Advice on Honeymoon - Hokkaido


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The Genghis Khan buffet for between 2500-5000yen/pax -- this is at which beer garden?

I found that have a Star Hall that serves buffet (details below). Anyone knows how much they charge without beer?

Star Hall
Eat as much as you like. On a night when you want to savor as much tasty food as possible, please enjoy our seasonal flavors to your heart's content. Feel free to enjoy an assortment of local dishes that include king and queen crab.


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The Sapporo Beer Garten is beside the Sapporo Beer Museum. I had the 100 minutes All-You-Can-Eat Genghis Khan buffet at the Genghis Khan Hall. It costs 2,520yen per person. If you want both All-You-Can-Eat and All-You-Can-Drink, it will costs 3,570yen per person. Personally, I prefer the fresh lamb to the frozen lamb.


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Ya the Sapporo beer garden is just across the street from the Beer Museum. Sapporo beer garden is the only one I haven't tried. Both Kirin and Asahi were good. They all cost about the same.


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can i check to tour in Sapporo itself, how many days would you think is sufficient? My group want to stay 2 nites there but i felf 3 nites will be good as day 1 upon arriving, it is only left 0.5day. Then day 2, will spend in otaru, day 3, we set off to furano early. So if we stay 1 more nite in sapporo, i will get 1.5day at least.


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Hi San,

Well, 3 days or 4, it's not very worth the time and money to travel all the way to Hokkaido. I would certainly recommend more time if possible, or concentrate on Tokyo (or wherever you are based) and do a separate trip to Hokkaido next time round.

But if you do want to make a trip there, then definitely 4 days is better than 3. First of all, which time of the year are you going? It makes a huge world of difference because it'll determine whether it'll be worth making a trip to Furano.

As for Otaru, you don't actually need a day. Usually half a day would suffice if you set off early enough. You can then spend the rest of the day back in Sapporo, giving you an extra day for another destination.


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i mean i only have 2 nites stay in sapporo and i need to spare for Otaru as well. jus wondering is it sufficient a 3/4 day to cover sapporo city itself.

Would Otaru be nicer to go in the afternoon so that we can stay in till early evening for the canal view wz lights up?

For the all you can eat buffet at star hall, is the buffet spread alot. There's crab as well right? So for meat, only the lamb is available?


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I maybe staying at dai-ichi takimotokan in norboribetsu. the onsen have to be naked? if so, i wonder would i dare to do it becos i be travelling wz families and frens. Its too embarrassed. Btw, how's is the resort nice since you just stayed.


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hi San,

Regarding the 100 minutes All-You-Can-Eat Genghis Khan buffet at the Genghis Khan Hall, its only lamb and vegetables. I didn't eat the other buffet that includes crab.

Glad to know that you are going to stay in dai-ichi takimotokan. I would say its a good choice because they have the greatest number of different types of bath there and their service is very good.

For the onsen, you have to be naked. You can wear the yukata that is in your room's wardrobe or your normal clothes to the onsen. Take off your clothes and place in the basket or locker at the changing area. Then go to the shower area to wash your hair and body with the shampoo and shower cream provided there. If you have long hair, please tie them up.

Before you enter the onsen, splash some of the onsen water on your body to test the temperature before going into the water. One of the bath, the "Demon Bath" can be too hot for many people. If it is your 1st time going to onsen, don't stay in the water for too long. Maybe get out of the water after soaking for 5 - 10 minutes, take a rest first before going into the water again. There are a few outdoor onsens there and I am sure you will enjoy them.

Like you, initially I felt embarassed at the thought of being naked in front of others. However, once you enter the changing area and everyone takes off their clothes like nothing and naturally, you will also feel at ease to be naked like everyone else.

Are you staying japanese-style room? This is what I had for in-room dining and they are delicious. They will lay the futon for you after dinner.

Regarding Sapporo, is there any particular place(s) you want to visit? I would suggest that you plan the places carefully so that you can buy their day subway pass (800 yen) to save some money on transportation. I spend 2 days in Sapporo and wished I had stayed longer.

On Otaru, I spend a full day there. Personally feel that half day at Otaru is too short as I like to walk and see things at a slower pace. You can take some photos of the canal before sunset, then have dinner nearby before going back to the canal for night shots.


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Hi san,

Momiji has given a lot of wonderful advice!

