Advice needed! Where to get small wooden framed chalkboard?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by star_xin, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. star_xin

    star_xin New Member

    Hi ladies!.. I'm looking for a chalkboard as props.. Anyone knows where I can get one bout A3 size thereabouts?

    Thanks a million!

  2. beegirl

    beegirl Member

    Bras basar! i got mine there[​IMG]
  3. star_xin

    star_xin New Member

    Thanks gal! [​IMG]
  4. beegirl

    beegirl Member

  5. dr seuss

    dr seuss New Member

  6. CathK

    CathK New Member

    Hi @beegirl, may I know how much u get it at?
  7. December_Bride

    December_Bride New Member

    Hi there, I happened to saw some wedding photos in my FB. It's a wedding of my friend's cousin.
    Are you referring to them? Really quite nice actually (;

  8. beegirl

    beegirl Member

    I have received quite a number of emails regarding the chalkboard which we bought from Bras Basar complex at $60. Not so sure about the rates now though, below are some pics from on our solemnization day :)
    58599_436718104013_791074013_4962887_4757181_n.jpg 61090_164440210236374_100000111884166_563719_2434185_n.jpg

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