there.It is cheapest place also.But you can get freezed there.The best time you can go there is June-October.Most of the places there are shut down till April.