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  1. fuschia

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    Anyone been to Adelaide on Free & Easy? Could you share your experience with me as I'll be going to Adelaide in May this year.

    Thanks much [​IMG]

  2. steff

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    Hi Fuschia,

    Went to Adelaide in Aug on F&E before. We stayed at Grosvernor Hotel. Visited Handorf (German Town), Rundle Mall for shopping & Kangaroo Island is a must!

    What else wld u like to know?
  3. tobebride

    tobebride New Member

    Hi steff,

    how many days do you think is need for Adelaide? Thanks.
  4. fuschia

    fuschia New Member

    Hi Steff

    Thanks for replying.

    How many days did you spend in Adelaide? For the visit to Kangaroo Island, did you go on your own or join the day tour? I'm planning to spend a day at Kangaroon Island but am not sure if it's possible to tour the Island on my own. I know I can buy our own cruise ticket. But once I reach the island, I wonder if it would be easy for me to wonder around.

    Shopping wise, anything unique that I can look out for? Did you go to the Central Market? Is it nice? The market doesn't open everyday. During my stay in Adelaide, I can only go on a Tuesday. Becos of this, I've to forgo going to Barossa Valley cos I only have 3 nites in Adelaide which work out to only 2 full day and one of the full days falls a Tuesday. :p

    Based on the info I've searched via internet/brochures, I feel that Handorf is quite a interesting little town... Do they have a lot of cafes there? I love coffee and cakes. [​IMG]

    Btw, how's food at Adelaide? Ave how much per pax per meal? Overall, how much did you spend on food, day tours/transport, sourvenir?

    Thanks. [​IMG]
  5. steff

    steff New Member

    Wow Fuschia,
    Hi tobebride.

    Loads of qts huh? :p

    I spent a week in Adelaide. Went on my own to Kangaroo Island (KI). If u ae in a relaxing mode, can book the tour at the Tourist Info Cen (TIC). They will have a bus to pick u up and send u to the pier/jetty for your catamaran ride to KI. U can choose to do the day tour or u can also stay overnite. When u arrive, there will be buses to ferry u around the island. Can rent a car on the island too. Got to check out those details.

    U will get to visit sheep shearing farm, honey farm, yogurt making factory, seal conservation center, etc.

    Check out the huge market with lots of staff. Went there twice during my stay there :p

    Other than Handorf, can also visit Glenelg. Nice tourist beach with your cafes and walkways [​IMG]
    Check this out

    Food is generally easy to the tummy...depends on your choices. Chinese food is easy to find. But try their local food. Dun fly there just to eat chinese food :p

    Barrossa Valley is also a must. Can book at the TICs unless you wish to drive and explore on your own.

    They sell a lot of handpainted stuff...and lovely and nice to buy to decorate your home. Not cheap but then worth it to buy a few pieces.

    Hope this helps
  6. kikis

    kikis New Member

    Hi ladies

    I was a uni student there for 2 years. Below are must go when you visit Adelaide:

    1. Handorf (German Village) - Absolutely beautiful esp in Autumn.

    2. Victor Habour: You can take a horse carriage across to the little island opp where you can see fairy penguins (very small penguins)

    3. Strawberry farm (located very near Handorf): You can pick strawberries from there as well as buy home-made jam (Strawberry/marmalade/etc) as well as sauces for cakes/pancake).

    4. Chocolate factory (near strawberry farm)

    5. Barrosa Valley: Wineries where you can buy lovely wines at wholesale prices

    6. Rundle mall: For shopping. Close at 5pm except Thursday nights.

    7. Pancake House: When you are at the city, must try their 24 hour pancake house. Very fluffy pancakes, the best i've eaten so far. get their German feast, 1 egg+2 stack pancakes+grilled tomatoes for only $6.50. Cappacino only at $2.

    8. Wildlife parks..Go to the Toursim Centre located in the City. Check out the day tours which will bring you to many places.

    9. Kangeroo island

    10. Glenelg: Last stop of the tram stop from the City. Excellent place if you want to see beach. There is a pier there goes right to the middle of the sea (well almost). I love to buy ice-cream and walk there.

    Let me know if you need to anything else about Adelaide.

