Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing


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Hi Poppy Gal

keke..i m really thankful for all e compliments..when u see my real person, u will know why i keep saying Aisle "transform me"..

i dun think it is called is just "designer style" as compared to those taiwanese style(as u see in most bridal shop)..yes whatever u see in e alblum it will be e exact print out on my alblum..

Aisle is nice enough to give me soft copies of 1)layout n 2)photo by photo..most bridal shop only give soft copy of photo ..layout they will not give..

Sophia..i never enquire can't help u..
anyway just go aisle for a FREE gown try out session n experience yrself how it is like 2 b a princess..keke


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haa...transformation! thats what i am looking for too! =)

yah. most of the PS of other BTB only show photo by photo so i guess thats the softcopy that other bridal shop provided in their package. while yours is different n unique. will be nice to show something like yours at the banquet.

i definitely will drop by aisle to find out more!

you are very nice & helpful! thanks alot! =D


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Welome,Poppy Gal..

nICe to make new friends on Spore Bride forum..

keke..for once..i feel gd seeing myself in photos.i put e layout as my labtop wallpaper..very "ZI LIAN"..i have e same idea with u..i intend to do a slideshow of all the 10 by one..then i do my 1st march in..

oh yes, where is yr wedding dinner? mine @ Noble House(under Tung Lok, at UIC building)..u try e food there b4?any comments?


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yeah! its really nice to meet so many happy BTB here. everyone is friendly n helpful. it'll be great if i get more links to the PS of others from aisle. think i will post it at aisle topic. =)

mine is at The Legends Fort Canning. long ballroom. so i gotta find a gown with train.

food at noble house is yummy! i think i attended a dinner there few years ago. but do they have a changing room for you?


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hi poppy gal

i agree...really hope 2 see more brides sharing their bridal photo is fun n happy sharing other pple joy..

wOW..Fort Canning is a cool n romantic place..u will enjoy it.. Gown with train ,walking down e romantic..

Noble house has a changing rm..e only thing is no toilet..can't imagine myself in ladies n my guests r there as pai seh..
good..i heard so many postitive comments on their food..set me at ease..i signed up noble house w/o really viewing e place or even try 2 food there b4 cos it is a last day @ wedding show.


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hi faith,

my HTB love Fort Canning and we are v.comfy with the co-ordinator. hee...i hope the whole experience will be romantic too! =)

hmm...maybe dont drink too much water? sip a bit here n there and pop some minty sweets.

i also sign mine at the wedding show. more freebies. and we won lucky draw. 10th prize if i remb correctly. we got a quilt (how to spell ah?) and red wine. nothing great but we had fun! =)


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Hi pOppy Gal

Everything will b long as u treat e pple well,they will in turn treat u well back!

i m trying..i m water tank..i always drink water.. haha..a bit hard not to go toilet throughout e wedding..esp when i m over excited.. least u win something..tat is a gd start


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Hi Faith,

Sorry... been busy over the weekend. My name is May. I don't think Billy remembers me. Just tell him the short short one beside Lilian. (Lian & I are very close, so we are always together)

Anyway, looks like you are one real happy bride. Think I will check out 'The Aisle' after seeing your comments and your fantastic pictures.

Think designer BS that requires a lot of planning and work are out for me are out for me. I am looking for a one-stop kind of place. No time. My hubby to be is too busy. Think he will go mad if I ask him to go to too many places. That's why I am asking for comments first. Price wise, I don't mind paying a bit more if it is good.

I heard good comments about Flamingo, that's why I am considering. If cannot even try then I think forget it. Another two places I heard +ve things about, over this weekend are Sattine and DiGio. Have you been there?

I heard frightening stories about some 'cheaper' places where they will coax you to sign and then their faces will change. They will not allow you to take your MTM gown out for outdoor shots. Is that true? But it is our gown. Why cannot take out? (Cannot understand)

Anyway, where will you be having your wedding dinner? Mind me asking? Mine will be at Sheraton Towers.


