Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing


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Genevieve> MTM gown are tailored for u onli. They can show ur MTM gown to ple but not wear it. ONly after ur actual day when the whole event is done, den they will display out OTR. Which BS u sign?


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Meikuan - If you are in my shoes, wat would you do, if your bridal promised to not show other BTB your MTM gown, not to say even try.. and not you saw ur MTM gown being tried by other BTB.. wat would you do??? I need advise..



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I have very bad experience with BDC...

Thus girls... before kanna force to sign at road show.. do re-consider...


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hi gals, my AD is on Sep 09. currently searching for BS and has shortlisted Julia Wedding News, Thomson Wedding Collection & Digio. Any comments?


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Hello everyone, I'm new here!

I'm 22 this year and I'll be having my ROM this year end, in Maldives, just a small family occasion and the dresses and everything will be a la carte from different company.

But for my wedding dinner in Singapore next year, I want to sign up a package with just 1 bridal company to save hassle. I saw the gowns at French Bridal and they are very pretty!

I didn't walk-in to enquire though, cos I'm afraid they will be very pushy.

But overall, how is their service?

Wow quite a number of you are getting a la carte for your wedding!


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Hello all BTBs, may I know what are some of the higher end BS or BS where they can help me make the wedding dress I design myself?

Also, usually what is the price range of buying a wedding gown for keeps?

Thanks in advance!


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Actually we are looking for couples who are in the same situation as us:

Wedding date (est end of 2009), can only be decide after 2009 CNY. Thats why, we can only 'visit' the BS in JB once we have our date.

As im working in JB, i know the routes in JB quite well and i know whr the location of the (well known) BS are. Anyone interested in joining us next year, and maybe can sign up together and get more bargains! haha.
Its alright if you dun drive, we are driving.

Cheers, Melissa
can reach us at [email protected]


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hmm.. this thread seems v active.. but its funny y there r no posts btw Nov 25 & dec 9. i tot i posted a question abt Sattine...did i check the wrong thread??


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Hi everyone, just got through my AD at 12/12...
That was so hectic. Just wan to share I got my wedding photos from Adeline bridal honeymoon, 40 pics with 2 18x12 inch wedding album plus quite a lot of freebies.
those interested can actually call adeline at 96954781 or if anyone is interested in looking at my wedding photos, look for me at 81832863, vivian.


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for those interested in princessy gowns can consider Julia Wedding News. If you are also considering taking your pre-wedding photos overseas, Julia Wedding News also caters for that at a low cost. Countries they go to as follows: Taiwan, Greece, Japan, Macau, Spain, etc etc ...
If you are keen, you can email me for my package details. I'll be most welcome to share ... eve.sulin @


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hi, i'm looking around for BS too .. can someone share her details with me? So far am considering My Bridal Room, Julia Wedding News and Sophia Wedding Collections.

If possible, kindly share ur details with me. Am also open to other BS besides the above 3. My email is [email protected]. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Irene, am looking around for BS too. JWN was one of the 3 i shorlisted. but was quiet disappointed with their package and service after an arranged appointment with them. but i muz compliment their princesy gowns and fancy work..infact they're the ones with the best presentation among my 3 choices. however, i was put off by their steep pricing (the standard package..could be alot better..need alot of negotiation and bargain to make it a reasonable deal) and rather pushy i've read abt the unpleasant stuffs on them here..kinda reserved then..

my 3 choices were:
- Julia Wedding News
- White Link
- Jess Haute Couture

in the end, i've settled for Jess Haute Couture. in my perspective, brides are spoilt for choices when choosing a BS. but it defintely takes more to decide!

ladies, care to share your opinions for Jess Haute Couture? so far, i hardly hear any thing negative about them..all the plus & goods..thats why i went with them =)

thank you!


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i agree with player! the gowns are JWN are really pretty but their package is pretty steep for OTR gowns.. plus their men's suits & evening gowns weren't that fantastic. quite limited choice.


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Hi gals

I'm planning for my wedding in this dec. Recently started bridal package shopping. So far, we had shortlisted Precious Moment Bridal at Upper Thomson Road. At first, I was attracted by their offers and therefore, made a trip there to check out their gowns and pictures last Sunday.

