Advice on banquet venues


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Hi everyone, i am looking for a suitable venue for my wedding banquet. Conrad is at the top of my list, from the safe reviews and nice venue. But would like to keep my options open, coz pricing is a little steep.

Anyone has any other hotel venues to suggest? I'm looking for somewhere...
1. With no major major complaints from people recently (wanna have a piece of mind)
2. A decent ballroom, high ceiling... no pillars is a plus, but i'm alright with them ard, as long as they are not right smack in the middle of the ballroom
3. Pricing, nothing exceeding that of conrad

Hope you gals can help! thanks!


Raffles the Plaza? My friend had her wedding there last Dec it was a beautiful wedding.


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how abt crown hotel at orchard? my friend did her wdg there the ballrm was very nice.. the food and service was excellent... the pricing shld be better then conrade.. and crown have a better location in the centre of town


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Why not try The Oriental hotel? They are great and their ball room are great after renovation.... One of the in charge Cha lee, is a great person who u can look up on to look after ur dinner...


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Any suggestion on where I can do my church ceremony/ reception apart from Chijmes for some 300-400 people?

It's crazy.... And I think Chijmes only allow ONE of their caterers, no outsiders allowed.

What about an intimate banquet of about 18 tables for family and close friends in the evening? Ambience, good food and quality service.


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18 tables can go 4 Seasons' Crescent Ballroom. The reception area is very lovely.
The food is from Jiang Nan Chun which is quite well known but the quality can be quite uncertain so must give very frank comments during food tasting to have good food during the wedding dinner.


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yeah heard 4 seasons is good, so is raffles hotel, and ACM. very cosy... otherwise botanic gardens or sentosa is a pretty good place to go, i heard...


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yup. Raffles hotel is good.... I think the only problem is the cocktail area is not air-conditioned and guests get dropped off at the side entrance (not the main entrance), so it may not feel so "grand". Need to check if the chinese food comes from the hotel's chinese restaurant (called Grand China, I think..??) or the hotel banquet kitchen (quality may not be so good).

Another place you can consider is Goodwood Park hotel. Its Tudor Ballroom is very nice.. Only draw back is the cocktail area is rather small (can accomodate maybe 50 pple at one time although they will open up the foyer area) and I think there are 2 small pillars.... The food is from Ming Jiang restaurant. Sichuan cuisine but the wedding menu resembles cantonese fare, so it's suitable.


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how about consider a open concept?? Interior glass house, and just right outside the main door is a water fountain... Its in CBD area too... Can accomodate up to more than 100ppl, Best of all, you can have all the free play you want..... Romantic ambience esp at night


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Hi teresa,

yes it's beautiful and utterly romantic. one of my gfs had her ceremony there, but as I need to look for a venue which accommodations 200pax, it's going to quite tough doing it at Glass House.


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We have a wedding package with Novotel Clarke Quay available for transfer.

Our wedding date is scheduled in the auspicious 8th lunar month (i.e late Sept 2008) and I've already paid deposit of $3k.
Willing to transfer at good discount!

Interested parties, please email me at [email protected].

Thank you.


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Hi all,

I have confirmed my AD & ROM packages with Seletar Country Club. Definitely value for money & sincere attitude by the wedding planner.

Here is picture where i will doing my ROM ceremony.... so lovely.



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any comments for meritus mandarine and furama river front? mine big day coming.. need to settle hotel quickly.. shortlisted tis 2...duno which better the food the serviece? anybody had their wedding there


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hi everyone,

my wedding date in on july next year and i am still looking around for venue for abt 20-25 tables.

will be going down to furama city centre and furama riverfront. Any reviews on these places?


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Hi everyone, i am looking for a suitable venue for my wedding banquet. As Orchid Country Club is my top of my list,

Anyone has any comment to advice?


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Hi Faith, I had my banquet at Novotel Clarke Quay last year...maybe you can consider them too cos' they have a ballroom that can accomodate 20-25 tables...if you are keen to see see i have some pictures of the ballroom at



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hi ,

i need doing my ROM on 27 of oct
planning in having at some challet or a big colonial house.
but so far can only find 1, which is aloha resort.

can anyone help me? for 100 guest, n dinner time with buffet...


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open concept would be good too..i know of some good restaurants/places to Playground@Big Splash which is near the sea..overall concept is quite romantic..maybe you can take a look at this website under promotions to have a better detail.
Hi I'm thinking of holding wedding recep at Burkhill...but need to get my own deco pple...Purple Sage deco is nice but px steep...fd not that great i heard. so does any1 knw of a gd deco place/pple? that is reasonable priced? Thanks


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Hi ladies

I just had my wedding held at a fine dining place, il lido, located at the sentosa golf club.Was very pleased with the magnificent view overlooking the sea and the golf course. Definitely made my wedding a very romantic experience. My guests all loved the place!

Fyi, il lido holds about 190 guests and has indoor and outdoor seating..



