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I drove past commonwealth days back and saw this
BS there. their show room is big which caught my eyes. It's called Venlis. i look through their packages was quite good. they have full day make up artist for PS as i know some studios dont provide full day make-up artist. And their gowns are lovely. anyone know of this BS? im considering.


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and one thing, their staff there are very service orientated not very pushy which i felt it's very comfortable. As i went to a few BS in tg pagar they are too pushy and pressurizing.

maybe it's a place to consider?


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@Evangeline Gabrielle:
I've signed up with Jazz last year. Was tempted by the package during bridal fair, so actually went down to Tg Pagar shop to see the gowns and also to ask for their package too to compare the prices and wat they cld give.
The gowns are very beautiful, and I manage to find a design that I actually love. N dun wori, if u can't find any gowns u like in the store coz they also have an adjacent shop that functions as a storeroom for gowns for both Jazz n French bridal.

U can also take a look at this website to get an idea. Not their main website though.


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Heard that SG Bridal (from JB) is coming to Singapore to participate in a bridal fair on 11 April till 17 April at Orchard Central.

Those who interested can drop by to see what they are offering. Bridal photos are usually taken once in a lifetime hence has to take your time to choose your service provider carefully. Quality should be your main concern. Prices are all almost the same ones. Do be wary if you are being offered very low price. As the saying goes 'yi fen qian, yi fen huo'.

A good service provider such as SG Bridal not only create quality work, it also create beautiful memories of the shooting process.

Just to clarify in case I sound like a advertiser.... Hehehe... I am just another satisfied customer who hope to share my experience with SG Bridal. :)


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Hi All, want to check with you all,normally bridal package..the album examples they give u 25 pics in a album, is it a must to top up to 40/50 pics? so that the album can have design? normally album comes with design de mah?


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Hi Candy sure. As for the album pics, if you are going for the design, you will need more pics. However if you are going for those single pic per page, then 25 should be just nice.


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hi all,

i just started to look ard for bridal shops and i have just shortlisted 3 - 'my bridal room', 'my dream wedding' or 'golden horse awards'.

any review for them and if you have any package with them that you can share with me?

thanks in advance.


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just to share my package is $2999 include 12x15" album (30 photos) wedding gown, evening gown, makeup, mini album, table top etc


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Hi, I am new to this forum, can someone share the package with me? My wedding is Dec 29 2011 but I've yet to book any BS...

Can anyone share with me your wedding package for the following BS? (My email : [email protected])

1) Di Gio
3)Thomson Wedding
4)Precious Moments


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Hihi... im very new here. My wedding is in July 2011. Trying hard to get a nice yet affordable bridal package.

Can any kind soul email me packages from
- Precious Moment
- La Belle
- DiGio
- Rico-A-Mona
- Bridal Zone
- Thomson Wedding?

My email is [email protected].

Thanks so much! =)


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Hi Jingying,

I am interested in your Rico-A-Mona Package, can email to me at [email protected]?

If I want to get a free lance photographer elsewhere, does that mean I wouldn't be able to shoot my AD gown? Does free lance photographer take studio shoot?


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Hi Brides-to-be,

I had the same experience as u gals last yr... bridal packages hunting and confused with the numerous choices available...

Ted Collection is highly recommended! Very unique gowns! They are my 2nd bridal as I'm very unhappy with the 1st bridal that i had signed up with. Wasted a lot of my time!

I had paid a heavy price for the mistake I had made. So I hope u gals can have a wonderful experience with a good bridal.

All the Best!


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Hi all, I went to two bridal studios today, Bridal Zone and Bliss Creation. Both prices were like a huge diff. Any advise on what should i look out for? I am alittle confused.


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For the above it's actually Z but dunno why I'm not allowed to post anything with Z-ahem-Wedding on this forum.


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Hi all,

I'm BTB..and currently is looking around for bridal shop but dont know where to start, bcos i have no idea which bridal shop is good.. Can anyone here to recommend me? I will feel appreciated if you guys could send me email about any nice bridal shop.
My Email add: [email protected]



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Hi Jingying,

Can send me your rico-a-mona package?
I'm considering them too!
Their gowns are really pretty!
Jessie is very nice and helpful!