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Hi Mainaga,

I have my acupuntuure slimming at marine parade.
This program about detox+acupunture+dietary plan in 3mth cycle.
This is combination of East or West.
How many kg you need to lose? looking for acupunture slimming..
If you interested you may email me at [email protected]

I can pass you my consultant contact and provide you my program details lo..


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Hi menaga there are few threads are talk abt acupuncture slimming already you may refer to there ? I lost abt 17 kg in acupuncture slimming program which include detox , dietary planning by consultant And acupuncture done by doctor .

I was in program abt 3 months plus and it is located near parkway. If you interested to know more or Want to go down to have consultation then need to pre book one. My consultant will do a body analysis to test ur body fat n muscle all these because my consultant don't juz look at the weight one, she is more focus on fat.Then she will advise on the pkg which suitable to ya

Any more question or need contact detail to book with my consultant can email me at [email protected] hee


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If you are looking for the right approach, you can contact Roz and team frm Vanya consultants, they are a team of medical professionals who run a weight management consultancy using the patented program TRA. I'm sure you can chk out TRA on the net. Its really a very practical and safe and effective program. Contact her at [email protected]. All the best! and lose weight for the last time with TRA!


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Hi everyone ,i'm planning wedding in Dec 2010. i'm very interested in the acupunture program . Can anyone send me the detail such as price ,pkg and location.My e-mail is [email protected]. Thx lots lots !


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halo kaixin,

wow saw ur posts in other threads too.can feel u are quite urgent?
congrats!!!! wow it is soon, when is ur PS then?
sure i had sent you about my package details, contact etc. my email is [email protected]

i had my wedding on MAY 2010. received alot of compliments, really happy on lo!
i had lost abt 17kg through the program completed on july 2009 and maintain until now. Will definitely maintain until i pregnant!
this program is about detox, dietary and acupuncture treatment. my email have more details.
how much u need to lose by the way?


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hi all,

found a thread in Flowerpod Forumss, hope it helps.. my advise is to do check out other forumss on whatever you need b4 committing.

Below is wat i copy from there.

QUOTE (beannie @ Mar 23 2010, 07:21 PM)
I have signed up a package from LF last friday.. Cost around $3.6K !!! Each time i think of it, i feel heart pain.
is 20 sessions plus the products (S-factor, B&H) . Give me quite a lot

For the first two weeks, i am asked to detox first.. Today is my 4th day. Lost around 1Kg. Will start for the acupture slimming end of this mth. Hopefully by end of Apr, I can really see weight loss and by end of the whole sessions (around 3mths), i can lose at least 10Kg or not. I'm weighing 65kg and been putting 10Kg for the past 3 years

Anyone went to LF? Do PM me to share your experience. We can also motivate each other to get our ideal weights


Hi Beannie...

Just came across your post. I am with the same acupuncture centre(@ MP) as well.
How much weight did you lose? Is the dietary plan working & did not weaken your health?

Sad to said... I din lose much weight(slimmed down ard 5kg) because I did not follow 100% of their dietary plan.
I feel e dietary plan is not quite ideal if you are a sports person like me.
It weaken my stamina greatly due to low sugar & zero carbo intake.
I was even panting when i climb the stairs during the first mth. Sigh...
After struggling for ard 2 mths, I finally gave up cos I feel it not a right thing to do if you want to slim down in a healthy way.

Conclusion is if you did not follow their dietary plan. You won't slim down. Acupuncture is useless too.
After I stopped following their dietary plan, I went for 6 sessions of acupuncture sessions but to find
tat I only slim 0.1kg of internal fat. *Shake head* I did not over eat, i only ate half the portion of the
original bowl as I need carbo & protein to maintain my exercise routine such as jogging, swimming or
cardio workout. Once you intake carbo, the dietary plan dun work anymore. Please think twice to see
if you can really commit to the strict dietary plan & zero basic stamina(for climbing stairs).

I learnt my lesson. The only way for healthy slimming will be: Low carbo, high protein & lotsa exercise.

I am no longer with the acupuncture centre now. With the low carbo, high protein & lotsa exercise theory,
I am still slimming down in term of weight & inches. Try this & best of all... its FREE!


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Hi Ladies,

Been a silent reader of this thread. While reading this thread, it was really encouraging to see podders posting that said they lost 10+ kgs after 3 months. Coz I'm getting married in Oct, I tot y not just give it a try. If it really works den good for me! So I went for the consultation to hear more and see what really makes it tick.

