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is it worthwhile to purchase a diamond of the following specs from d'meyson?

Weight 0.54ct
Clarity SI1
Colour D
Price: $2276
SIG certified

is it a good buy? and is it ok to get a local certified diamond?

For advice.



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hello mr cheong
it depends on what your priorities in terms of the 4Cs are. How you rate?

I go for Carat and Colour.
My Fh paid a 0.5 carat, F colour, Hearts & Arrows-Excellent Cut, Clarity VS1 for 2.7K.
Its GIA Certified..

I think for the above, its quite a good buy...
if u dun mind the low clarity...
Actually, local certified diamond is ok if the criteria u r looking for is met...

My 2 cents..


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Hi Kenshare

Do you have any comments on Amanda? Was she good? Did you visit her shop @ Shaw?
Besides diamond, did she sell other type of gems, like emerald?
How's the price like?
Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions but we are currently looking for our engagement ring.


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Be enlightened. Get informed.

About 130 million carats (26,000 kg) are mined annually, with a total value of nearly USD $9 billion. Now if you do the math - that works out to be US$69.20 per carat! The prices of diamond is artificially controlled and inflated. Mined diamonds are bought by cartels and kept in vaults to control supply and keep prices high, in truth there is nothing rare or precious about the stones.

For a detailed exposé of the De Beers cartel, read this article by Edward Jay Epstein in the February 1982 issue of The Atlantic Monthly -

Have you heard of conflict diamonds?
Roughly 49% of diamonds originate from central and southern Africa - that's the majority of diamonds in retail. But this is the same region where conflict diamonds get worked into the system.

A conflict diamond (also called a blood diamond or a war diamond) is a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgent or invading army's war efforts -

In some cases, the United Nations has prohibited the export of conflict diamonds, arguing that their trade finances armies in fighting against legitimate governments and perpetrating human rights abuses, and prolongs devastating wars. It points to the UNITA rebels in Angola and to the Revolutionary United Front rebels in Sierra Leone (who it states were financed by the government of Liberia, also through diamond sales) as purveyors of conflict diamonds.

The UN is attempting to implement certification procedures to decrease the number of illicit diamonds on the world market. On July 19, 2000, the World Diamond Council adopted at Antwerp a resolution to strengthen the diamond industry's ability to block sales of conflict diamonds.

In 2002, the UN approved the Kimberley Process scheme aimed at preventing conflict diamonds entering the market.
See -

Still there is no guarantee the Kimberly Process can enforce 100% that no conflict diamonds make it to the market - see National Geogrpahic interview with reporter Dominic Cunningham -

Natural mined diamonds have been coming under a lot of heat recently. Award-winning journalist Cecil Adams sums it up the best in a recent article: “diamonds are a scam, pure and simple.†Most people in the new millennium understand that between the DeBeers diamond cartel, the issue of child labor in Third World diamond processing operations, and “blood diamonds†used to finance oppression and genocide in Third World African countries, not to mention your snooty and pretentious local jeweler, diamonds are just not worth the hassle, guilt, and let’s not forget thousands and thousands of questionably spent dollars.

7 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Buy a Diamond:

1. The price of diamonds has been artificially inflated since the 1880's via the De Beers diamond cartel. Read this article by Edward Jay Epstein in the February 1982 issue of The Atlantic Monthly -

2. Current public perception of diamonds is the direct result of a masterfully executed marketing campaign by De Beers that began in 1938, not inherent scarcity or value. If you've read the article by Edward Epstein (you really should), you know all of the gory details. Isn't it amazing (and scary) how brainwashed people are about the "value" of diamonds, even though they're not actually worth that much?

3. A diamond is an illiquid asset, not an "investment". Try to sell a second-hand diamond ring on eBay or at a pawn shop. Do you really think you'll get anything close to what you paid for it? Do you really think the price of any diamond you purchase today is going to go up significantly over time? A diamond ring isn't even a good "insurance policy" to fall back on during hard times - it's an illiquid asset that you'll have a hard time selling for a price anywhere close to what you paid for it.