    Oh yes, you can buy the bus ticket and take a 10 hour bus ride to Melbourne, the nearest city to Adelaide.

    All the best!
  7. fuschia

    fuschia New Member

    Hi Steff/Cat

    Thanks so much for the info. [​IMG] too excited liao. Lots of ??? in my mind that's why floaded you with so many questions.. paiseh :p

    How did you travel around Adelaide? By car, public transport or by feet? Understand there's a Adelaide Connector free bus service for travel around North Adelaide and City area. Besides this bus service and tram, are there any other mode of public transport?

    Do you recall if it's possible to go to Handorf via public transport instead of joining a half day tour so that I can have the flexibility in term of time. I'm very keen in going to the Strawberry farm and chocolate factory. Must I follow a tour in order to visit these places? Can I just walk in without prior arrangement?

    For Barossa Valley, I suppose I can only go with a local tour agent since I'm not driving? Due to time constraint, I can only go for a half day tour but after searching the internet, all the local tour agents only have full day tour. Sigh [​IMG]

    What will the weather be like in mid May? As it's end-Autumn going to Winter, will Adelaide be very cold? Do I need to bring those thick thick jacket?

    Yum yum...the pancake sounds nice. Will look out for it when I'm in Adelaide City [​IMG]
  8. steff

    steff New Member

    Hi Fuschia,

    We explored the city on foot. I stayed rite smack central...mins walk to Adelaide Uni/Rundle mall/Torrens river & park, Central Market, etc...

    For the out of city places, we went via car except for KI where we took the catamaran and then the mini bus as cars were booked out :p

    May cld be cool...maybe cold at nite...not too sure. U've got to check the weather for the month. All my trips to Australia were either Aug/Sep or Nov period. It was cool most of the times except during the nites when it was ggrrrr cold [​IMG]
  9. kikis

    kikis New Member

    Hi Fuschia

    There is the free yellow buses that goes in loops around the city central and will bring you to North Adelaide where you can see St Peter's Cathedral which was builit in the 1800s. Ths bus will also bring you to central market/chinatown, museum.

    To get to other parts of Adelaide, we mainly have the bus and tram. For more info re: transportation. Go to the Tourist information centre. You can purchase "multi-trip' ticket for about $10. bear in mind, they have the peak hours (after 5pm) and the off peak hours (office hours). Their peak refers to the busier traffic hours! Not office hours.

    If you are going in May it is pretty cold but bearable..temperature should range betweeen 7-12/14 degrees. It is considered winter.

    The day trips will usually give you more than sufficient time to look around. Bear in mind that Handorf, strawberry farm and the chocoalate factory are very close to each other. We call this place "The Adelaide Hills".

    If you like totally Free & Easy. Go to the Budget Car Rental Centre which you can booked via the Net. Dont be deceived with what you see on the Net. No need to advance book, just go to the Toursim Centre. They will proceed with the tour even if there are only 4 people.

    You will probably need at least 1 thick padded jacket (windbreaker type + padding). Need to watch for rain as well. Hail, which is icy rain will come pretty frequently during Winter. Wear covered shoes as well...
  10. fuschia

    fuschia New Member

    Thanks, Steff and Cat for your replies.[​IMG]

    Yah, Australia's peak and off peak hours are the opposite of's actually much cheaper to travel around during weekends. interesting.

    Wow... 7 - 12/14 degrees is very cold leh. can't imagine if there's a strong breeze....better bring a thick padded jacket as advised by Cat. Rather ks a bit.... hehe.

    Cat, can I clarify with you. You were saying "no need to advance book, just go to the Tourism Centre". Were you referring to the day trip to Handorf? Btw, does Adelaide snow in May since it's considered winter then? [​IMG]
  11. kare2711

    kare2711 New Member

    Oooh all these talk is making me miss Adelaide lots! You made a good choice, Fuschia for choosing Adelaide. It's a beautiful city, filled with lots of beautiful parks!

    I am going to add in my vote for Hahndorf! Must go! I went to Adelaide twice and never encountered any transport problems, even though there's no subway. Lots of walking. It's a beautiful city that you wouldn't mind walking, really. I don't have much to add since the rest have said it all.

