Advice on Divorce Lawyers?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by lifeforces27, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. lifeforces27

    lifeforces27 New Member

    Hi all,

    I've decided to get my own lawyer to file for divorce.However in calling up a few firms to make an appointment for first consult, I ran into a few unexpected problems I've never come across in the States whenever I needed a lawyer.

    1. Attitude Problem - a guy in Hong Lim Complex was downright rude and boorish, and I found out he was the head lawyer!

    2. Lack of Confidence - a few firms didn't strike me as being professional at all. No greeting and introduction, no manners. I am thinking can I trust these people?

    3. Yaya-ism - I was as honest as I could. I spoke to a few and told them I was willing to pay for an initial consultation just so I could get a feel for the lawyer I'd be working with, and see if our personalities match. They didn't see the rationale in that. One lawyer even passed me the number of another lawyer and firm, claiming that she was leaving the firm so couldn't take my case. Some didn't like my asking how long they'd been doing divorce cases.

    4. No free consult - told me it was the norm for divorce cases to be no free consult unlike for other types of cases. Is this true?

    I am sure that I would not be the only person to face this, yet it seems common. So I'd like advice on how to choose one, since it looks like I'll have go with one of these in the end. I'd also really appreciate pointers in divorce lawyers anyone has good experiences with.



  2. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    Based on recommendation.
  3. simpleman

    simpleman Active Member


    What are you looking at.. the divorce lawyer.. what is your expectation.. to help you protect your millions? Or to fight for custody?
  4. lifeforces27

    lifeforces27 New Member


    My expectations are to find a lawyer who can work with me fairly and without atttitude problem to

    1. get the divorce done and paperwork put through with minimum fuss as my wife and I agreed to do i.e. uncontested

    2. Be able to get nasty if she reneges and tries to get nasty with me and bilk me out of this and that

    3. Importantly, to help me find a legal cause for divorce. We have what Hollywood tabloids would consider "irreconciliable differences", such as values, Life directions and goals, no longer in love, etc. But these all don't belong in the legal 5 always listed. So I need a lawyer to frame something for me so that there is a legally-acceptable reason for filing for divorce.
  5. simpleman

    simpleman Active Member

    I would say, have everything agreed with you wife first.. it is much easier.. and the lawyer can do the paper work for you.. and for you wife to sign the consent order - after that, it should be plain sailing.

    I don't see the need to have too much expectation of divorce lawyer when as you said yours is an uncontested one - not as if you have millions, or many assets or children to split..

    If there are no reason then it has to be after 3 years of separation.. I don't think you can expect lawyers to cook something for you out of no where - I think you are being unrealistic if you expect your lawyer to "invent" something for you.
  6. simpleman

    simpleman Active Member

    My lawyer is recommended by Doll.

    I have spoken to her once on the phone to make appointment.

    And twice: once to discuss about my divorce and another to sign the doc. Very easy and the most pleasant experience.

    They are professionals? Why you care so much if they greet you or not? And to match personality? Why don't you ask them for their horoscope?

    I mean, they are professionals. As long as they are not "rude" and give us professional advice - we should be able to deal with that. Who cares much about their personality? As long as they are responsive to us.
  7. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    "They are professionals? Why you care so much if they greet you or not? And to match personality? Why don't you ask them for their horoscope?"

    TS, you want customer service or professional service? Honestly, if you are looking at engaging a lawyer on retainer basis for all sorts of legal counsel that you will need in the long run, I would say "chemistry" would be important. Otherwise, you won't need your divorce lawyer again after the divorce is closed.
  8. betty81

    betty81 New Member

    i can recommend one... this one did my friend's case and she is ok to work with...

    Aye Cheng 62254456
  9. pinkiezroy

    pinkiezroy New Member

    Hi Doll,

    can you PM me the lawyer too? Thanks.
  10. allisonair08

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  11. jerix

    jerix New Member

    Can i have the contact too?
  12. niveamen

    niveamen New Member

    Hi, which divorce lawyer to recommend for child custody and what are the est cost?
  13. lukeduke70

    lukeduke70 New Member

    Hi, Can i have the contact too?
  14. summer1979

    summer1979 New Member

  15. ange0309

    ange0309 New Member


    if you are looking for a patient lawyer, I can recommend you mine. He managed to settle everything for me w/o me needing to appear in court. PM me if you need his contact.
  16. belachanking

    belachanking New Member

  17. dreamybebe

    dreamybebe New Member

    hi Doll, can I have the contact too? thanks
  18. raion

    raion New Member

  19. sylpha

    sylpha New Member

  20. summergem

    summergem New Member

    i would like to have the lawyer contacts too, with child custody.



    many tks
  21. rumiya

    rumiya New Member

  22. whatstheplan

    whatstheplan New Member


    Any good divorce lawyers to recommend? Pls pm me! Thanks!
  23. enxuan

    enxuan New Member

    if looking for good service and attitude, look for Allen & Gladhill, 6890 7167 but ex. Their lawyers are damn good service, if u really need.