Indeed, Precious Moment had given us the best deals and had seriously left us the best impression for their friendliness and flexibilities. Although didn't get to see many many gowns but we felt satisfied with the few they showed me from their racks. Photos were great too.

My FH just called up PMB an hour ago to go down this Friday evening as we decided to go for them. Hope our sharing of experience helps


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hi all, if u r interested in Julia Wedding News, you can consider signing up this weekend at Vivocity (12-15 Feb) at the bridal fair. It is definitely much cheaper than signing at the shop itself. Compared to my package, it could even be almost 1k cheaper and getting almost the same things.

I can share my details with those interested. email [email protected]


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I like the service and gowns designs at my BS, Flamingo Bridal. Can read their thread for more details if u are interested =)


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Hi twinklell
Had my wedding on last year Oct.
We used The Aisle Bridal Boutique.
We are very happy with their excellent service.

They also got many pricessy gowns.
Can consider them.


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Hey ladies,
i went to the BS fair at Vivo today...

Finally found a very good offer,
with Amore Bridal House

anyone who wants to know my package,
feel free to pm me...

Maybe if i intro more ppl to them, they will give us more offers!
lol *wink
Hi all,
need some advices! I'm looking for a BS package without PS or AD photography. Already have a friend as photographer.
Wanna go visit some BS this weekend but no idea what to negotiate for. Could you send me some good package details for reference? [email protected]

What BS offers nice simple wedding gowns? Princessy gowns sounds good too.


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My wife and I went gown hunting since last month, and we've looked at a few.

I'm a part time photography, so I'm a bit picky over the photography. We both totally banned the pushy-sales-and-lots-of-upsell type BS, and opted to separate the photography and gowns.

The shops we went to (in alphabetical order)
- Amanda Lee
- Bridal Veil
- Blush Blush
- Dang Bridal
- Frederick Lee
- Kai Bridal
- Margaret Brides
- Olive Suites
- Silhouette
- Ted Wu
- Tan Yoong

Different shops have difference strengths, some are good in lace, some in embroidery, some in tulle gowns. A lot of the designers gave us advice on the materials, and what type of cuts is for what purpose.

We were most impressed with Ted Wu's service staff (knowledgable) and Tan Yoong's (himself) designs. Unfortunately, both are out of our budget... esp Tan Yoong. We went to see him even though we knew it was out of our budget, just to get a feel of what we wanted, and now my wife has been won over ... :S

My advice is go out and see, don't commit to anything yet. Most of the designer shops are not pushy, so don't get into the impulse of signing anything. Especially for the pushy all-in-one type shops.

Our overall experience was, now we have a better idea of what type of gown to go for, what cuts, materials totally doesn't work on my wife.

So remember, is go out and see, don't commit to anything even if they tell you "if you sign now, we give u this special deal".
Thanks for the advice, Darrel&Geri.
You also opted to separate photography and gowns!
Can I ask roughly how much on average is the package/gown only without photography? Thanks.


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Hi Cherryblossom
Since you only opt for gowns, maybe you can try The Aisle Bridal Boutique.
They are non pushy, excellence service and friendly staffs.
The price also reasonable and got lot of
goegeous and princessy gowns.


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Most gown packages start from around 4K, some less

most are inclusive of
- MTM wedding dress
- MTM Evening Gown to keep,
- 4 makeup sessions, (1 trial, 1 shoot, 1 wedding day, 1 wedding night) to keep
- Hand bouquet + corsages
- Mens suit (jacket + pants) to keep

The more "branded" ones like Tan Yoong, the rough price was $7K for the gown only (totally out of our budget).

I guess the all-in-one types photography is not really up to our taste, and between my wife and I, we both thought that if we were to sign up for a package, the photo add-ins would still come up to about the same value.

A close friend of mine paid close to 7K for his package after picking tons of photos.

I guess for us, we can still take a 4kish package + a better photographer (and photos) , and still fall within that pricing.

So cherryblossom, have u started looking ? our advice is to just call, make lots of appointments, and expand your horizons a bit. Ours certainly did, and now my wife has more or less picked out the type of gown she wants and who to use.
Thanks Jiahui - i will check out The Aisle Bridal Boutique!
Thanks Darrel&Geri for sharing, i was still hoping to find packages excl photography at $2k plus! I'm getting married in Sep actually so will really have to start looking!