I headed off to Otaru at 11+ 12 so that I could do sushi lunch there, then take a eat-as-you-walk tour down the stretch of shops selling glass/souvenirs/musical boxes/food via the canal, so that by the time I take a U-turn back for more food or missed souvenirs, it would have darkened to admire the lit-up canal.

Especially since you're going in Nov, it would darken at around 4.30 so you don't really have to worry about not being able to see the canal lit up.

For the Sapporo subway pass, 800yen is for weekdays, and 500yen for weekends/PH. The cheapest one-way fare is 200yen and most expensive 360yen if you buy the regular tickets.

It's unlikely you'll travel long distances though, unless you intend to visit the Chocolate Factory which is at Miyanosawa, the last stop on the Tozai Line (orange). Even then, it will only cost you 280yen from Sapporo/Odori to Miyanosawa.

Else, most places you'd visit would be in the city centre around the Sapporo/Odori/Susukino area.

San, dun worry about feeling embarrassed!! Onsen is a MUST!! Like momiji mentioned, you'll be ok once you're in there. However though, I went to the Noboribetsu onsen on a weekday afternoon and there was only one other lady besides my friend and myself. If it is crowded enough, you'd actually be more overwhelmed by the crowd of naked bodies than the embarrassment of being naked yourself. As for your friends and family, they will just be as paiseh as you so I doubt anyone will go staring at others.

Just enjoy the experience!


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We are planning our Honeymoon for Hokkaido end of December.

What are the things we should take note and bring?


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Am planning to go Hokkaido in Jan for our honeymoon. Can anyone advise which tour group is good to join? Am looking at CTC, SA or Chan Bro. Kind of uncertain which gives the best - services.


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I goin HM in dec, booked tour trip for 7days to tokyo and 4days free and easy for ourselves..toru with chan brothers..

Any ppl can recommend the 4 days F & E where to go and accomodation? Me & my hubbi prefer shopping .. food wise hmmm oso part of the consideration


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My husband and I have booked our honeymoon with SA to Hokkaido departing on 13 Nov. Anyone can advise what the weather like during this period?


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I'll be going to Hokkaido this Dec.

Is there anything that is worth buying to bring back or worth taking a look while there , esp during the X'mas period in Hokkaido ?


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I was in Hokkaido around Jul/Aug period for F&E self-drive trip. Was planning the whole trip myself. Was very glad when my cousin helped to buy this guide book from Taiwan before my trip. We were basically relying on it throughout our trip.


All the information in the book is as per updated for 2008-2009 period. (as reflected in cover)

It is 432 pages thick featuring all interesting attractions, recommended eating outlets, maps (highlighting places of interest), hotels and everything about Hokkaido - North, South, East, West.


Definitely more useful than some other english guide books as it is full of colourful pictures providing informative useful details.
It includes attractions (pix & details) which we could not locate online.


<font color="0077aa">Am selling this book at a very resonable price as I hope it will serve as a useful guide to those planning to go Hokkaido.</font>

Condition of the book- 9.9/10

Will include my detailed itinerary reflecting all the information required if you are self-driving using GPS such as mapcode, opening hours, contact number (required for GPS), address, driving duration from town-to-town etc. It covers Sapporo, Noboribetsu, Otaru, Furano, Asahikawa, Biei, Muroran, Lake Toya etc.

Will also throw in a thick folder of informative leaflets and maps collected in Hokkaido

<font color="0000ff">These resources and information would be very useful to those who wish to self-drive based on GPS and yet clueless as to where/how to start planning</font>

Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.


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Should go both!!! It's different,i tink... I'm going tonite.
Will update u gers ok? Hehez.

If you going hokkaido, u will stopover at tokyo.. so why not spend 2-3 days in tokyo too?


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Yesh, if you go hokkaido, u can plan a stop over at tokyo.. But if u have nv been to tokyo, a stopover is not enuf...
In tokyo u have to visit disneyland or disneysea or both... but if u go both, it will take 2 days..&amp; dun forget the shoppin at shinjuku &amp; shibuya and all the other sight seeing places!
If you go tokyo, u can also visit osaka &amp; Kyoto..In osaka, there's universal studio &amp; Kyoto is very beautiful with the philisopher's walk &amp; all the temples...
i went to see the cherry blossom 2 yrs back.. and i took 1 hr to walk the 10 min philiopher's walk.. too pretty! snapped alot of pix!

Boils down to what you want to do..

hokkaido is more of sightseeing.. beautiful place too..seafood at certain ports like hakodate..e only shoppin place i went to was the rera outlet mall..went to couple of hot springs.. i did self drive in hokkaido.. so it was pretty interesting..


