Advice needed


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Hi All,

Would like to seek opinions and reviews for my upcoming wedding in Dec 2020.

I have shortlisted 3 locations:

1. Carlton Hotel
2. Jade at Fullerton Hotel
3. Ramada (Zhong Shan Room)

We are looking at a simple and intimate wedding with no more than 10 tables. We intend to solemnise during dinner. With no 2nd March in, no cake cutting, no yum Seng and no speech.

My fiancé prefers Carlton Hotel for its central location and the perks (2 nights stay in bridal room). I am leaning towards Jade as it is not your typical ballroom and may suit our programme better (plus Jade is really a beautiful restaurant!)

We also shortlisted Ramada because it is small and cosy, and the catering manager seems to be the most competent and enthusiastic among all. But I am not keen on the small hotel lobby and its location.

Any advice or experience to share?