AD Program needed....Eveuloveme, please help


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Hi Eveuloveme,

can forward a copy 2 me?
my email: [email protected]
thank u very much!!


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DEar all,
i have sent the attachment over. please check ur mail... sorry for the delay cos my pc down with some virus! want to clean up first before i send anything out...

happy planning


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hi princess,
i just sent the copy to my fren and it was ok..
i send the attachment over again tomorrow...
if not i need to use my laptop cos i have a softcopy in my lappy... just that it may take some time. hehehe i hope ur AD is not in the near future!


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Hee eveuloveme... no worries, my Ad is in Dec 2006... not very NEAR in the future yet not FAR either! I appreciate it... thanks!


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hi princess jo
i have resent the attachment over thru email.
let me know if u can download it or i will use my lappy to send...


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Hi there Eveuloveme, went to your blog but can't find the no to key for the download.. Could you advise where to find them or if you don't mind, cld u email the files to me? Thanks!
[email protected]