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Hi Space Girl

nice 2 hear from u..ok.i ask billy.he has been wondering who u r..

keke..i m happy cos i m blessed with billy,who always give in 2 complains..
my intial worries is e same as yr.Billy left navy n do banking..he is very committed workholic so i really dun have much time running place to place to coordinate..we r lucky to choose Aisle which makes our journey great..billy dun smile at photos n yet e photographer managed to "coax" him to smile more..

For flamingo, this is my personal is better 4 u to go personally.maybe they will let u try ..u never know
cos e coordinator may b diff..

Sattine ..never go b4..DiGio- i have friends who took their package..i heard their gowns r nice too..i seen my friend photo which is not e journlastic feel i want,hence i did not take them..this is a personal thing..

wat i know is for outdoor, BS dun want 2 damage e usually they have another series of "outdoor" gowns for u 2 choose fr..
outdoor gowns is usually lighter so tat it is easier for 2 walk ard during e shoot..
haha..i m superb laid back person..u see my outdoor shoots..i took 1 short knee skirt n i gown(short in front, long at e back) so tat i can contnue to walk n jump ard..hehe..
a lot of couple took outdoor shoot in e bench where it may b friend actually wear e gown to the sea n they took natural shoot of them splashing water on each other..hence i can understand why BS cannot allow u to take those brand new/MTM gown out..if got strains, very hard to wash off...

mY personal advice for BS is to shortlist 2-3 then go down personally..if u run ard to many diff BS ,u n yr partner will end up being tired..esp e guy,since guys r not really into this BS them,is just photo taking.

my adv is try many gowns 2 test e coordinator service b4 u commit 2 e is photograpghy..if there is this alblum u like veri much, better confirm who is e photographer n ensure u r getting back e same photographer for yr shoot..
i seen for some BS, they hire free lance to do photo shoot 2 bring down cost..when i ask for specific photographer, they need i need to top up or get e higher range package.
Package is quite stardard ..$2988/3988/4988,depending on no of photos..

Mine is at Noble House,under Tung ard 45 need a BIG place..

hope i m of help


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Hi Faith,

You have DEFINITELY helped!! You told me so many things that I am not aware of. Thanks for the info on DiGio. Will check it out. Your package is $2988 and you are getting so many photos. Good deal! 30 pcs right?

I can understand about the concern about dirtying the gown. Hmmm... but I am stubborn. Hehe... I still think if I pay more to hae a gown MTM I want it in more of my pictures. Haha...

Is Noble house the once at Shenton Way? Good food! I have been there for D&D before.

Jounalistic feel? Hmmm... didn't know there are so many terms. I only kow that I have seen a few albums from Utopia and I like Travis's work. (He's the photographer) But I heard that he oes not do AD, only does pre-wedding shots. Any good AD photography to recommend? Or is your the all in one package? I heard light pixel is good.


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Hi May

Billy is with me now..he remember who u are..he send his regards to u n congra u on getting married too..

yes...30 pcs is gd deal..e normal one i seen for 3k package is normally 24-28 photos(max) i m happy with my package + e high quality photo..
u must check whether they r giving u digital alblum or normal alblum..

for yr MTM outdoor u better confirm wit yr BS on yr wish n make them commited on yr case they turn their back on u..

yes..noble house @ shenton way..we heard gd reviews on their food hence billy want to sign with them cos he is very particular tat e guest enjoy their food..

journatalic feel is like those artistic feel photo..not those just post n smile photo..if u look at my alblum , u see e last photo(where i smile n billy is at e back,faded away)..something of tat type..something unique tat u know yr friend can't capture tat type of shoot..

for AD , u can consider Alan Signature( a bit more pricy) or FOTO-U-Eugene..tat r e one i shortlisted..i did not enquire on e one u can't comment..

i like Aisle photos so we also took our AD photo with them after seeing our own studio photos..


