Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing


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Hi Karen

I vote for The Wedding Present =) The workmanship is really great and they use luxe fabrics like silk satin.. my wedding's over already and you can see it featured in the current issue of female brides. we are the first couple.. more photos of my wedding and gown:


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Hi Goober,

You looks so beautiful!
Where is The Wedding Present located? Care to share with me your package details?


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Hi goober,

U looked reali nice! Can i know who's your photographer? The pix were well taken! I'm also considering the wedding present as my BS..


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Hi , I am new here, why nobody mention BS in lys?tot its cheaper than here? any recommendation for BS below 3k? thanks alot


ive a Julia wedding news package for trnasfer.

pls email me [email protected] for details.

ive additional perks like more pictures n 3 additional eveing gowns.

pageboy tuxedo n flowergirl dress etc

its worth $5566


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Wah staritzz.. your package is very good. 3 additional evening gowns is a lot!!!!!

too bad my wedding over liao heheh...those of you still searching for BS can consider man... good deal.


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Hi...i'm new and getting married next year September. I have just started looking around for BS and ideally, something around 3k range. Any recommendations? Do email me if you have ok? ([email protected]) Thanks!


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hi priscilla, my budget is about the same as yours. I haven't sign up with any bs yet but i have shortlisted a few - di gio, j n m and yvonne creative. I think these should suit your price range.


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Hihi, I'm new too.. AD is next Jul.. Totally clueless abt which BS to go for now.. Any reccomendations and gd deals to share? Pls email me at [email protected] k? Thanks!

Hi goober! The Wedding Present is good? Can you share with me what you got in your package and how much it cost you? Thankies! =)


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Hi all, I want to share my experience with The Wedding Present. I visited them and was looking for a OTR gown as I am currently posted overseas. They do not do OTR usually but after nego, they said they can accomodate. I tried on a beautiful lacey gown and was so sold. The length and size fitted me nicely and only minor alteration needed. But guess what, they said for OTR, the discount is only S$400 off their normal package. And since the piece I chose had lace, it will cost another $800. Nett, I have to top up $400 above original package.
I do not mind paying but I only want to pay the market price. Even for Divine, OTR is $1000 different from MTM gowns. Whats more, TWP should supposedly have recovered the "costs" from the first bride and I am not asking to keep the gown either. I felt that TWP was not very sincere in dealing with me and hence did not choose them, despite loving the gown.


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hi daning, think u made a good decision - despite their pretty gowns, i think their svc is not professional and insincere. I made the wrong choice of sticking with them despite bad experiences from the start.

to all BTBs who are considering TWP, just to share my experience at TWP which was posted in another thread:

"we initially thot we would be in good hands cos their svc before we signed up was great, and also cos there were so many good reviews about them on the forum.

but from the first fitting, their svc was disappointing. my WG came out totally different from what we had agreed, and they were v reluctant to make any alterations, insisting that that was what we had asked for.

My EG was even worse, it came out so different and they even admitted that their sketchings will sometimes differ from the final gown. The workmanship was also so bad that my photographer had to adjust his angles so that the faults cannot be seen

They also didnt let me choose my tea-dress until the last minute, insisting that it was too early to choose and that new designs wld come in before my wedding. The new designs never came. By the time they allowed me to choose, there was hardly any designs to choose from and very limited sizes left.

Our gowns and suit were also always not ready by the time of our fittings.. we would be there at our appointed time, and they would say that our gowns/suit was still at the drycleaners! They would also lose/forget certain accessories that was supposed to be part of the gown until we reminded them.

The whole experience was, to say the least, traumatic.. their attitude gave us the vibe that they just couldnt wait for our AD to be over and done with. We were really upset by the time our AD.. we ended up having to spend extra time and $ looking for replacements which defeated the whole purpose of signing for a bridal package.

Having said all that, I am sure everyone has different experiences at different boutiques. I dunno abt other BS, but if you are thinking of TWP, I can only wish BTBs better luck than me..."


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So sorry to hear of your experience with TWP. I was with TWP and my experience with them - like goober and lots of other BTBs in TWP thread - was excellent.

I have recommended a few friends/colleagues there and those who have taken up TWP's packages were also happy brides. I have a friend who had a very tight budget (S$3k including photo) and she made it very clear to TWP during the 1st visit her budget. TWP's lowest package was $2,988 without photo at that time but they still entertained my friend and let her try gowns etc. At last, my friend finally took up a package with Bridal Concept due to budget constraints but even these days she recommends her friends to TWP!

