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Discussion in 'Bridal Boutiques and Services' started by purplesparkles, May 10, 2015.

  1. purplesparkles

    purplesparkles New Member


    Any btbs have any suggestions/ recommendations on which Bridal Shop that provides Actual Day Package that is below $2k?

    I have took a pre-wedding shoot package for PS in Taiwan and hence would like to check out if there are any local BS that are offers good AD package only.

    Would like to check what is the price range if the AD package includes photography & videography as well?

    Thanks a lot :)

  2. Tan mee more

    Tan mee more New Member

    I have a reasonable video and photographer plus actual day package to recommend you.

    Can I have your email address?
    Thank you
  3. Tan mee more

    Tan mee more New Member

    You can contact Edwin at 94741041 for video and he has a photographer too. Very reasonable price.

    As for gowns can go to

    Thank you
  4. purplesparkles

    purplesparkles New Member


    Thanks :)

    My email is:

    I have tried the link however the blog is no longer available. Would you be able to provide more details and do you mind sharing your experience with them?

    Thanks :)
  5. thechubbscheeks

    thechubbscheeks New Member

    Hi purplesparkles, my friend signed a Ad package wth elas dress at orchsrd plaza #03-06 at $1100 with 1 wedding gown 1 evening gown 1 men suit ad 1 full day makeup. Its a very small shop actusllly but gown quality is quite decent and shop is taken care of by the owners themselves. They also hav photography services add on at $1500 but we didnt take it because we decided to just use a friend who is non pro. U eed to book an appoimtmemt with the shop though because seems like they dont hav fixed hours. Their email is
  6. daffycat

    daffycat New Member

    hi all BTB :)
    I'm looking for a AD photographer only, no need for gown/mua etc, below $1k (is that even possible)?

    I'm having morning solemnization + lunch all at hotel so only 1 photographer for 8hrs.

    Please email if you have any recommendation :)

    Thank you very much in advance! ;)
  7. ENFP

    ENFP New Member

    I took Gowns Villa AD package because I'm impressed with their gowns and the designer's service and knowledge. I'm a bridezilla. I visited Elas and find the gowns below average for the price you pay.
    You may also want to consider Gown Warehouse and Beyoutiful. The first one is more budget but of course the gowns will not be as good quality as GV and Beyoutiful. Have to be realistic but I think GW is good enough for the price. Important for AD gowns to look good because unlike shoot, people see you close up in your gowns.
    Good luck and have fun!
  8. Dancinglights

    Dancinglights New Member

    Hi! Are u able to share your package details? I saw a few gowns and I think they look quite amazing.
    My email is
    Thanks in advance:)
  9. poohbear18

    poohbear18 New Member

    I visited Fleur D'sign Bridal Boutique and Elas last weekend and Elas as well , I do agree that Elas dress are not compatible to the price you pay , for Fleur D'sign I think the package is quite reasonable at 1.1k and gowns are good for the price that we pay , service wise , I like their honesty in selling their package as they are every clear of the prices beforehand so quite comfortable with Fleur .
  10. wy86

    wy86 New Member

    Hi can share how much was your AD package? I have done my photoshoot in Korea and is looking for actual day gown rentals on a budget too.

    Pls share if you have good deals! Thanks!
  11. ENFP

    ENFP New Member

    Can u pm me? I don't know how to LOL
  12. kewpie20

    kewpie20 Member

    went to gown warehouse and fleur. fleur has many add ons. which also cost abt the same as GW. GW gowns are much nicer!
  13. Chassy

    Chassy Member

    I still prefer bqueens gowns. More choices and taukenio is nice! :)
  14. kewpie20

    kewpie20 Member

    @Chassy bqueen really nice ah. they ps me once. wahaha. abit scared. can pm their package? taukenio is another shop?
  15. milkbone81

    milkbone81 Member

    Hi, how's fleur? What package they have? Thanks
  16. kewpie20

    kewpie20 Member

  17. ENFP

    ENFP New Member

    BTBs should check out gowns villa. Their gowns are new and well made. GV hardly advertises, customers are there through word of mouth. Service is VIP too. Prices are comparable to GW.
  18. Chassy

    Chassy Member

    Pm-Ed you! :)
  19. milkbone81

    milkbone81 Member

    Thanks dear!
  20. Serweds

    Serweds New Member

    Hi there, could you mind sharing with me the package you have gotten? yes its so hard just to get AD packages!!! the prices are always steeper.
  21. ENFP

    ENFP New Member

    I just started a convo with you. I'm hopeless with this. Hope you got my pm.
  22. orangeapple8

    orangeapple8 New Member

    Hello kewpie, able to email me the AD package details and price? I also looking our AD packages. Thinking of doing the pre wedding shoot in Korea
  23. Pygirl89

    Pygirl89 Member

    Hi all beautiful BTB, I have an actual day package to let go due to change of plan.

    Details as below:
    1 wedding gown (any range)
    1 evening gown
    2 suit
    1 fresh flower bouquet
    1 fresh flower corsages for groom
    4 fresh flower corsages for parents
    1 wedding car decoration
    1 make up and hairstyling (trial included)

    The package cost $1790 only! I"ve paid 1k deposit , willingly to let go at $900.00.

    Please pm me or email me at
  24. Sylviatan87

    Sylviatan87 New Member

    Hi all BTB, I also looking for AD package include photography. Can anyone provide me any good budget package?
  25. yy2018

    yy2018 New Member

    Hi there, could you share the package for Gown Villa with me?
  26. yy2018

    yy2018 New Member

    hi there, may i know where is your package from?

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