Seriously, I tink dun any of us need to pay them to ask them to help us slim down... Total cut of carbo diet, drinking shakes 6 days a week, who wldn't slim down if they are on a diet such as this??!!
Honestly, you must have a really strong mind la.. the consultant there can speak super well and sound totally convincing. But at the end of the day, when you hear about the diet plan they have for you, it's really pointless to waste such $$.
As long as you cut carbo, your weight sure drop one

Best is to find EXERCISE buddy to motivate each other to slim down =)


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QUOTE (fAiRy PaRaDiSe @ Jul 27 2010, 08:58 PM)
The consultant said differently. she told me if i were to take their package, i would have to take shakes to replace breakfast and dinner, than lunch eat as usual. dun decrease or increase the portion. i immd thought, will i faint from hunger?? LOL. ya 2.6k is alot actually. I had a friend who used to worked for them, but no more already. she did say that alot of pple slim down in that 3 months. i see how it goes. got extra money $$$$$ den go. haha

Hi all,

I am an ex-customer of the slimming centre @ MP. My advice is dun sign up too.
Acupuncture is just their selling point. In fact, I agreed that they r no difference from normal slimming centre.
I personally feel that acupuncture dun help much.
What really help is the diet & shakes. Why not spend your $$$ on shakes straight away?
You will definately slim down if u r on shakes for 2-3 meals.

Btw, their normal meal refers to lean meat & vege only. No carbo such as rice & noodle are allow.
If you wan noe more, feel free to PM me. I am willing to share my experience.


hi, long time no see. i posted before but few only.considered as silent reader, post some of my true words base on the justice.
not sure if anybody remember me
was on program last year.
Determination important, although i was not 100% discipline but i considered as quite lucky, managed to shed of 13kg of fat.i never lose so much even when i was on exercise and own diet.
during the 3 months program, i stopped sport( i am a sporty person) at the first month. i briefed consultant on my activities during consultation and she wrote everything on my record book. diet plan was base on my activities too. appetite smaller and i did not feel any discomfortable but only visit toilet more frequent.
whenever i have wedding dinner or event i will inform them for advice. then i follow, i did eat rice during the program as i went for marothon on my 2nd month of program.
and most lucky thing is i maintain quite well.

hi jasmine, did you went back for the analysis ? i did not actually as too far from my currently company.happy for you that you still maintaining too.
long time no see since my last review.
BTW,congratulation on your wedding


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i think they will also come up with a diet plan for u to follow in order to achieve 'max best results'. And u have to bear the sensation of the needle.. plus 'holes' all over the body..

It does help for some... But eventually, u also have to cut down on intake otherwise nothing will help.

My 'sister' used to work at Aimin.


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Heee I not on aiming program though . Anyway most importantly is I managed to shed off 17kg and gain back figure and health .
Age up le, lifestyle need to be healthier too. I believe alot of ppl will agree with me one (=

I also happy to see my slimming Frds like Lina, casser, tinkerbell00 slim down so much (=
keep it up to maintain gers!


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Hi everyone

I'm planning to go to Ma Kuang ( for acupuncture slimming but I don't know if it's good or not?
It would be so great if you guys could email me ([email protected]) more about your experiences and the centres you go to!
I'm looking to lose just about 5-8kg.

Thank you!


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Yo Rachel , although I'm not under Ma Guang but still able to share with you abt my acupuncture program , mine is detox + acupuncture and dietary. I managed to lost17kg , I feel that determination is important so your 8-10kg no problem de la Heee

Will email you my program contact details and infor
My email is [email protected] , you shall do the comparison on it (=

Usually this involves program in detox(9 days) and dietary(30days)

it goes round of healthy eating and minimum input to just sustain daily requirement and shed off access...

Anyone interested do email me, can send u [email protected]


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I went to one where the acupuncture program consist of detox + acupuncture + dietary plan.

The Acupuncture is to speed up the progress of the slimming as it help to increase your metabolism rate.

I alway believe that if a person decided to slim down, he or she got to control of what his/her normal diet style. Can't go eating like normal and expect to lose weight.

I am not sure if it is the acupuncture, detox or the dietary plan which make me lose 5 kg during the treatment


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agree with fetus (= personal determination is very important. no matter how much you spend and how good is the program but you never follow also no use one. of course must be the correct methods la, not like those slimming salon only helped me lose later last time, gained back fast but money flowed out even fast lo
i had lost abt 17kg through acupuncture slimming with dietary planning with help of my consultant and doctor. not only help in slim down but also adjust my hormone issue and high blood issue.
my appetite not as big as before and i able to maintain for 1 year plus le.

fetus: i believe the whole program help you slim down de.


