Advice on Bridal package excluding photography

Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I would like to ask for some advices re bridal packages excluding photography! Photographer for PS and AD recommended by a friend already.
I think it should still be more worthwhile to find a package for wedding gown+suit+makeup+hand-bouquet but to negotiate cheaper as excl photography, but not sure how much lesser?
What kind of prices should I be negotiating without photography component? $2k plus possible?
Lastly, any bridal studios to recommend? Good photography not important anymore, nice simple gowns would be good!


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I knew that your package can be done if you able to Negotitate with the bridal shop. Less than $1.5 - $2k can be done and the gown you can chose only from the Rack instead of MTM.


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Hi Cherryblossoms,

Maybe you want to contact this lady at [email protected]. I went with my friend last night to her place. She is selling very nice wedding and evening gowns only range of $400. My friend bought a Wedding gown Lace with beading only at $680 and evening gowns at $480 and she is now thinking of buying the mother's gown but will bring her mum down to try.

The lady is Annette. You can make appointment with her to try out the gowns.
hi Jacinta and Saddy, thanks for the advice and recommendation!
I'm starting to visit BS this weekend. Hope i can negotiate for something.
I also found a cheaper rental at justgowns. looks good as well!


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My friend went to just gowns but couldn't find somethings she like. Hope you will find your dream gowns soon.
hi Saddy, i went to just gowns yesterday and couldn't find something that i liked too. they have limited designs for S sizes.

In the end I managed to find something at Jess Haute Couture, could find an evening gown that suits me, and managed to find a trendier jacket for guys, so signed up a package with them already! price is reasonable too.


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Hi Cherry, why not have a look at the Graceful Image Boutique? My sister had hers from there, great value and many options too. Dressers are MTM.
Even their dresses are brand new for OTR.
Hope this will help



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Hi Cherry,

i wanted to get the bridal package without photography too!
Checked with Golden horse and they gave me $700 discount only.
We'll hv to pay for drycleaning too when we take their gowns out for our PS. They were rather "against" the idea of taking the package without photography.

You may wanna check with other BS?


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I got a attractive wedding package from Santiago and Z wed signed up last year. My hubby is posted to United States.. so we will postpone our wedding.

Heee... we manage to get a bargain. My package is $3288. Paid 1688 already.. now letting go at $1000 only.You can choose from z wed if you cant find your gown as they are sister company

consists of:

-1 wedding Gown
-1 evening gown
(either one MTM)
-Fresh flower for studio
-8 corsages
-make up for studio and actual day
-6 outfits for photoshoot
-4 bridemaids
-2 father jackets
-1 mtm groom pant to keep
-40 poses 15r
-1 20x24 portriat
-2 6r album (duplicate of selected poses)
-buy back all photo at $800 upon top up photo
-free Rom package
-Actual Day Car (mercs e class)
-Actual day photograhpy (8hrs)
-1 talebe top
-1 guest book
-300 thankyou cards with photo
-fresh flowers for actualy day
-car deco

PM me if u keen for it... letting go soon, as I be flying off with my hubby end of Aug this yr. My email is [email protected]



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I vouch for Graceful Image, got my package there and just went for my fitting (phototaking next week
). A few finetuning of the gown by the hands of Judy Teo, the designer, enhanced the gown gracefully. I am a plus size bride, and her skillful hands in tailoring the fabric made me look fabulous.
Very happy with the results. Highly recommended.


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I'm also looking for a package without photography.

So far we saw La Belle and Sattine and my FH says all the photography in the BS are posey, not nice and not up to his standard!

So photography most likely we have to engage separately.

Does anyone know any BS with good journalistic style photography?

Separately if I dun take up the photography offered in the bridal studios, how much discount can I negotiate?


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Hi Kass,
You can check out Bliss Bridal Creations @ Marina Square. Their new pg is Steven (previously from Golden Horse Awards).
If you're interested, i've my package to let go (which oso can convert to renting of gowns or MTM.

[email protected]


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Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've searched through the whole forum and couldn't find much comments on Feline. Has anyone signed up with them before? I've just signed up with them and would like to know what to expect. Pls help!!

I have a Bridal De Couture Package to let go due to personal reasons. My mum just told me that she has bought a studio package for my fiance and I as a surprise and we cannot say no to it. You know how mothers are.

The package is available anytime until April 2013 (open date).

Payment of $1000 required from you to me.

1) In/Out door + Nightshoot
2) 15R x 18 pieces
20 x 24 Real Canvas or 8R frame - 3 poses
3) 4R x 48 pieces (8 poses)
4) 5R mini album
5) 1 CD of selected poses
6) SIX Gowns for photo shoot
7) 5 hair do
8) Makeup Included

Let me know okay at [email protected]

Payment by installment (up to 3 months) accepted. Thanks! Once payment is made, I will send out the receipt and all the other relevant information that was given to me to your home address.