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Hi Ladies,
Just to share my experience with all of you so that you can take note should you wish to hold your wedding at Jurong Bird Park. I held my wedding on 4 Dec 10 and was terribly disappointed with the way the event was run and it was a painful memory for such an important event.

I had a change in coordinator as my original coordinator left the job and was given a relatively inexperienced young girl. Communication with her was not smooth as she took very long to revert and seems very inexperienced. I tried to be patient with her as she was young but as it is an important event and given many incidents of long delay in responses. I took it up with the supervisor as i was concerned and hoped for a change in a more experienced coordinator. The supervisor was very defensive at first and insisted that my coordinator is more than competent. I had to explain to her patiently of the problems we encountered with her thereafter. After i told her everything, she then took it and explained on what i had to do and assured that she will guide her along and monitor for me and that sets me at ease though she did not change my coordinator.

On the day of my wedding, my coordinator did not turn up saying she had another event at zoo but she will send someone to over look everything to ensure everything is in order. However, i had to run the show myself as there was no one for me to rely on, the other coordinator was never in sight. The only person i could turn to was the banquet manager. As he did not know the details of our discussion, he could only provide assistance of what i told him and though he was very helpful, it was very tedious for me as there were too many details which would have been better had the coordinator been around as she knows everything.

So imagine the bride has to run here and there just to ensure the decoration is set up in time, seats are arranged accordingly etc.

Firstly, the whole thing was not well done as the staffs were all inexperienced. For instance, they did not serve drinks to the guests which i explicitly communicated clearly that they have to serve. Ended up my guests only had plain water and towards the end of the dinner, then only some of them realized there was a drink station that they had to help themselves to. When i left, i realized there were a lot of cartoons of drinks left and i thought it was strange. I only found out that they were not served drinks after that!

Also, we arrived at the venue at 2.30pm to ask them to set up the sound system so that we could do a trial run and the system could not be set till till 5.30pm which was our solermization time. They took 3 hours to set up the system and caused us to not be able to run the music and everything properly nor do our trial run.

In addition to that, i had given instructions to print out picture of us to act as direction as bird park is big and i do not want my guests to go the wrong way. They also promised that there will be ashers. However, it turned out, many people could not find the way as there were no ashers nor signs except for 1 small board at the entrance. I had to resolve this on the spot and send my friends to asher the guests.

Fourth, the door gift which is a toy penguin for the guests were missing for 1 whole tables. I had customized the penguins with tie and ribbons thus it was unique. My guests for that particular tables complained that they did not have any penguins and i was agast as i had done a round of check before the venue was opened up to the guests at 5.15pm and my friends did another round of check at 5.45pm. The venue was not opened up till 6.30pm and there is no way the guests would have taken 10 penguins as everyone came in at the same time. Obviously, the staffs were the only ones who had access during this period of time.

Lastly, during the communication, i had repeatedly asked my coordinator how they will charged for the final bill as it was by per head. I asked if they will finalize the number on the day itself and she said yes. With that, i thought i will pay according to the number of pax that turned up on the day. I had committed min 200 pax. After that, i had increased to 210 just to play safe. Nearer the date, i know the number of pax will be less than 200 but i thought since i will be charged according to the turn up rate, i do not need to inform my coordinator prior to that. Thus on the day my turn up rate was 190 but since i guranteed 200, i will pay for 200 but i was charged for 210. I did not think much when i settled the bill as i was too tired at the end of the event. However, when i checked with my coordinator the next day, that she verified that we will be charged on the turn up rate but i was charged for 210 pax. She said that the chiefs cooked for 210 pax thus i have to pay for that. It did not occur to me prior to that, that the food had to be prepared according to the number of pax and thus does not make sense to charge on the turn up rate. But as i checked with my coordinator a few times and she confirmed that is the case, i held her words to it. Nonetheless, i did not send black and white but only through verbal communication sicne she seldom replys her emails. Hence i do not have proof and had to pay for nothing. If i had known, i would definitely inform her earlier of the pax to 200 and save $1000++. This is unnecessary as if she had been experienced, this would not happen. i would have been provided accurate advice.

With that, i would advise couples who are considering Bird Park as their venues to think twice. If the coordinator is called Peggie, please ensure that all your communications are in black and white. Otherwise, you might end up like us. We do not have a strong case as we did not send black and white as telephone was the easiest form of communication to get hold of her as she does not revert her emails for weeks, even when the wedding is like 2-3 weeks away.

Till date, i had yet to hear from Bird Park on my feedback to them which they promised to investigate and get back to me. As i was posted overseas for a while and just came back, i was utterly disappointed that they did not keep their word. Everything needs to be in black and white. My feedback was taken by a lady who called me after the wedding and i guess since there was no black and white, they did not need to act on it. I was too trusting and naive to beleive that they will really investigate and revert.

So hope my feedback is helpful to you ladies. =)