4. The diamond industry funds warfare, genocide, and terrorism. A conflict diamond (also called a blood diamond or a war diamond) is a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgent or invading army's war efforts. Profits from conflict diamonds are used to finance warlords in Angola, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, who use their weapons to kill and maim innocent people. You won't be able to tell if your diamond is a conflict diamond or not?
Read BBC reports

5. A diamond is - by nature - just a pretty rock. Think of the oft-quoted "rule" of diamond ring buying: the ring should cost a minimum of two month's salary (pre-tax), and you should spend as much on a ring as you can afford. Let's put this rule in its proper context: according to the people who sell pretty rocks, you're supposed to trade a full two months of your time and effort for one of their pretty rocks. Does that seem wise?

6. People notice the setting more than the diamond itself. To the naked human eye, most decent quality diamonds look the same. Unless the stone is yellow, has major inclusions, or has a distinctly lopsided cut, no one will be able to distinguish an ideal cut, E color, VS-1 stone from a lesser-quality diamond just by looking at it. What people do notice is the setting - how the stone is featured or placed, side stones, and the craftsmanship and artistry of the band. Knowing this - does it make more sense to focus your attention and dollars on a better stone, or on a better setting?

7. The opportunity cost of buying a diamond is huge. Opportunity cost is what you give up by spending your scarce resources on a single option. In other words, if you drop ten grand on a diamond ring, you have $10,000 less to spend on other things, like a fantastic honeymoon, a car, furniture, a down payment on a house, investing for the future, or further education. Are all of these options worth giving up for a little piece of colorless carbon?

From this guy's rant - funny yet true -

If you still dun get it... go watch Blood Diamond -


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hi lingztan
I went down to her shop and I like Amanda, she is very sincere and very patient. She didnt rush us to make a decision.
She even told us to go and do more shopping before going back to her.

As for the price, I think my FH told Amanda his budget and what he wants.
My FH has some specifications, e.g: carat, colour and cut.

So she just show us based on his requirements.

I only notice diamonds, but I saw a butterfly pendant which is very nice. I think its ruby and emerald.
But maybe u can ask her...


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Thanks kenshare! I called up and made an appointment this coming Sat.. will start doing ring shopping first and then flat shopping after CNY!


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hi hi i've also went to clarity to bring my wedding band..i would say Amanda is really a nice lady

her wedding bands are also nice


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hi eclipse..think she close at 7pm if i am not wrong but just let her know what time u are going dwn she will wait if she can. she is a nice lady...

u can also see her wedding bands if u r interested..all the best


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hi, my FH just bought me a diamond ring

1.35 carat
E VVS2, GIA Cert
round brilliant, ideal cut

he paid like S$24K for it. i thought that's way too expensive. you think it's value for $?


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hey eclipse
i collected last week!
its very sprakling bright men! FH was admiring it more than me..hmmm...

hey stjt
did u get anything besides the wedding bands?
thinking of going there to do my si dian jing too...

hey hydragen
WAH..u very lucky..
i think u can go to to see whether your FH overpaid..


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kenshare at the moment wedding bands only, cos si dian jing my FH mum will be buying lor so not very nice to ask her to go there and buy


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Just like to share a very good news that recently i just bought a hearts and arrows diamond GIA certified at a very reasonable price.

Colour: F
Clarity: VS2
Price: $12.7k

It is custom made to the design that i fancy. i got this good lobang through my friend recommendation. This guy sell GIA triple Excellent diamonds from 0.30 carat to 2 carat. Whereby i had a very hard time finding good diamonds from places like lee hwa, goldheart etc. The staff always recommend me destinee diamonds which are damn EXPENSIVE. I got to knew this through the guy whom i bought my diamond from. He showed me the difference between AGS triple Zero(same as what lee hwa is selling as destinee) and his GIA triple EXCELLENT diamonds. They are exactly the same except for the certification of the diamonds. Both are having hearts and arrows but the PRICE is so much of a different...
This is really a good buy since GIA triple excellent are rare and value for $$$.