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Dear all,
I have a Wedding Present OTR Package(MTM-Optional) to let go!
The package is at SGD$3599, however I'm willing to let go at SGD$3299.
(Deposit of SGD$1800 had been made)
Package Includes:
- Wedding Gown (off the rack)
- Evening Gown (off the rack)
- Men's Suit (MTM)
- Hair & Make-up Services from the Make-up Rm
* Trial Session
* Photography Session
* Actual Day & Evening Session
- Flowers
*Fresh Flowers Hand bouquet for Photography & Actual Day)
* Corsages for Actual Day
* Car Decor & Follow-up Cars(Silk Flowers)
** Dry Cleaning Charges are included.
Please note that my package also includes:
20% credits(equivalent to SGD$720) that can be used on other Services or Items from Wedding Present.
Please do not hesitate to email me at: [email protected] if you are interested.
I will be glad to explain further on the Package details to you.
Thank you.


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Hi girls/guys
Im also looking for a bridal package without PS.
Did you're have any luck or know of any recommendations?
Im going to tanjong pagar to shop around this sat with my fiancee.
Appreciate any help!



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Hi, I have a Yvonne Creative actual day package to let go at $2088 (after a $200 discount). Includes:

white gown x 1
evening gown x 1
tea dress or KUA x 1
bridesmaid gown x 1
men suits x 2
fathers'jacket x 2
best man's jacket x 1
corsages x 6
car deco
hand bouquet
make up x 3 (trial and actual day)
all accessories

pls pm me if keen


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Honestly I think all bridal studios will offer you a basic package without photography and the trick is to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate!
I got one wedding gown, one qipao, one tuxedo (full), bridal bouquet, car flowers, make up artist and 6 corsages for under 2K.


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hi.. i am done with my wedding. so, here's something to share.

i took mine without photography with Precious Moments. I think they are great! If you take without photography, i think the most important thing is to find a BS that is accommodating and doesn't try to charge you for every single thing.

I paid about $2,000+ (a little) and we got a lot of stuffs.

We had for me a solemnization dress, tea dress, bridal gown, outdoor gown, evening gown, MUA for trial, photoshoot and AD and accessories. For him, we got tuxedo, white suit for AD and suit for photoshoot.

we also got corsages and hand bouquet plus bridal car deco. Fathers' suit x 2... hmm... i can't remember what else. but their package price was very reasonable. less than $2000 but we added more stuffs.

whatever i got, i was very happy. cos everything was just perfect for me.

i think as long as you can find something suitable for you, that's good enough.

Here's sharing some photos of my gowns and you can also see for yourself the quality of make up.

generally, i also think that those at tg pgr are a little more hardsell.
Hi everyone,

I have a wedding package from Jazz BS going at $3k (usual price $3388). They have very beautiful and artistic photography skill, and elegant gowns plus tuxedos.
If you are interested, I can let you know more about the package that they offer. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Have a blissful marriage


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gals if u sign up with bridal shop without the photography do they allow u bring the gowns out for external photography u engage? how much more do we usually have to pay?


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hello. For me, I was allowed an outdoor gown. I was allowed my AD gown but on the condition I took indoor cos outdoor is really too dirty. So I did only shoot indoor. I was too lazy to change, so I didn't ask to bring more. I took everything in one gown only. But it was nice enough. I didn't have to pay more. I think I paid a bit for the dry cleaning of my AD gown. Some $80 or so.


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I have a Bridal de Couture package to let go.
$3288 (includes Actual day photograhper)
Deposit:$2000 and willing to let go at $1800 or negotiable
Only needs to pay $1288 to bridal shop.

Interested please pm me.
Thank you


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I managed to get a good bargain for AD package (without photography), which includes WG, simple EG, bride's makeup, groom's suit, father's jacket, bouquet, corsages, car (with decor) for $1.7k (+Gst).

I'm letting this go since we'll be having our wedding overseas, so we'll probably get our stuff there. PM or email me ([email protected]) if anyone is interested to take over


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Hi guys, i'd a good recommendation, i'd my wedding quite sometime ago...but, recently accompany my cousin went to my ex-BS Graceful Image for wedding package discussion.

So excited! When i walked into the boutique coz i'd seeing all the beutiful gowns, i'm excited and glad to see the designer Judy again, she really done a job, she has maintain the good design, cutting and the variaty of the gowns selection.

For everyone wedding, i think wedding gowns is the most important for a brides! Must have better one and chose wisely, Graceful Image definitely a good BS in term of services, follow up, arrangement, PS, Mua, gowns designs and etc.


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Hi there, i signed up with Bridal Affairs, They specially rent gowns and suits for pre-wedding and AD weddings, but also have full packages. I went to Taiwan for my pre-wedding and needed AD gowns and photography, managed to get 1 day and 1 evening gown for less than 1k. BS outside quoted me close to 2k.


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Hi all,

Recently i signed up with Bvlgari wedding from taiwan. They going to open their bridal in sg. Currently they having a pre-opening promotion of 1 wedding gown and 2 evening gowns for $999. They did mentioned that after the opening of the boutique, the rental price will based on individual piece.
Their local contact person is Ivy from Dream Wedding. You can contat her for more info, her email is [email protected]. Hope this helps.


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Just to check did anyone of u sell of ur package as i'm thinking to let go of my AD package wif Sattine.


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Hi all, has anyone tried / heard of gowns from seletar BWay & Yvonne Creative? any compliments and comments on their gowns and services?

am looking at getting my AD gowns from there and want to be sure before I decide.


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Hi Kat,not able to PM you. Can I check if you have let go of your package? Able to share with me your package?