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Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All Brides' started by Gelainza, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Gelainza

    Gelainza New Member

    Hi brides to be, anyone want an AD wedding itinerary template.
    I can email my sample template to those in need.

  2. LovelyCT

    LovelyCT New Member

    For lunch?
  3. littlenaomi__

    littlenaomi__ Member

    Hi! Is yours for wedding dinner? Can I have a template?
  4. ddoves

    ddoves New Member

    Hi! I would love to have a look. If u done mind, pls share with me at
  5. SunshineRegina

    SunshineRegina New Member

  6. miyabikkg

    miyabikkg New Member

  7. Tayhx

    Tayhx Member

    Can email to Thank you.
  8. Fishpokpok

    Fishpokpok Member

    hello, me me! my email is thanks!! :)
  9. jasminetea8

    jasminetea8 Member

  10. spamfries80

    spamfries80 New Member

    I would love to receive a copy for reference too! Could you send to my email: Thank you!
  11. R.NG

    R.NG New Member

  12. CelynJui

    CelynJui Member

    Can you email me if you dont mind, my email is
  13. Mandysn38

    Mandysn38 New Member

    Hi, please send to
    Thank you.
  14. dawnnyyy

    dawnnyyy Member

  15. yukime

    yukime New Member

    Hi Gelainza! Really appreciate if you could send me a copy of the template too. Mine is Luncheon.
    My Email is

  16. Allyyy

    Allyyy New Member

    Hi! Can I have ur email please? Thanks a lot! :)
  17. miyaku

    miyaku New Member

  18. hlhon91

    hlhon91 New Member

  19. anq

    anq New Member

  20. SmileyChia

    SmileyChia New Member

  21. Elsa.Nasir

    Elsa.Nasir New Member

  22. JoyfulBridetobe

    JoyfulBridetobe New Member

  23. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

  24. Jea*Buu

    Jea*Buu New Member

  25. jaschng

    jaschng New Member

  26. Starry06

    Starry06 New Member

  27. whiteskittles

    whiteskittles New Member

  28. DarkJR

    DarkJR New Member

  29. xiaoheibi

    xiaoheibi New Member

  30. Sher_

    Sher_ New Member


    Can i have a copy too? Thanks a lot! :)
  31. Rylai88

    Rylai88 New Member

    Please send me a copy!
  32. Kenpen

    Kenpen New Member

    Hi, can anyone kindly share their wedding lunch itinerary to below email add too?

    Greatly appreciate, thanks =)
  33. joycelyn seah

    joycelyn seah New Member

    Me! and thank you very much!
  34. skylartsc

    skylartsc New Member

    Hi, would appreciate so much if you can send to me too :)

    Thank you!!

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