I am not trying to say that TWP is the best la - I am sure they are not to some. But this is the same for almost all BS...I have heard horror stories about Bridal Veil as well and experienced the designer's erratic temper 1st hand when I followed my friend to collect her gowns for AD... but I don't think it is good to elaborate here. I don't believe in flaming a BS in a public forum by presenting a one-sided story.

Am glad daning went with her heart for BV and not TWP and can only say good luck to her for choosing BV......


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Hi berries!

I got them from Aldo for $129 if i recall correctly. I am willing to sell them for just $50 if you are size 37 as I dont have any other occasion to wear them.. they have been sitting in my shoe cabinet since my wedding.

[email protected]


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Hi sharon, just as there are many positive experiences, there will be an equal number of bad experiences as well. I wanted to share my experience so other BTBs will be more alert when they engage with BS in general..In addition, i want to encourage them to be alert and not pay unnecessarily. While design of the gown is impt, whats more impt is the entire process as u need to live through it for at least 6 months..So if at first u don't get good service or feel that something is not right, then trust your instinct..Impt is to feel comfortable with the BS that u chose.


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hi jandew
what's the openin hrs 4 ted collection? been to their website..

can i pop in n out of shops in tanjong pagar wtihout makin appt?


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Hi hapict, if I rem correctly, they are opened fr 11am - 8pm daily. Do try to make an appt, coz they mite be busy wif customers. Esp w/e! Hope tt helps!


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thanks jandew. but i think i read somewhere in other threads that Ted collection made the exact same EG for at least two brides...


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Hmmm...not tt I am aware of. Could b same cloth, but diff design mayb similar? U can check wif TC when u pop by, I'm sure they will tell u.


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For all those who have taken BS (ie not ala cart) I must stress again that NOT all BS are Me and some other brides here in general..some of us do have some close encounters with some good and not so good BS..

I personally feel it's not the right thing to say all BS are hard sell OR designer BS are hard sell. Some are willing to pay for great service anD's not all the time about how much gowns you can keep and how much you can safe...afterall MARRIAGE IS A LIFETIME.

Some of rest BS which do offer great freebies and COMPREHENSIVE package which includes car, you will be surprised that some of them do have good in house photographers.

Some brides are willing to pay for service and a higher rate for BS cos they felt no. comfy with designer. It all channel to yourself your feel for the designer. As what Daning mentioned, it's about the next few months you gonna communicate with the designer so this is rather important.

It's very selective.some may say this BS good some may not..

All these chanelled to the choice of the wedding couple who decides base on their likes of the photography or package price or gowns selection.

The morale of the story is do research :

1. what's your budget?
2. any choice of any particular designers?
3. comfy with designers?
4. location? some fittings, hubby may not follow, for those who do not drive izit accesible when your fiance not with you?
5. read check thread of BS and talk to the brides
6. GO DOWN EXPERIENCE THE FEEL if you can click with the will need go thru at least a gown discussion, 3 fittings and if required another fitting before AD just in case you lost/out on weight
7. If taking OTR gowns pls check WG/EG they have your kind of gowns, no point signing and regret and you have no choice but to pick ANY gowns WHICH YOU DUN LIKE UNDER OTR
8. PG, particular? in-house or outside PGs?

Basically, everyone has own personally preference to do ala cart or look for BS. But for a shop who clamed to have good MTM pieces..they should be more ethical enuth NOT to bad mouth other BS. (I have my reasons for saying this as me and some brides had close visited with MTM ala cart shop)

For those who have yet booked BS please do your own research visit the MTM shops and the BS to tell the difference. Know what you need and require.

Stay firm and no one can force you to do not go down with yor fiance for research go with your GFs.

Remember you make the decision NO ONE CAN FORCE YOU.

The more BS and MTM shops you visit the more experience you get and you will know what sort of stuff you really need.


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Hi everyone, just wondering if there are any BS that offers packages without photography? I'm not referring to shops like Divine, TWP, Silhouette, Ted Collection etc, anything suitable for smaller budgets? Of around $2K+ (including hair/makeup, bouquet, corsages, car deco). Most of the packages I see all include PS and they either don't have packages without PS, or it's not worth it to get such packages. I'm having a real headache trying to find a suitable package and not sure if can afford ala carte. Thanks in advance for your advice


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harlo everyone i m new here... have been to La-Vie & French Bridal... i like the design from La-Vie and i like the designe but their pkg is limited whereas French is giving me lots of freebies.... anyone can pls advice which one shld i go for.. btw how to know whether La-Vie is establish or not?????