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Hi Bliss85,

i knew about this triple excellent diamonds from the GIA website and thought of getting one 0.75cts for my girlfriend. Can you share the contact of this guy u bought from with me? Thanks..


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hello bunnie75

Okie not a problem, his company is Arete diamonds and he is call Issac. You can get him through his hp:94551698.


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I have a Soo Kee Brillant Rose Diamond Ring for sale, 0.24carats, VVS2, G colour. Comes with certifcate. Bought it at $1500, willing to let go at $1.2k (neg) or lower.
Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.


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Carat: 0.54
Color: D
Clarity: VS2
GIA certified
Price: around 2.3K
Perfect Cut Diamond

Carat: 0.56
Color: D
Clarity: VVS1
GIA certified
Price: around 6.5K
Perfect cut diamond

The diamond rings, especially the solitaires sold there are really nice and the setting makes the diamond shine more brillantly and brightly.

It's at the new mall Central @ clarke quay..

A jewellery shop named 65 jewellery... it's a sister company of D' meyson...

Look for this lady call Donna... she is very very helpful and will tell u what is a good buy..and what is not...

Just tell her Victor & Adele recommended u to go to her..and she will show u the best diamond...



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Hi Kenshare / stjt

Went to Clarity last week but Amanda is on maternity leave and will not be back until 15th April..I went ring shopping those few days, saw one sparkle at Larry's.
0.44C, VVS1, F color, AGS certified, Ideal princess cut -> $3.9K
quite expensive hor?? I went to Je Taime as well, but not much selection, guess have to make appointment to go down & have a look... =)
Lee Hwa is defn out.. felt that they are juz pure pushy.. hehe


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hi emeraldbride,
oh amanda on maternity leave liao...wah that's fast..seems like only yesterday that I got my ring from her...its been 4 months!

i tink Larry's diamonds is not bad too..
Maybe if you are not in a hurry, wait for the sale..though i tink it happens around mid year..but not sure exactly when.


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hi emerald, yup she is on maternity for only one month..if u can maybe you can wait for her...

think her setting is not bad...


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You personally think Amanda's diamond are of good quality??
I read from another thread that AGS certified diamonds are better?
Kenshare, when Larry's on sale, do they give discount on their diamond as well? The price stated is actually $4.8K then he gave abt $1K off to be $3.9 leh.. so easi one meh??
My bf only have budget abt $3.5K - $4k.. what kind of specs can I look at?


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hi emerald, i personally think her setting for the ring is's not those normal setting you see outside...


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ic ic.. ok ok.. sometimes i m so lazy to go do research or read up..
at the same time have to look for wedding band as well.. n this is only prep for solemnization.Imagine prep for AD..faint!


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Perfect cut diamond means round shape... there are heart shape diamonds but that is consider fancy cut diamond..

4k difference is cos of the clarity... VS2 and VVS1.. VVS1 is almost flawless...although if want near flawless diamond, go for IF...which means internal flawless... but very expensive...

VS2 means it's a little "dirty"...but if u r going for a 0.5 carat diamond... u can't see the feather or crystal..but if u r going for bigger diamond..better to get a cleaner diamond... maybe a VVS2 and above...but then again, the cleaner the diamond, the more expensive again...

U go and have a talk with donna... i learn a lot from her... and good luck in ur proposal..:D


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emerald i did my wedding band at clarity. they don't charge extra if you want to have rose gold, or champange gold extra.


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Hi cutie,

Wow the VS2 is cheap but the VVS1 is really expensive. I could actually get that same spec GIA triple excellent(hearts n arrows) at around 5.6k. Too expensive..


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Hi, can anyone kindly advice me if a Hearts on Fire diamond with the following specs and price is good?