    If looking for budget, kk lee & partners 9617 1582. My HTB paid $2700 for everything for divorce with child custody. Attitude wise, i wont comment... * know wad i mean... but not too bad la..
  24. enxuan

    enxuan New Member

    forget to add, the payment includes express service as his ex wife and i are pregnant and need it to be done before her due date in dec.
  25. pinkblusher

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  26. helenho

    helenho New Member

    hi, need to check what if during separation does the mum can bring child move out? Mother have the right i supposed? Cos the child still year 2. The father have no right to control right?
  27. father no right to control
  28. helenho

    helenho New Member

    but what if the mother without "interim custody" , she still have to right to move out without his control? mother still have the right?
  29. helenho

    helenho New Member

    if he go make police, does it means he can sue this mother as kidnap the child?
  30. jeankris

    jeankris New Member

    Hi Doll.

    Please advise me your lawyer's contact. thanks,appreciate it
  31. jackjoryne

    jackjoryne New Member

    hi, can share the lawyer contacts?
  32. ahlam

    ahlam New Member

    Hi, does anyone know what will be the rough cost with child custody? My hubby say if i would take my child, he will rather die with me. Haizzzz
  33. simpleman

    simpleman Active Member

    So do you consider giving the child to hubby?
  34. adri8n

    adri8n New Member

    Can anyone recommend good divorce lawyers please?

    Kindly email me at :

  35. fsy

    fsy New Member

    Hi Doll, I have PM you requesting the contact details of the Lawyer you recommend. Thank you very much in advance.
  36. eemoo

    eemoo New Member

    Hi Doll, if you are still looking at this thread, can PM me the lawyer contact as well? thanks!
  37. carnationgal

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  38. kraitz

    kraitz New Member

    Can pm me the lawyer contact too?
  39. playmax

    playmax New Member

  40. viethai

    viethai New Member

    Hi everyone, I just got my uncontested divorce with a foreign bride resolved. Initiate the divorce proceeding in June 2011,got my interim judgement in Aug 2011 and final judgement in Nov 2011. Now feel released cause this has been traumatising me for the last 6 years. Anyone looking for good divorce laywer, please email me at God bless
  41. tqj87

    tqj87 New Member

    Hi doll can PM me the recommended lawyer contact.?
    what will be the est. cost? With child custody.

  42. happy_lee

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  43. jteh

    jteh New Member

    Hi, just found myself become a Defendant - received the documents from wife's lawyer last Wed.. Need your kind help to engage lawyer on what next to do.
    I can't really afford exp lawyers (was PMET but now a mechanic). A good, reasonable lawyer with affordable rates will be great. May need to go through a contest in the suit...
    Thank you so much!!
  44. shfunny

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  45. ed3232

    ed3232 New Member

    Hi, you can get free consultation fro Ms Gloria James-Civetta.
    She will take you through the whole Divorce processs and costs involved,shes very helpful and patient.She`s at Excelsior Hotel Shopping centre, level 3.
    Phone contact 63370469
  46. redlabit

    redlabit New Member

    I've recently completed my divorce and only spent $1450 in total for the whole process. My case is sort of complicated as it involves divorcing with a non Singaporean. I was initially worried about high lawyer fees, but I'm glad I made several inquiries to check out the fees and charges.

    In any case, I would highly recommend my lawyer for those of you who wants good and sound divorce advises. He gives free consultation over the phone as well without obligations.

    My lawyer's name is Raymond and you can call him at 6222 1004. Tell him Willy recommended you and you may get better prices. [​IMG]
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  47. enah

    enah New Member

    Goodevening..ive been calling to the said number..but operator answer the handphone..because i am looking for a lawyer..thanks kindly..heres my number me pls..
  48. alexgoodwill

    alexgoodwill New Member

    Hi Enaj,

    You can give SgDivorceLawyer a try.

    They are patient, professional and offer free consultation over the phone.
  49. raven_mama

    raven_mama New Member

    Hi hi,

    I would like to have some recommendations for lawyers contacts that do separation and divorce too.
    Currently have a hdb no kids.

    I found one recently, but have not started yet their consultation yet, so just looking for more recommendations.

    Please PM me. thanks.
  50. raven_mama

    raven_mama New Member

    The one i found is Yeo law firm, if anyone has experiences with them, please pm me. Thanks !!

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