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Hi Kaya
I would recommend you to visit Angel Atelier and make appointment with them.
They surely have what you looking for - package without photography, less than $3K (which is what I've been looking for in those BS I've visited)
Angel Atelier w/o photography package is only $2888 nett comes with WG and EG(to keep) both MTM, the man's standard stuffs, MTM (to keep), plus the other standard stuffs you have named in your posting.
Go and experience for yourself - the excellence personal touch services you will receive. See and try on for yourself their existing gowns that suits different individual personality. From there and with the help of the designer you could tell if you will like and have your dream MTM gowns done by Angel Atelier.


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Kaya, for 2000 plus you have to see if your like the MTMs design. Wedding is a lifetime. Yuu dun want to fit your budget and the BS cannot deliver your MTMs right?

Actually there are many BS who have those range.

Just make sure you like the the design and dun sign on impulse.



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Hi Callas and CAT, thank you both for your advice

Initially I thought that it was tough to find a BS without PS for that budget, because 1 or 2 BS I went to were $3K+ packages (including PS) and when I said I didn't want PS, they just said, oh it's more worth it to take the whole package, if no PS just minus $200 which is so not worth it loh! But thanks for telling me that there are BS who can fit my budget

Callas, for the Angels package you mentioned, is the WG MTM to keep or rental? I emailed them and they said WG MTM rental for that package. Is that your BS? What kind of gowns are they good at?

CAT, yah I'll never sign on impulse, don't worry..I'm very fussy one, hahaha! must make sure I'm comfortable with the service and everything


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Kaya..that's's always best to be fussy...haaa....

But you can't be worse than me...haaa...

As I mentioned there are some BS that can fit your budget..go to those that can allow flexi removal of PS in there..

Try checking around.



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hi anybody has got good bridal shop / packages to recommend? anyone has got new wedding pics to share? please email me at [email protected]
im planning to get married next yr june-aug. have not decided yet. but am now looking for BS.


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er i went down today specially to My Bridal Room. stood outside lookin at album for a while but guy in shop din come out talk to me leh. mayb he not pushy type but sorry i din like the album so i din even go in at all. my opinions oni. the rest can go down decide for themselves...


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Dear all,

I have a comprehensive bridal package with White Link which I need to let go as my husband have just recieved an overseas posting.
package is really comprehensive and covers everything!

Please PM me for package details!


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Can anybody advise if this is too expensive or ok? I was quoted $5080

- No WG (I didn't want)
- 1 OTR brand new EG to keep (I love it to bits)
- 1 traditional gown to hire
- 1 bridesmaid dress to hire
- 28 pcs (12x15) edited album
- Makeup & hairdo: trial, studio, AD day & night
- Groom: 1 coat to hire, 1 mtm pants
- 2 coats for 2 fathers
- Flowers: bridal hand bouquet, 1 for studio.
- Corsages: 2 for groom, 4 for parents / entourage
- Bridal car deco, deco for 2 entourage cars

Thanks very much for your input.


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sounds very WG and OTR EG already >$5k

u can get MTM WG & EG pkg at higher end designer boutique for tis price.


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Hi gals,

Just to share some of the unhappiness my friend had with her BS FRENCH at tanjong pagar. Her coordinator is cui ting.. My friend had very bad experience with this BS and the coordinator herself. During her gown selection, she pick a gown whereby she had some concerns as she felt is too plain.. so she requested cuiting if it is possible to add some diamond bits, crystal etc to the gowns to make nicer.. cuiting had promised her on that so in the end, she selected that gown based on such promise. But now, she twisted her words, saying that she can't do that for her.. cos once she start doing for one bride, she have to do for others.. in which i feel if that is the case, then dun even promise anything to my friend in the first place.. so my friend felt that she is being tricked to select that gown. So end up, cuiting say, AT MOST she can help her attach a BIG BIG RIBBON (currently in trend) behind her gown! Is the gown matching with the ribbon, cuiting is not even concern, does my friend likes the ribbon, is not her concern as well... i dun see any kinda of service from her... this is just one incident which i feel that cuiting is just too much.. on normal occassion, she always appear to be in a rush, not giving attention to my friend who needs help.... As my friend's AD is drawing near, she wanted to coordinate timing and discuss her hairdo with her Makeup artist, cuiting simply pass the MUA's mobile no to her and ask her to call herself. Even for the photo album, my friend asked her when will it be ready, she simply say she dunno... pass her the photogrpher mobile and ask her to call and check herself.. she say like tat easier to get things done! What kinda services is she giving?