    Was thinking between going back there later this year, vs London.
  12. kikis

    kikis New Member

    Hi Fushchia

    Fortunately, or infortunately there is no snow in Adelaide and in the whole of Australia except for a few mountain tops/island. The wind is very strong and cold, and there maybe hail which is icy rain. Nothing dramatic.

    Yes, you can book the day tours at the Tourist Centre which is located at the City Centre at King William's Road. There are many many day trips in Adelaide, best to go will be to the 'Adelaide Hill' where you can find strawberry farm, chocolate factory that i spoke abt previously.
  13. fuschia

    fuschia New Member

    Hi Kare

    Glad to know of another person who supports going to Adelaide.. You know, whenever I tell friends that I want to go to Adelaide, and now I'm really going to Adelaide, most of their reactions are "huh, why you want to go there? think it's a boring city..." Hmm.. guess they also got the impression thru hearsay. I shall visit the place myself before passing a judgement. [​IMG]

    And yes, I love to walk. Looking at the city map, think it shouldn't be a problem walking round the city area. Btw, I'll be staying at Hotel Adelaide International, North Adelaide. From I what gather so far, North Adelaide is a place for food.. :p

    Hi Cat

    Thanks. Will check out the Tourist Centre when I reach Adelaide. Really look forward to my trip. [​IMG]
  14. kikis

    kikis New Member

    Hi Fuschia,

    Good luck to you. Must take the tram from the City all the way to the last stop which is the famous Glenlg Beach with lots of yummy ice-cream. Takes about 40 mins. Must take tram time-table from the Tourist Information Centre.

  15. purple123

    purple123 New Member

    Wah...miss Adelaide a lot...I was student in Adelaide for 2 yrs too....[​IMG]
    A peaceful city for relax...kangaroo island and glenelg is MUST visit place...
  16. suresh

    suresh New Member

    its such a nice and scenic place. and as lavender said, the kangaroo island is a must see!
  17. belladona

    belladona New Member

    I had a memorable time there as well. Went there free and easy. The main city was easy to explore on foot and vide the bus beeline, if i rem correctly. People was friendly. Visited Kangroo island, rundle mall, Victor Harbor, Maclaren Valley..Port Adelaide..had a lot of fun.
  18. worry

    worry New Member


    I am interested to go to the Strawberry Farm in Adelaide Hills. But I do not drive, is it possible to take a bus there from Adelaide City?
  19. worry

    worry New Member

    Anybody got any info for Adelaide?

    Is it worth going?
  20. verylastminute

    verylastminute New Member

    Hi S, it's a nice relaxing place. Very pretty. And very different from the big cities like Melbourne and Adelaide. Definitely worth going.
  21. worry

    worry New Member

    Thanks lastminute.

    I am intending to go during mid or late Oct. But i am already counting down to the day. I wonder will air tickets be cheap during this period or not.
  22. verylastminute

    verylastminute New Member

    Hi S, there's always promotional fares to Australia. Usually Qantas/ BA. Just keep an eye out for them.
  23. worry

    worry New Member

    thanks lastminute.

    BTW, has anyone stayed in serviced apartment in Adelaide CBD b4? Any recommendations? There will be 4 ppl going and enquired Quest Mansions Inn. They are charging us AUD120 per night. Any comments?
  24. flora

    flora New Member

    Hi S
    There is a bus going from the city to Strawberry farm. I can't remember the bus no. But you can find out from their tourist information centre.

    Or you join their local tour.
  25. sweetcorn

    sweetcorn New Member


    Can someone pls advise if it's appropriate to visit Adelaide during mid july? Especially if I’m planning to visit places like the Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island, Victor Harbor. Will the shops close very early? What will the weather be like? Will the day become shorter? Tks!
  26. verylastminute

    verylastminute New Member

    Hi Connie, July is the middle of winter, so the day is quite short. Probably gets dark by 5. But that won't make any difference to opening hours for shops. They close pretty early all year round. Friday nights shops stay open till 9 I believe.
  27. sweetcorn

    sweetcorn New Member

    Tks lastmin!

