Adonis customer anyone?


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Hi, I'm currently having my facial(Flora peel) with Adonis. Can anyone share their experience or packgage with me? Each time I go they always ask me to sign package. Or buy their product. The last time I went was 2weeks ago. And I bought 10 ampulse from them an a deposit of 100 to book the new package from them. As currently they are having promotion for xmas 15 AD facial/eye treatment for 900. So I feel its a very good bargain. When I first sign the package with them, they told me it suitable for my skin (detoxic etc) But when I start on the package they will tell me to add ampulse to enhance the facial? haiz. end up spending more


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Hi Jes

I am also looking at taking a package t\with adonis too..

i kinda have a bad complexion and i wanna do wat i can to make myself prettier on my big day


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Hi Tripleone,

Where to get DR's Secret? I nearly signed a package with them over then weekend. But lucky, we did not. I have been to Adonis, quite a few time. But, each time they always get us to sign new package or new product. Its like endless spending...which I feel quite stress. To be frank I did not see any improvement on my skin so far. They mention cos I did not come regular?(But, I always come btw 2 to 4weeks, only once there is a gap of 2mths) and also did not take care at home. Haiz..I do admit, but the purpose of coming to facial don't seem to help if I never take care.. then I might as well take care at home and save the $$ going to facial.


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Hi Tripleone,

Sorry, may i know the price of each set first? And roughly where are the outlet located? Im getting married on 27 Dec. So schedule quite tight..thanks.


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hey jeslyn, I am also a customer of adonis and I have been with them for more than a year. I took floral peel package too but they did not ask me to add ampoule.
For that promo for AD facial, they quoted you 15 times for $900? I signed it for 12 times at $900 and this is what they stated on their website. Which outlet u went?


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I am with adonis for a few yrs liao. Been quite satisfied with their facial.

My skin is very sensitive. I had tried a few places but adonis is the only one which my skin will not become red and swollen after facial. Even if it does, it will subside the next day.

I tried Beyong Beauty twice and twice my face got total breakout. It is even worst after facial than before facial and Adonis actually rescued my face.

But the service in AMk is not good. I went to the one at Lucky Plaza. There's one consultant there which is not that pushy and will even tell me what not to buy or it's not worth it.


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I used to be Adonis customers but my skin problem was not improved after trying them for a while.

Now I found a good skincare brand that I can recommend for those with oily, combination skin problem. Email me [email protected].


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Hi All, I was also Adonis customer. But swtiched to JY but now decided to change but don't know where to go.

To me I think the floral peel is good but it cost $200+ one session wo signing up package. Package is something like 12 session for $900 if I remember correctly.

Before this, i signed the standard facial package many years ago. I went facial once a month. but doesn't seem much different and i always feel very stress after each session cos they always want me to buy products and also upgrade package. and if i insist not, the beautician will either ask their incharge to come and talk to me or give me those kind of sacastic face. then during the last session of the standard package even worse. They tried all ways to hold me back to sign another package (with many beautician crowded at the waiting area with their incharge). That time i felt so uneasy and frustrated and really feel like just walk out of the centre.somehow i just don't dare to leave the place that time. I ended up spending $100 for deposit for the floral peel package.

The experience realy makes me reluctant to goes back. For few years, they will call me up once a year ( think is their audit time) to ask me when i want to go for facial. But i just turned them away. Until one fine day (last year)when i got nothing to do after work and also happen to loiter at that area, i decided to go use up my $100. I went in and found all new faces and their centre are all renovaed. The incharge seem new and not so pushy in selling thier package and product. i went through the flora peel peacefully and during the routine feedback session with the inchage afetr my facial, she did not ask many people to crowd around me when i insist not to sign up the package. hmm i thought not bad...

actually during the years when i did not go to Adonis for facial, I followed up with JY and fixed with a beautician. She transfer i also change location. not because she is good but is that she is not those kind will push me to buy product. But after comparing the treatment effect, I would say Adonis suits me better. i not sure is because of the beauticians' skill or products. After JY facial, i will have obvious bruise marks over my face. Those mark leftover from blackheads and pimples removal which i don't know the actual term. My face feels stiff. but still clean and no breakout.
as after the floral peal, i feel refresh and clean. most importantly no bruise marks.

Can anyone advise if i should go back to Adonis or do you have any good and reasonably priced facial treatment package to recommend in west area?



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I've signed a 10 session AD facial w Adonis HarbourFront for $750 b4 GST. The package includes eye treatment and facial... can feel the difference actually. They uses ginseng mask for hydrant and i opted for no extraction guess i might start extraction after another few session so it's easier to come out & less painful!

Service wise it's good and friendly.. best thing of all the massages r really good. Work ard ur budget & decide!


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Hi all. How about Rapellez? I've just signed a 10 session package with Rapellez at Orchard after I tried their champagne facial. I think its really worth to try their facial. They service and treatment overall is good. Before they do the facial, they'll massage our back first for relaxation. Hope that this information can helps you all =)


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I've signed a 10 session AD facial w Adonis @ Bedok for $750 b4 GST too..

However i do have lobangs on Adonis $29.90 one time try voucher, be it on cellulite/facial/slim

If interested, can feel free to email me [email protected] to find out more. I feel that one time try at Adonis and pay $29.90, its a good deal & off 50% discount on packages! (No worries, i'm not a sales consultant, just a sharing)


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Currently i am a customer of Adonis, i feel that everytime i go for facial, they will always ask me to top up additonal cost or sign another package.They are very aggressive in sales and will turn nasty if you do not sign any packages with them.So far i do not see any improvement in my skin and its like wasting money.


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Ya me ex adonis customer.they are too aggressive to sell skin problem doesn't have any improvement at all,until I visit other ance solve & scar problem solve 90%.the price much cheaper than them too.
the most of all is I see the result I want.