Advice needed on Parents Meeting Session


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Littlewoman: ROM wiil be either end of this year or early next year. They will come visit on Sept for 'Tee Xing'. Quite nervous if anything will go wrong cos 1st time impression is important for both side.


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i am new here. our parents have not met and i've tried to arrange for one session. but my parents do not want to meet. and up till now, they just said "anything" to everything, and leave them up to us.

so, my problem is, i thinkt they will only meet before my ROM or at ROM which is on 090909!!

i don't know if this arrangement is a good idea. i am concerned. haha.. sighz.


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Hi Cindy,
If your parents and in-laws let both of you decide what's the wedding arrangment is like, it is ok if they don't meet. you can arrange a lunch together during ROM.
Some people actually arranged the meeting during the food tasting, so they can talk about the food, decoration and door gifts. this would solve the problem of "nothing to say" situation.


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Can someone share with me what's the usual items to be discussed during the 1st meet-up of both side parents?

I didn't think of arranging a formal meet-up between my parents & my FH's parents until I chance upon this thread & realised the many things & feedback with regards to pre-wedding meet-up. Most importantly, I won't want to take the chance of possible disputes over dowry and/or other wedding matters between both parents which may affect my FH and I.

From this thread.. the min items seem to be the following (pls do correct me if i'm wrong):
- no of tables for the bride's side
- no of boxes of cakes for bride's side
- items needed for GDL from both sides

For the cakes, is it those wedding boxes with a window on top? Containing pretty sweet wedding cakes with different types like with sesame, peanut? Coz my parents are teochew, so not sure wht this wedding cake thingy is a general requirement or for teochews only.

>>> Aside to Littlewoman, I have also PM you in another thread requesting for the GDL checklist and procedures. Really need yr help to share on this.

Many thanks!


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Hi Jenny and Cute Hippo,
both FH's family and mine met up over a dinner at a chinese restaurant last week. We mentioned to them couple of times that it is jus purely a dinner, nothing to talk abt the customary stuffs.. unless they start the topic. we wanted them to get to know one another before they discuss anything abt the wedding stuffs.

Thot this will help to build the rship between two families.
hope this helps.


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1st parental meeting is on 30Mar, lunch after my ROM. My friend laugh saying already ROM then see, dont like also cannot. But I dont think my parent like this type of meeting also, should be ok... A bit stress if they want to talk about table, pingjin, etc. Bcos FH's bro, dasao, sis will also be there.


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i need advise for my parents meeting session. i am chinese, my fiancee is a malay. my parents dont like him at all. there's one time, he came to fetch me from my home, i wanted to invite him to come in to wait for me but my father says he must wait for me outside my house. he sounds like he hates him, just because he is a malay.

i dont know how to make my parents like him, and feel safe for me to stay over his house. i really love him alot, i want my parents to love him too. please contribute some ideas if you guys have some. we are engaged now, but the main problem for us is my parents' unhappiness.

please help me if you can. thank you in advanced! :)
Dear Jenny:
You guys engaged with your parents consent? If the answer is yes, which I should think so then that should not be a problem. Have a talk with your father and mother and see where is the problem. And also are you the only child in the family?


Hi all, based on my parents/parent-in-law session. I think there's a few things to take note. Otherwise, may have some unhappiness.
1) Talk to boyfren (ask if his parents are those very pandang type, so during meetup wont anyhow say wrong things)
2) Know who will be present at the session (Last time my hubby side all the aunties & husbands also come without my knowledge, damn stressed) End up the session din go very well & create some unhappiness between me & hubby, haiz..
3) Talk to hubby in advance & ask him to discuss the necessary issues with his parents 1st- then find out the least u haf an idea wat are their likely response)

Juz my 2 cents worth of advice - hope everyone will have a smooth journey preparing their wedding. Mine wasnt a very happy one.. really regret cos was ill-preapred so good luck gals
im still wondering when to let them meet also. me and fiance planning nov 2013. rom and AD on same day. shld i let them meet before i start preparing or nearer to th day ? hmmm


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our parents just met for the first time yesterday for dinner...the first meeting just to chit chat and understand each other better...i think its pretty good this way...some of my friends' parents met for the first time dunno how each side is like and end up creating unhappiness when talking about the wedding stuff....

will subsequently arrange for another session to talk about the wedding stuff...also good if both side prep the parents on what the other side requirements AD is June 2013.. =)