    Is it advisable to tour Adelaide during early Sept? Is spring the right season if I wanna pick strawberries and enjoy the beautiful sceneries? Will it be less cold and windy? Is a week enough to tour Adelaide?

    Geezz sorry for bombing you so many questions. =p I’m planning to go for my HM during July but seems like that’s not the best time to tour Aust & NZ..haiz. Any advice? Tks!
  28. verylastminute

    verylastminute New Member

    Hi Connie, I think it may still be slightly chilly in September, though not as cold as July. I think strawberries are more summer fruits, so maybe November/ December is better. Best you check it out on a website or something. I'm just basing my recommendation on my memory. 'Cos I remember picking strawberries at the beginning of December one year and they were delicious. Another year we went back in April and it was too late liao.

    A week should be enough. Adelaide's a small place.

    You could still do Australia, after all it doesn't get as cold as places like US and Europe in winter. Except the days are shorter. What about going skiing?
  29. sweetcorn

    sweetcorn New Member

    Hi lastmin! Wow imagine eating those juicy strawberries can make me drool manz =p Probably will have to defer or change the plan to tour Adelaide coz it’s a waste of time if the days are shorter. Have u been to Tasmania? Heard that there are strawberries and cherries farms too. And the lavender farm is the largest in Aust!

    Ohh skiing...never come across my mind leh. I can’t ski, moreover, I have low tolerant for cold weather. I was shivering till feeling numb when visiting Jungfrau during last summer. Can’t imagine if I’m going skiing…haha.
  30. verylastminute

    verylastminute New Member

    Hi Connie, I went to Tasmania years and years ago, during my student days. It's colder than Adelaide, so if you're still planning on going in July, then there won't be strawberries or cherries either (they're summer fruits). Scenery is very nice. Lotsa driving though.
  31. magic_yuka

    magic_yuka New Member

    I been to Adelaide during 2005 i went to visit my friend, stay there for 2 weeks (not with tour) I went to victor harbour, German Town, Clare Valley, Adelaide Market (not sure whats the name), Took old century train from Mt Barker - Victor harbour, Wildlife park, Mt Lofty, Lyndoch Lavender Garden!

    The best if German Town very beautiful place! if you have the chance to go Clare Valley stay in B&D i recommend you
    I stayed there! at Clare Valley visit Martindale Hall!! you will love that old mansion! it has a history behind! dine at one of the nice restaurant COFFEE & CORK ---> serve good food and the chef is a very young lady! good service too!

    Happy travel!
  32. sweetcorn

    sweetcorn New Member

    Hi lastmin and Jonna! Thanks a lot for your precious advices! Most likely, I won’t be going to Adelaide for my HM becoz it’s winter during July. But I will like to visit Adelaide...hopefully during Dec or Jan. =)
  33. sdblues

    sdblues New Member

    Jonna, Rundle Mall u mean? keke.. anyway I studied there.. after 3yrs of studying there.. nothing much to see really, other than Barossa Valley..

    Also stayed in Kangaroo Is. for a few days since one of my aussie frd is fm there.. very chilly during winter.. and cannot surf their waters.. shark-invested ;D
  34. yjstory

    yjstory New Member

    Barossa Valley and Kangaroo Island is a MUST... Rundle Mall is really quite boring.
  35. worry

    worry New Member


    I'm going to Adelaide in late Oct. Does anyone know what is the temp? What type of outer coat should I bring?
  36. tyikkim

    tyikkim New Member

    Adelaide in late Oct will be Spring. Will be really nice weather..should be hovering between 10-20 degrees. Cooler at night in the low 10s. Best kind of protection from the cold is fleece material. If you are the sporty sort, can check these out at our local adventure stores...
  37. nueyerdua

    nueyerdua New Member

  38. 88username88

    88username88 New Member

    hello all i just chance upon this thread, very nice place is adelaide, so i decided to contribute here.

    i went there many many times to visit my friend who is studying there, gives me good memory.

    I didn't take any public transport, but i rented a car. not too ex only about 80 dollar a day inclusive of everything. Toyota corolla if u lucky they give u free upgrade = camery

    Alot of interesting things to see:

    Victor Harbour (cool!)
    I even drive on the country side and take a look at their car ferry
    Glenelg beach
    Barossa Valley etc..

