Advice: Ampoules for Make Up


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The ampoule is it like a skin care or like a make up base? saw the pics from aurora website, more like a serum. can we use it everyday?


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I am also interested to know if anyone used MyWeddingNeeds ampoules before. As they are like selling wholesale price, much cheaper as mention..


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Hi there..I bought some BA lifting ampoules , and brought them along last Fri for my photoshoot..but my MUA said that I am too young to use "lifting" ampoules as they are very rich..i am turning 26 this year, is it really very not advisable to use this kind of ampoules? Anyone at my age but used this ampoule as well? Pls help..thx


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Hi jialingz, I am going to hit 30s and my MUA is using lifting ampoules as well... I guess it's bcos the ampoules are not suitable as a makeup base. I actually brought my own Ampoules along and didn't use them as well.


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Dear beautiful brides to be,
I am organising a preorder for korean skincare.. You can take a look at my thread! or email me at [email protected] ...Am currently having 5% discount


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Hi, im going to taiwan soon for my photoshoot. Wanted to purchase ampoules online to bring over but totally lost on which type of ampoule should i buy.

Can i get some advise from anyone? Which type of ampoules do MUA in taiwan use for photoshoot makeup?


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recently i encounter this MUA who uses makeup base instead of ampoules for actual day. any concerns shld i note? not sure if it is ok


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Hi all,

I have very sensitive skin, and am currently trying out ampoules for sensitive skin.

May I know whether such ampoules can also be used to set makeup? or is there a different one for make up?

Also, after reading the posts, I think I should prepare about 4 for photoshoot? Do the groom use ampoules as well?

Am gg to have photoshoot in 2 weeks time.

Would really appreciate any advice!

Many thanks!!


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Hi, I just got mine from Kimberly/ pretty2010.
Fast delivery and Germany ampoules - beauty lifting works like wonder to me. My makeup lasted during the warm photoshoot.


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I got mine from Clarisse Beauty..not too expensive but I think only the hydrating one is good, the rest seems to have no effect.


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Hi Sheryl, I'm getting some ampoules for my photoshoot on 30th June, can I have your advise on which to get and can you intro Kimberly to me. Thanks.


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I got my beauty lifting and collagen germany ampoules from [email protected] .. Its the same as what my MUA is using. Was hestitant before my purchase, glad that I bought them along. My AD is this coming Dec, my MUA told me she will be using Collagen in the morning and Beauty Lifting at night. She also taught me to use collagen every 2 nights for that dewy look before my AD.


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Hi BTBs!

I returned from my bridal photoshoot in Taiwan. Bought the face masks but find that its too many.

Am letting go 2 boxes 
My Beauty Diary Face Masks -
1)Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising 
face mask - $12.50 for a box of 10 (cost price)

2) Black Pearl face mask - $12.50 for a box of 10 (cost price)

3) Caviar masks - 2 boxes with 2 sheets each - $5 per box or $8.50 for both boxes

I also have spare ampoules that I bought from my make up artist in Taiwan - these are used by professional makeup artists & made in Switzerland.

Am selling at $23 for per ampoule.

Pm me if interested!


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Selling Germany ampoules!

Beauty lifting ampoules (10 vials) @ $40
Whitening ampoules (10 vials) @ $40
Caviar ampoules (10 vials) @ $40
Oxygen ampoules (5 vials) @ $20
Caviar ampoules (20 vials in a box) @ $75
Hydrating ampoules (20 vials in a box) @ $75

Interested can email me at [email protected]. Thanks!


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Hi Nganmei85,
The link is a makeup artists website as they provide makeover services as well.
They also sell in 3 vials or 1box of 10 vials, mostly makeupbase ampoules for makeup,
...not sure got skincare amp. I tried the makeup base.. nice


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is this safe for acne prone skin??

Hi Pat, the mkup ampoule i m using is contained in vacuum small glass bottle to prevent oxidization, hence does not contain any preservatives, like Fancl product, so should be safe for any skintypes. That is also why i like to use them. I have combination skin and oily t-zone area, so my mkup often wear off easily. So far, this makeup ampoule works for me as it prevents oil secretion and my makeup stays fresh longer, quite happy. :) But you must finsh it asap when opened to ensure the product is fresh. hope this helps. happy shopping. :)