Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing


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We have made appointment to visit PMB tomorrow. I am surpised to know from my collegue that she has signed with them dec 2010. Accoridngly to her since she is PMB bride, if I mentioned her name as introduction, both she and myself will get additional perks.


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Hi all, visited precious moment bridal yesterday with my hubby. We are very pleased with their superb presentation and attention given. Wow, their showroom was real packed. We signed on the spot after a open discussion with Roland. We even brought 85 pics extra right away as we like their photography style and gowns. The main things is within our budget and no extra cost in gowns selection as they have only one package. With that we are given more perks and all pics back in master dvd in high resolution and raw files.

Do discuss with them your needs and budget. I am sure they are flexhible.


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Hi xinhui,

You may like to visit them at:

2 sin ming road, #01-06 sin ming plaza tower 1 singapore 575583. Tel: 65625486.

They have only one comprehension no frills packages priced at $2388 only. The rest of items depend whether you may like to add. As they are very different from other bridal companies. However be open to them and you may find them reasonable. Cheers.


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Li Ming: Cn I check wif wat is included in the 2388 package cos i cldnt find their website online? Wanna noe wat to expect whn i go there. Do u mind sharing me ur package details as well n the perks got? U cn email me if ur nt comfortable sharing it here. Thanx!

[email protected]


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Hello All!

I just won the 2nd Prize- WhiteLink Macau travel & photography wedding package worth S$3,800.00 from Marina Mandarin Wedding Show today.

Basic info:
-A pair of air tickets to Macau

The deal is applicable for NEW wedding packages signed up with WhiteLink so if you have yet to be committed to other Bridal Boutiques or.. you are just about wanting to sign up with WhiteLink, do approach me asap!

Price negotiable. Serious buyers only. Thank you!


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i'm a BTB. i would never recommend bliss bridal creations @ marina sq. had very bad experiences with them, but left with no choice as we have made a deposit of $2k with them.


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hi can you share wif me what bad experience you have with bliss bridal creations. I just went down and look at their bridal package. would love some feedback.


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Hi Li Ming,

Will you be able to share your PMB package with me?

Would like to have a clear and prepared mind so that we will not be brainwashed by pushy salesperson (if any).

If you can spare the time and comfortable with sharing, kindly send to my email >> [email protected]

TIA!! =)


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Hi All

Just sharing my experience. I've just booked my wedding package (my AD in Jun nxt yr) with Precious Moment Bridal after days of days/nites of research in wedding forums.

I'm budget-conscious yet particular about service and what we're getting. No hidden costs or any BS for me. Tall order I know :p

In the end booked them on the spot, though we originally planned to visit a few more bridal studios before making our choice. That's how satisfied and comfortable we're with PMB


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Precious Moment Bridal still at sin ming? cos i try to google it, there is one located at IMM...
zaex, how much is the package like? includes?


Hi all,

Am looking at the following bridal shops. Any thoughts, comments? I'm actually looking into getting a colored gown as my wedding gown. Please drop me an e-mail, [email protected]. Thanks in advance.

Ted Collection
Le Grand Wedding
LaVie Bridal
Amanda Lee Weddings
Graceful Image
The Aisle Bridal Boutique
Bridal Veil by Michelle Huimin
Z W**ding D'sign <-- cannot type the name??


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Hi all,
Anyone interested in signing up with bluebay can contact mi to get referral voucher for free 6 pics for main album.
PM mi for more details.


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Hi Zaex, Liming, Lisa etc,

I'm a groom to be. Helping my wife to do research. I saw that Precious Moment Bridal Studio Pte Ltd seems to have good reviews and price is attractive. However, I am not able to see an online website on them. If possible, can you kindly send me your package details or / &amp; the sales consultant that you talk to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My email is [email protected] Thanks in advance!


Can consider go Korea for PS ^^
I had lots of fun and I think their concept is diff from TW. If u dun want ya album to look the same as ya friends u can consider. I engaged Ido-wedding.


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xiaohuiis .. could you share with me your wedding package for Ido-wedding?

I am considering going to Korea for PS but looking around for options.

Thanks in advance!!


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Hi, ive juz started searching for my bridal package and saw good feedback for PMB and Sophia wedding collection , can anyone send me their package to see wat are they offering? Tks

Email: [email protected]


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I'm looking for a bridal gown that has a soft romantic feel - simple tulle bustier top with a dramatic ballgown. wondering if anyone has suggestions on bridal shop? kinda like silhouette the atelier but their prices are too steep.

Email:[email protected]