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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by fairlady95, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. fairlady95

    fairlady95 New Member

    Hi all,

    I've a bad experience with this VG from this company.

    Before i met this VG, i have done many surveys. Other VG will advise me to hire a VG from a register company. Of coz, the price will be much higher. Furthermore, this VG told me his price is negotiable. So i've decided to use his service. Have met up twice with him to discuss about the details till almost one month before my big day. He will start to postpone our appointment from one week to another week. Untill few days before my AD, we are supposed to meet up to discuss the final details. He has change the time and venue after we have agreed to meet up at Point A. Lastly, I've decided not to engage this VG. Can imagine if he didn't turn on my AD? We would rather don't engage his service on my AD instead of being play out.

    I really doubt his responsibility.

  2. blu_volka

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  3. stanelaine08

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  4. tylee87

    tylee87 New Member

    Oh, thats bad.
    Lucky you did not engage him in the end,
    what if he really didnt turn up.

  5. strawberrymuffins

    strawberrymuffins New Member

    yeah, impt to find a photographer who is trustworthy for our big day.
  6. zhuge_liang

    zhuge_liang New Member

    Hi Fairly,
    there's always a reason behind everything... Did u ask him? After all, this PGs and VGs are all human like us... There's always a reason, should ask him... U won't know if reali fates that playing him, at that moment like, his whoever met an accident or something nasty, touch wood...

    But how's his work? Meet him twice becoz?
  7. sunshineger

    sunshineger New Member

    So in the end who did you engage?
  8. kolster

    kolster New Member

    We also had a very bad experience with this company called eastern production/images of wisdom. We decided to change them 2days before the actual day as we really cant trust them anymore. Luckily,we changed them, the other company is far better then them. At least they produced good standard work, unlike eastern production/images of wisdom.

    Seriously, it's really very unlucky to meet such lousy company...they messed up everything and put us into deep trouble 3days before our actual day!
  9. zionatoh

    zionatoh New Member

    hey kolster, who did you engage in the end? care to share? i am looking for vg for my actual day
  10. babygirlchoco

    babygirlchoco New Member

    Hi, I'm new here. Don't mind, can you tell me what does VG mean?
  11. kelvin_low

    kelvin_low New Member

    Hi Gwyneth,

    VG means videographer, if you're looking for photographer or videographer, kindly drop me an email @


  12. shella

    shella New Member

    Hi, which VG u referring to. can share [​IMG] PM me can?

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