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hi mapletree , can share ur f&amp;e in Hokkaido. i thinking to go f&amp;e but worried that dont know the way. i saw the those tour package the place seem boring, bring around to temple and factory.

but f&amp;e is it more costly?


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Hi i'm planning for F&amp;E trip to Hokkaido next Year June/July during the Summer Season.

For the past few days i've been browsing for the plane flight to Hokkaido. I'm aware that there's no direct flight from spore to Hokkaido and i have to transit in Tokyo first.

Basically i;ve browse through the prices for JAL/SIA.. and there're very expensive.. ><

Does anyone have any recommendation for the flights to Hokkaido?? or any other means of transportation to Hokkaido?


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Hi all

i'm planning to have honeymoon during dec'09 but not F&amp;E as not familiar with japan.. can share opinion which province/city from japan are nice for HM,and which travel agent are the best choice to choose.. thanks thanks


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Hi Dolly, i know very basic japanese.. and i had a hard time trying to fill in the details for especially my phone number. :/

Have you booked a ticket from there before? Are you able to advise?

Hi Lala, honestly i recommend Hokkaido if you're trying to escape from city life. Else for shopping tokyo will be better. :p


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Anyone who is interested to go Hokkaido free and easy for 12days using SQ 2-to-go on tight budget, pm me - i will give you my itinerary. :)


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sorry i keep my itinerary in word doc format. its quite big size. can't just paste here..sumimasen deshita.


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can anyone advise on how to go about booking a (reasonably priced) guided tour in Hokkaido for just 2 person. Not really keen on group tours.



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Dear all,

I forgot to add an important note:



Some locations have 2 chops at one counter.

I didn't know until i was i was frantically looking for papers here and there to stamp non-stop!!


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anyone know booked with tour agency to hakkaido better?interm of service,trusted and well organized...also price.
Is going hakkaido in Feb gd? I plan to go there for my honeymoon?
Appreciate advise.


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Going to Hokkaido, Free and Easy 15 days.
5 Feb: Singapore-Tokyo - SQ
6 Feb: Tokyo to Hakodate - Shinkansen (bought 14 days JR pass)
7 Feb: Hakodate and Sapporo
8 Feb: Sapporo &amp; Oatru
9 Feb: Sapporo &amp; Niseko
10 Feb: Niseko
11 Feb: Niseko &amp; sapporo
12 Feb: Sapporo &amp; Asahikawa
13 Feb: Sapporo &amp; Lake Toya
14 Feb: Sapporo &amp; Kushiro
15 Feb: Kushiro &amp; Abashiri
16 Feb: Abashiri &amp; Sapporo
17 Feb: Sapporo &amp; Hakodate
18 Feb: Hakodate &amp; Tokyo
19 Feb: Tokyo
20 Feb: Tokyo-Singapore

Covered skiing at Niseko,
Ice breaker cruise at Abashiri,
Dancing Crane viewing at Kushiro,
Snow festival-Clock Tower-TV Tower-Shiroi Koibito park Chocolate Factory-Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade-Susukino-Sapporo Beer Museum at Sapporo,
Asahikawa Zoo,
Lake Toya,
Glass Making Factory-Music Box Factory-Otaru Canel-Otaru Shopping Outlet at Otaru,
Fort Goryokaku (Goryokaku Tower)-Mornin market-Mt Hakodate at Hakodate,
Shinjuku-Ginza-Shopping at Gotemba outlet at tokyo.


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hi all,

I am planning to go Tokyo/Hokkaido in May with my family. Just wondering the recommended no. of days that we should be staying in each plc. (fyi, we are planning f&amp;e there). How do we travel from Tokyo to Hokkaido? Is it via train or internal flt? As we have 2 babies and 1 toddler travelling together, it would be best to get the most convenient way of transportation from tokyo to hokkaido. how long is the journey?

Sorry for asking so many qns. I have a zillion qns at the back of my mind.. ;p thx alot for your replies!


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Hi All,

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<font color="ff0000">hi Ah Ping, so excited wen see your itinerary, hw much was tat? mi thinkg of gg winter hokkaido in feb or mar too, bt nt sure shd join gp or f&amp;e cos nt much time for planning oredi</font>


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I'm gg there next mth Elbarc. Mid June shld still be spring there, but sakura season will be over by then I think.