0.498C, H, VS2, price is $4000 before the discount

The sales person said that this just came in from US, and they do not have the AGS cert anymore, they do their own in-house certification. Is this a reason for the lower price?


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hi jer.. the diamond is expensive.. $4K for a 0.498C.. not worth it.. H color leh..
Btw.. hearts on fire is from which jewellery chain?


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hearts on fire is one of the best diamond.... in the sense, international brand.... tian po...
But seriously, no cert, and just local cert... dun think it is good... even if u tell people that it is hearts on fire, people may not believe it....


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But I beg to differ..come to think of it, who will be bringing the cert out everyday to prove to others it is indeed hearts on fire.
I believe none of our friends (at least mine) will not ask me to show prove..
Cert is good if you want to upgrade ur stone later.. or used as collateral to the bank, but to me, I'll never upgrade my ring nor use it as a collateral.
FH promised to get me a bigger one during our first year anniversary..


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yup... i dun agree to get hearts on fire too... just that in a way, providing information that it is one of the best diamonds as it is internationally recogised....
to me, get a good GIA diamond is good enough... why pay more? Even if without cert also can, cos we wont upgrade it... but yet, make sure you get a good deal then... cos it should be cheaper without certification.....
but if jer wants to pay so much for a hearts on fire then make sure that you have proof that it is a hearts on fire... make it more worth the price that you are paying for it....


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agree with the rest here. if it's only an in-house cert, $4k is abit too much for a diamond of the specs you've mentioned.


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btw, do all your GIA cert diamonds have the report number micro laser inscribed on the gridle? i noticed some GIA cert diamonds don't have report number micro laser inscribed on the gridle. why is it so?? the GIA people forgot to do it??


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All GIA cert diamonds for sure have micro laser inscription on the girdle. GIA Report Number, referred to as the GIA Inscription Registry is included on all diamonds certified with a GIA Diamond Dossier®, these diamonds are micro-laser inscribed with the diamonds unique GIA report number for identification.
So if you get a diamond that is so called GIA certified without the laser inscription dont get it.


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i found out that not all diamonds above 1 cts with GIA Diamond Grading Report (esp those diamonds which were graded before 2004)
will have laser inscribed (laser inscription is optional, only done upon request). whereas diamonds with GIA Diamond Dossier® will definitely have laser inscribed. this is b'cos GIA Diamond Dossier® doesn't have the diamond sketch/plot on the cert therefore laser inscription is a must.

btw, GIA Diamond Grading Report and GIA Diamond Dossier® are different type of cert.

visit GIA website for more infor:


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Hi all

been going around looking for my diamond ring, and find that D'meyson offers really value for money diamonds... compared to GH, LH, TP etc, their prices are still the most reasonable... does anyone have any encounter with D'MEyson?

I'm interested in a 1.01Ct, G colour, VS1 going for $9.9K...


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There are a price jump at 1ct. You are likely to get a better buy if you go for just under 1 ct, all other specifications being equal.


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My bf and i have started to scout for a diamond ring. The reason why we are shopping together for the proposal ring is that he wants to buy me a diamond ring that I really like.

We have looked at most of the jewellery retail shops around. Basically, we are down to these options

1. Larry's Lazarre
2. Lee Hwa's Destinee
3. Goldheart's Celestial
4. Tian Po's Heart on Fire.

I like to hear some opinions or comments on the above mentioned diamonds.

I am looking at 0.35 carat to 0.5 carat. I would want to wear my engagement ring daily and would want to wear together with my wedding band too. Do you all think is too much on one finger?

Actually, we are quite confused as everyone claimed that their diamond is the best/ original/ ideal cut. Hmm... if supposedly the cut is there, what do you place next to priority? Colour? or Clarity?

Lastly, I actually enjoy going round, looking at different diamond rings and their settings. Hmm.. and i actually feel that there wont be much fun once I decided on which diamond ring i want. haha..