    As i said i went there many times, i toured most of South Australia like Port Augusta & Cooper Pedy!

    If you have a car, try their caravan park, very cheap also like 70 dollar a nite only

    or u can try their holiday bungalow about $120 a nite, comes with 1 bedroom & spa

    (need a car to go to these places as it's in the outskirts of the city) all prices quoted are AUD

    I will be glad to answer any questions pls post here!
  39. jee25

    jee25 New Member

    Hi there.
    I will be going to Adelaide in April next year. I am searching for apartments in the central area and apartments in Kangaroo Island...any recommendations? What's the price range? I just need a one bedroom apartment(for me and hub) with a kitchen.

    Another thing, do you think I should book a tour with a local travel agency or plan everything on my own?

    Pls advice...
  40. worry

    worry New Member

    Hi Jee25,

    I will be going Adelaide in Nov and also booked a serviced apartment at Quest Mansions. YOu can check it out at This hotel is in the CBD area, somewhere opposite Uni of Adelaide and near Rundall Mall.

    What is your budget? We booked One room apartment at AUD$120 per night. Includes a living room, kitchen with utensils and one bedroom. If you are interested, you just email them directly. I think they also have Studio Apartment. Studio Apartment also got kitchen. Think it will cost even lesser bah.

    For me I planned everything on my own cos more flexible. And I think the price also not much difference. But if you are travelling to not only Adelaide, eg. plus Melbourne, Sydney, etc. Then it is cheaper to take package bah.
  41. jee25

    jee25 New Member

    Hi S,

    Tks for the info..My budget is in the same range actually.Will check out the website later.

    I thought of city hopping but am still unsure whether to include Melbourne in our itenary. It depends on $$$$$. Hehehe..Niway I'll probably be planning on my own since it's seems easy to get around Adelaide. Juz need to go to the TIC.

    Btw, how long is your trip? Are you going to Kangaroo Island? And which airline are you taking?

    Hope you will have a wonderful time in Adelaide.
  42. worry

    worry New Member

    Hi Jee25,

    No problem. This is my first time to Adelaide. Will be there for 9D8N. There are 4 of us going. The purpose of this trip is my aunt going there to see her daughter who is studying there. Me and my husband tag along. So won't be going Kangaroo Island. It's a bit wasted. Maybe next time we go on our own then we go there.

    If you want to go Melbourne, u can take their bus trip that passes by Great Ocean Road and reach Melbourne. I have been to GOR. It's very nice and magnificent. If budget possible, I would recommend you to go Melbourne.

    I am taking SQ. The ticket price is $899 including taxes.

    Happy planning to you too. It can be great fun planning for your own trip.
  43. jee25

    jee25 New Member

    Dear S

    Thank you once again for the info..You have been most helpful....Appreciate it
  44. vey

    vey New Member

    hi s,
    Quest Mansion sure looks great!
    Pl share wif us ur experience of this apt after ur trip ya. Happy Holidays!
  45. worry

    worry New Member

    Hi Jee25,
    You're welcome.

    Hi vevey,
    Sure I will share with you my experience with the apartment. When I was in Melbourne, I stay in one of their property as well, call "Quest on William". Not bad. Clean and convenient. So I hope Adelaide one will be the same.
  46. 88username88

    88username88 New Member

    hey.. missed this out. so u all looking for city apartments ?

    Try this:

    They got a few apartments ard adelaide city. I stay there b4, not bad, but minimum 3 night stay

    If you got a car, or ur friend is working/studying at flinder's university of south australia,
    try this:
    good too $120AUD for 1 bedroom spa bungalow, with kitchen, cool. only 30 mins away from city. Out of the so many places i have stayed, my gf like this most so we stay there everytime we go to adelaide.

    There's one cavaran park nearby only $70 a nite, it's cool too, but can't find the website need car to find.

    OR general site to bookk your aussie hotel.
  47. 88username88

    88username88 New Member

    Hey Jee25,

    So you drive or not? dare to drive or not? or got someone to drive with you or not? if you drive, u can plan your own, if not better take a tour package.