And somemore, their package is not that cheap after all... their initial package can be cheap but it excludes lotsa things.. when i seriously compare my own BS package with my friend, though in price value, my is higher, but it includes lots more things, which turns out to be cheaper... of cos, sometimes it depends on ur bargaining power.. but if you really like french and considering taking them.. remember to squeeze them for lotsa of things.
I dun mean to spoil any moods of french brides here, just sharing a true incident that happen to my friend.. oh ya.. and do seriously consider their small fitting areas for brides.. cos i realised French like to fixed up alot of appointments for all brides to cramp and knocking onto each other when tryin on their gowns... don't look comfy for any brides to be...


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Hi, Can someone tell me what do you think of this package?

Outdoor PhotoShoot@ Redang Island

Laguna Redang 3 Days 2 Nights
All expenses included (By Coach)

Actual Day
1. 01 WG (SVIP)
2.02 EG
3.02 Coat (Groom)
4.01 Bouquet and Corsage
5.Bride’s accessories
6.Bridal car decoration

For Photography (Indoor & Outdoor)

1.04 Bridal Gown (02 for Indoor 02 for Outdoor)
2.03 EG
3.01 Coat
4.Studio Makeup
5.Studio Hairstyle

15â€x 24†Crosspage Main Album with 10 pages (21 poses)
8â€x 10†Simple Design Album with 10 pages (21 poses)
24â€x 45†Bedroom Picture
4R 100pcs
Bookmark 30pcs
12â€x 15†table top (Translucent or Acrylic design)
11â€x14†table top (Translucent or Acrylic design)
Indoor PS session recording on Video
DVD photo montage
Selected photos return in DVD

02 Mugs with Photos
01 pc of glass photo frame for 04 2R photos (wave design)



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Hi takishi,

Its looks good... so total got 42 poses? How about Actual Day makeup (Day and NIght?) for the bride? Actual Day Photography? Actual DAy car if you need it? Gotta check lor... So nice to go rendang... anyway, it will be better to compare with other similar overseas PS package to see if the price they quoted you is reasonable.


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Hi xiaobaibai

Its only 21 poses, the package is RM6888. Signed up on the last day of the wedding expo at JB last week. Ya for JB Bridal actual day stuffs are not among their package, but they do have if you want to arrange for them to come.


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hi takishi
i suggest u might like to trade off some items for more pose instead? for me, i only toook e big album, forgo the 'small version' album, table tops photos and such.

cs if u wana add in another pose, tehy wld usually charge ard RM80 or so..frankly, after we complete our AD, our wedding album goes to our 'cupboard' collection so have 1 very complete and good album shld be enough.

further, i had my photos done up in DVD format also. so when friends come over, can view our wedding photos on TV, as well as the whole day events as we enagge a videpgrapher.

btw, which studio u sign w in malaysia? i am sure at the end of your redand trip, u will choose more photos and 21 is surely not enough


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Hi ladies, can share Silver Cloak Couture's address or contact details? There are good comments on this studio but no mention of its location in the thread. They don't seem to have a website too.

Also, if I'm looking at OTR packages with studio photography, would I be able to get it at below $3.5K at Silver Cloak?

One more thing, I've been visiting BS with my bfren altho there've been advice not to do so. Is it really that bad? Cos I want my bfren to like the photography, gowns and service too.


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hi all,
i have signed a package with Whitelink worth S$3988 I have paid a deposit of S$1560 and hoping to transfer at reasonable price.

As package includes AD photography, i'm willing to transfer the whole pkg at S$3388 ( Free AD Photography/ usual S$3388 pkg does not inclu.) so you only need to pay me S$960 to transfer!

I was a referral customer so I got a good amt of pics thrown in for me too.

Please find package details below:

MTM Wedding Gown (can also change to OTR and add more photos)
MTM Evening Gown (can also change to OTR and add more photos)
OTR Tea Dress/ Kua
AD hand Bouquet
Studio hand Bouquet (PS)
8 x corsages
1 x Groom’s jacket (OTR)
1 x Groom’s pants (MTM to keep)
15R Album (magazine style /32 poses w album carrier) ( Most have only 26-28 Photos @ S$60.00/ extra pose)
1 x 4R Mini album
3R/4R 48 pcs (8 poses w cardholder)
1 x 8R table top
1 x “20 x 24†portrait or 3 in 1
4 x Indoor Photography (4 Outfits/ incl makeup & hair do)
2 x Outdoor photography (1 Outfit/ 2nd outfit is own) (incl. make up/ hair do)
AD Car + Driver + petrol (Mercs 210) (Can change to upgrade for something else if not needed)
AD Car Décor
AD make up (day & night)
**AD Photography (300pcs digital) (Can change to upgrade for something else if not needed)


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Hi all,

Is it possible to jus place $300 as deposit? I jus wish to have the ROM dress n trial make up 1st...will only be willing to pay more after ROM as I need the cash flow for other stuffs...