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Hi Fetus,

I agree that diet play a play for the acu program and also acu help to sink down your appetite. Now after completed the program for 1yr plus,my appetite become smaller. Eat 70% feel very full already. Same as jasmine, the program not only help to slim down but it help me to solve my irregular menses problem

You just started the program?


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Hi may , Ya my Sil tried at another place at jurong too She said very pain also, I think do acupuncture must be By professional/licensed doctor/sensei

Lucky my acupuncture doctor is pro one I don't feel pain. I very scared of pain one . Heee


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Hi all, if you don't like all these torture, why not try TRA? its practical, simple and it works. Find out more yourself. I've lose weight in fact fats and has helped more friends lose fats as well.There's nothing like a great program like TRA.


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hi everyone!

According to Chinese TCM practitioners, acupuncture do not aid in slimming. Rather, it help in better blood circulation and detox. In the process, there is lesser water retention, thus the "effect" of being slimming.

To effectively lose weight, its best to exercise and take in lesser calories.


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Hi Cheryl ,
I tried on year 09, managed to lost abt 17 kg and maintain until now. Hmm I tried mine not pain, my Frds who tried my program didn't complain pain too(=


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I agree with andrea, I read abt that too and my friend who studies TCM also pointed that to me. Its a 'effect' and without accupuncture, you can lose weight. Take a look at TRA, The Right Approach to losing weight. I'm amazed at the results and the practical ways that is involved. Love the program and the concept!


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Hi vernice, I took 4mths plus to slim down 17kg , but my frds , mum and slimming frds took 3 mths to slim down 8-14kg . Mine need to lose more so took longer time lo. Hee
But worth it because I maintain almost 2years le.

Are you on same program ? Heee or you want to slim down? If you need more infor abt my program details and contact details can email or add me at msn [email protected]


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Hi Vernice,

Your name look very familiar, not sure is it the same person who email me for information on my acu program. Anyway we can be friend and exchange experience, add me at msn ([email protected])


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I started LFI last month. First 2 weeks lost 3kg. Next 3 weeks maintained and didn't lose anymore.

Drank their meal replacement for lunch and dinner. Fish soup for lunch and yogurt for tea break.

Paid $3.5k to lose 3kg. Hope will lose more soon.


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hi fat mommy ive heard of people who recommended it; some who lost 10+kg in 3-4 months. i guess they are most probably overweight. may i know your height and weight? is it cos you are not very fat thats why its harder to slim down? and are you still losing weight? at least you got result - i have a friend whos not very fat but got nothing at all... im thinking of going if she got good results. but i guess thats a no.


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Hi Fat Mommy,

I manage to shed off 10KG within 3 months, from the analysis i only need to shed off 8KG. I guess is determination and discipline, need to really follow the guideline closely. My weight went down slowly de hence i believe you can achieve it too. Continue to jia you and have positive thinking.


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hi all! haha first time posting here, but wld like to share with u a program im undergoing now. I was considering LFI or this place in bedok which I read about in the forum here. In the end, I chose the bedok one to try as its really much cheaper. It has only been 10 days and I have lost 3kg. More importantly, my tummy and the fats around my hip (thats the thing that troubles me as its hard to wear clothes nicely with the bulging parts) have become smaller
. Pm me for more info if anyone's interested!


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Hi everyone.

Fat mommy your results are not bad eh! If the weight doesn't come back it's very good. I myself find it difficult to even lose 1 kg.

Fat ger, your results also very good. Mind sharing with me your experience? [email protected]


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hi many ppl have been talking abt the home slimming in bedok uh.some of my colleagues and friends who have completed their slimming with me a year plus ago, their weights have still maintained same as me^^


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hi fat mommy, what is your progress?

since many of my colleagues went to ***************** and are happy with the results and the weight never rebound, i introduced my friend (the one that did not get results in lfi) to it. she just finished, after 8 sessions she lost 5kg in a month. she is really happy and i felt the same way for her. she looks so much better now.


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hi jasmine tan, i need to slim down as well. i had drop you an email can you email me your slimming experience, methods and contact?
much appreciated.


has anyone visited ***************** or planning to visit soon? there is a promo on their page.

it says refer a friend and get $30 off the next. i don't mind getting the $30 disc... so anyone gg, can quote my name? :)


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Anyone who tried LFI before knows its pretty effective, they have been converted to Nobel Wellness Sanctuary at the same place as before! Many have went in and came out a totally different person. Email me at [email protected] to find out more. You will have body testing over there to find out your exact body fats and muscles and experts will plan for you what to do to slim down EFFECTIVELY. acupuncture slimming really effective? can it target a specific part? I want to slim down my thighs so that they look better when I am wearing tight jeans.