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Hey Twin fairy,

Glad to hear you are buying one too! I think most people would look for on a diamond is it size, color, clarity and cut, and most probably the trade-in value, as in trade in for a bigger one in the future it really depends on individual I think. Make sure you get one that really suits you.

My bf proposed to me a month ago with a 1.03 carat diamond ring, bought at Lee Hwa. It was a loose diamond with F color, VVS2, very good cut and cost him about $19K after discount. Usually price stated in retail is always much higher (like $30K), dunno why. It was really beautiful and knowing that I didnt like white gold he has the sales man set it on yellow gold with a crown of 4 legs.

But clumsy me, I wear it to werk in the office, for just 2 weeks and i have knocked it many times (during photocopying, handling files, unknowingly..!!)one of the legs was a little bend now and few scrathes on the gold already. In the end he has to buy me another one, 0.5 carat for daily wear and i have to keep the proposal ring.
So if you are really an active person and wouldnt really mind the size, i would suggest you go for something smaller at least not that protruding that you might knocked onto smthing, and get the better grades one, like the color and clarity. The salesmen told me that nearly all LeeHwa diamond comes with GIA cert, same as what the Goldheart salesmen told me too maybe you can check it out.

I will be sourcing for my wedding band soon, any ideals?! Good luck on your proposal ring!


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Hi Kylie

Thanks for your reply.

Hmm... 0.5carat seems a bit big for my finger. I'm leaving the size to him. As for the trade-in, bf doesnt like the idea of trading in the significant and meaningful proposal ring just to upgrade for bigger diamond.

He quite likes Larry's Lazare but he knows I haven't made up my mind on whose diamond to buy. I am still toying with the idea of wearing my engagement ring daily together with wedding band. Not sure if they will look well together.

I hope to have a second look at Tian Po's Heart in Fire. Oh yeah! What do you mean by loose diamonds?

Keke.. sorry have no idea on wedding bands since I havent even crossed the first hurdle... receiving my engagement ring..keke


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Hey Twin,

"Loose Diamonds", dunno whether i have put it correctly, but the salesmen use this term when my bf is buying it, it is just diamonds on its own without the setting. Just like my bf buy the diamond 1st than choose his own ring setting design and than have the jewellery warehouse making the ring.

And oh, of coz you wouldn't want to trade in your proposal ring for anything in the future, must get one that really look nice on you. Not forgetting, You could get freebies too! I didnt know that, cuz my bf went to do the ring searching himself and just get it buy and fixed on the spot for a surprise without doing much checking out. My friend just told me, when her FH brought her to buy their proposal ring and wedding bands, they have gotten alot of freebies form the jewellery shop, like vouchers, diamond microscope which may come in handy!..

Let me know if you came across anything nice!

~Still in search and preparing for the Big Day!~ :p


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It's me again...

Yesterday, we managed to visit TianPo to have a second look at their hearts on fire. It was then I realised that HOF is a company on its own, just like Lazarre. After yesterday visit, there wasn't a big difference in price for HOF and Lazarre.

But then, TianPo's staff kept suggesting that I take a level lower than colourless range eg G or H. Their reason was that with a good cut, it doesnt have to be a colourless range. HOF diamonds will still shine. For ring setting, though TianPo offers quite a few designs on the ring setting, I didnt fancy any of those.

So i am left with these 2 options.

1. Buy HOF but choose a G or H colour but opt for bigger carat (still less than 0.5carat), then for clarity, compromise to SI1 or SI2. For ring setting, take the "jubilation" design.

2. Buy Lazarre and settle for D-F colour and VS1 or VS2 for clarity. But diamond will be likely a 0.3 carat size. Set the ring to "Tiffany" style.

If I take option 1, i get bigger diamond but more flaws. Ring setting isnt really what I want. If I take option 2, smaller diamond but in a ring setting I would like.

So gals out there, will you take a bigger diamond and forgo the rest? Or would you settle for a smaller diamond but have qualities you like?