    In my opinion plan your own is better, u get to see more things, but if u prefer to be safe, then join tour lor.. hehe

    Rent a car is v cheap, i rent from Hertz usually only $80 a day inclusive of all insurance for more than 7 days and get free upgrade to toyota camry
  48. jee25

    jee25 New Member

    Hi B

    Wow! I saw the apartments and the bungalow. They all look good and very enticing. Now I don't know which one to choose...hmmm. Aniway wanted to noe whether it was easy to find food when you were staying at the bungalow...or do you have to travel to the city? Is the bungalow located in a secluded area?

    Yes, my hub does drive and we were planning to rent a car. Saw your previous msg and thought of renting you have the website for car rental service? I do know that you can pick up the car from the airport right?

    So you would recommend me not to take the tour package...a few people have said the same thing...
    Adelaide is a small city.

    Btw did you got to Kangaroo Island or the Murraylands? Any info on apartments in KI and houseboats at Murraylands?

    Aniway tks for the info. You've been a great help.
  49. 88username88

    88username88 New Member

    Hi Jee25,

    Haha, depends on where u want to stay, city or in the suburb.

    Both Adelaide Regent - in City, (I stayed in oxford terrace )

    Marion in suburb about 30mins drive away from city take the A13 route, not really ulu la, also dunno how to describe, the main entrance is along a main road, but once u enter it, is a big piece of land with alot of bungalows, houses etc, like staying in private property like this... maybe like our chalet like that but with your own car porch.

    For Marion, actually it's quite easy to find food, u got 2 options.
    one is to go to supermarket and buy food and cook urself, it has a well equipped kitchen.
    Everything included.

    Or otherwise, just drive 5mins to Westfield shopping town. ( But close at 5pm!!) big shopping centre next door..

    For car rental service:
    I just rent from Hertz or Avis, better go for these "branded" ones as they come with unlimited mileage and always buy insurance with windscreen and tyre as the basic insurance from hertz does not cover this. u need to ask them more for details. Also reserve or book the car online first. no need deposit.

    Website is

    Yes, actually in the airport any car rental compan y is good, but it's better you book in advance..

    in the airport there are
    budget, europecar, hertz, avis, redspot

    for website it's, www.????
    just go to the website to get a estimate quote.. [​IMG]

    But rent at airport has the "recovery charge 15%" so i only rent 1 day at airport and exchange another car in the city to siam that charge!

    For kangaroo island. i didnt go .. quite troublesome to go there, as u need to book a ferry and the ferry only leaves at a scheduled time. I missed the ferry when i reached the jetty, so i went elsewhere instead. So can't comment!

    For murraylands, u mean Murray River? yes, i went there and took a cruise on their riverboat before. i think i took this boat :

    Princess Andrea, Murray Bridge but that captain said he is going to retire soon, ask me want to buy his business or not!!

    Hmmm.. i didnt stay in a houseboat as Murrary river is quite near the city, so at nite i went back to my bungalow.

    But don't worry, even if you dont have a booking, but u plan to drive down, just look out for the "i" logo, visitor center, book from there, they are alwways a great help!

    Tour package is if u dunno wat to do, want to get a feel....

    But if u plan to drive, i would recommend thsoe free and easy...

    Also, maybe u want to invest in a Lonely planet book Australia, very useful too.

    Please don't mention that i am a great help, just that adelaide brings me many good good memories, so i just want to share it with anyone who is interested. [​IMG]
  50. jee25

    jee25 New Member

    Hiya B

    You have been a really good help, don't try to be modest.Marion Park looks and sounds will be very different from what we are used to. Though the price is similar to the apartments but it's a private property. No wonder your gf prefers staying there. Quite romantic huh?

    It's great that there's a shopping centre nearby then it's easier to buy provisions.

    About the car rental service, tks for the advice on the insurance. Will take note of that. Btw where did you pick up your car?

    And oh yes I do mean Murray River - was the cruise expensive? and i will get the lonely planet book for your info.

    Adelaide seems to be your second home, judging from your vast knowledge of it. Good to have "met" you in this forum page. Tks, really appreciate it.[​IMG]

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