I was surfing around and found quite a few thumbs-up for rental of gowns from justgowns. The prices are very cheap, 100+ to 200+ only for rental. Can anyone explain why the such huge differences? quality is very different?



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I guess much of the pricing also depends on the material used, and the condition of the clothes, as well as alteration services. Most bridal shops would use the gown for 2-3 times before retiring it, so it looks quite new, plus they reserve the gown for you until your wedding day so no one else can take it out. Not too sure about the justgowns.

Gowns that do not fit well may expose unsightly bulges, even after alteration. My wife told me she attended her friends wedding, where the evening gown was ok when the bride was standing still, but the moment she walked, the loose cloth made her look like she had a tummy. The shops we spoke to told us that it was a cutting and fitting problem.

But still, there's no harm in going to take a look and try on a few pieces. Just need to take note of the fitting.

Well, gown hunting is fun and I learnt a lot on how to appreciate gowns (coming from a groom), so go enjoy the process


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Eve> I've been there before with a friend, but I didn't like their photography. Not that the photography is bad, but just that I'm more particular about it that I would say its average.

We're both not into pushy sales-type either (we don't know if JWN falls into that category), so we just skipped all the BS along that stretch


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Christy > 2 of my friends are using that
but we didn't like their photography either. :S

we are probably opting for ala carte.

I don't think most of these BS entertain us if we don't take their photography cos thats where more of their income comes from.


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hi all BTBs! i'm a bridal zone customer and we did our photoshoot in july 2008... extremely satisfied with their service thus far! If you're looking around for a bridal shop, will highly recommend considering signing package with them. =D

Went to a few other shops and asked around for their prices and packages, and BZ definitely came up tops!
- photoshoot style: we saw a wide range from casual, posed (happy, romantic, cool etc) basically whatever the couple wants.
- package was most value-for-money. we got the basic OTR promotional package, and includes 6 outfits/5 hairdos, photoshoot till night with 2-3 locations. some other places do not give as many outfits/hairdos and photoshoot may be only till 5pm (before sunset =S) we managed to bargain for more photos in the basic package and got a cheaper price for the additional top-up of pictures.
- grace, our coordinator, also agreed to return the soft copies of all pictures if we topped up enough pictures
- Mini-album upgrade to digital form also, separately designed into storyline form by a Taiwanese company (instead of the full page album for selected pictures only)

some things to note for BZ:
1. photographers are really good, and the pictures are enhanced to create amazing effects. signature shots of BZ include the waterfall at ginger garden and the forest shot with sun rays in botanic gardens! =) as far as i know, the photographers are vincent and howard. vincent's been with BZ very long, but we had howard as our PG, and he was great! fun and easy-going guy, so made our PS enjoyable!
2. MUA is really good! we had angeline and she is amazing! artistic/creative, quick, spontaneous in her hair-dos and makeup. for brides not signing with BZ, she's also freelance. just visit her website, her contact's there. =)

another IMPORTANT factor, BZ was honest. we knew the shops we visited had a stall in the upcoming big wedding fairs for styleweddings and herworldbrides... but NONE of the other shops admitted to them having a wedding fair coming up!!! only BZ told us that they were having upcoming wedding fairs.. but convinced us that we were given the same package as at the fair. (we checked later, and it's true)

i'll be happy to tell anyone more details about our experience with bridal zone. just leave a msg with ur email with whatever questions you have, i'll check back at the forum!

also, our photoshoot pictures are up on our wedding site. feel free to check them out!

AD: 080809
bridal package: Bridal Zone
Coordinator @ Marina Square: Grace
Coordinator @ Boon Keng (for choosing gowns): Ling Ling
MUA: Angeline
PG for photoshoot: Howard

i've also been posting on the bridal zone forum thread on my comments/opinions, go take a look!



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I have a very comprehensive package from Yvonne Creative to let go due to some personal reasons. Original $3088 and i have paid $1088. Willing to let go at $700.

Pls email me at [email protected] if you are interested.



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Sorry, there's a typo error. It should be $800.

Pls email me if you are interested and i'll send you the details.