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Hi ladies,

Just to share my experience with my BS.. I signed up with them despite the mixed reviews I read, coz 1) it is within budget ($2988 package for ROM, PS, AD), 2) the man who served us during our visit there was very friendly, and 3) it is near my workplace.

I haven't had my PS, but I have had my ROM and have chosen my gowns. So far my hubby and I are extremely pleased with their service.

The lady who is serving me is wonderful. When I went for my first trial make-up, she came to me to ask me immediately after the trial if I wanted a trial with another MUA to compare.. Of course I accepted the offer.. After the 2nd trial, the lady still asked me if I wanted another trial.. and I told her don't need coz I was happy enough with the 2nd one..

When choosing gown, I tried and retried many gowns (I think almost 20 WG/EG in total).. Ended up picking the 1st gown I tried on.. But once in a lifetime chance to try on WG/EG, so I just asked to try more for the fun of it really.. haha.. It was quite hilarious coz some gowns were totally off.. But the lady was extremely patient! She had to keep bending up and down to help me put on the can-can for every try, but she never stopped smiling and laughing with us.

Also, we went to the BS in the beginning of May to arrange for a PS in early June. We couldn't have it later coz of our overseas trip and my hubby's reservist. She said usually ppl choose their gowns at least 1 month before their PS, so we were actually on pretty tight schedule coz we haven't even fixed a date to choose the gown. She immediately arranged a date a few days later for us to choose our gown and arranged a date in the beginning of June for our PS. But later I found out that I couldn't make it on that day, so I called her to change. She immediately called up my MUA and photographer and helped me arrange another date - settled within 15 min and absolutey no complaints!

My BS doesn't allow me to wear my AD gown for outdoor shoot, but I didn't mind, coz it means I have 1 more gown to take photos in!
.. But I asked my AD PG if we could stop for a short outdoor shoot in btw the travelling on the AD.. My AD PG gladly agreed to do so.. So I got the best of both worlds..
(Just hope weather is good on my AD!)

I think for the price we paid, we got more than we asked for. Our package allowed us to have MTM WG & EG, but I didn't use it because the lady picked out brand new ones for me to choose from.

I think good service really makes a lot of difference, because you are going to have A LOT of interactions with the BS if you take their full packages (ROM to PS to AD, with all the trials and fittings etc).. For those seeking BS, my advice is not only to find out which BS is good, find out who you should get to service you and when you go there, specify that you want that person to serve you.. Ppl often research to find out which MUA / PG from a particular BS is good, but it is equally important to find out about the person who is going to serve you..

Good luck to everyone in your search for BS..


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Indeed! After getting BS package, with so many appts there throughout, it's really very impt tt we muz feel good with the ones helping us directly. Had heard of terribly stressed situations by some frenz with their BSs myself...

Considered lucky... as being ex-bride of PMB myself, I experienced a real wonderful process and an unforgettable wedding day...for my gorgeous gowns and wedding pictures had won so much of endless praises, praises & praises. Up to recently, I still get ppl asking for PMB contact for themselves, as well as surroundings.

Only being with PMB, I truly understand why PMB earn so much of non-stopped good reviews .

Sincerely, I wont hestiate to recommend their SURPERB SERVICE and WORTHY PACKAGE here.

Last but not least, best wishes to all...) &

VERY EXCITEDLY, a toast to myself and my hubby as we are again in the next stage of LIFE!!!

Yeah...CHEERS to soon our parenthood!!!

C u ya over the motherhood...


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Hi all,

Does anyone knows who does clean cut gowns, other than Margaret Brides and Bridal Veil?



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I was told by my BS that for MTM, it is free for tailoring/ workmanship and the gown material. Any additional lace, pearls, sequins, emboidery etc have to pay extra. As nobody wears a plain gown, does it mean that although MTM is included in my package, it is not really FOC?

It sounds that my BS can only make MTM FOC for v basic designs. I thought MTM is v common a wedding package, some even hv both WG and EG MTM, mine is only either one. After considering the extra cost to pay if i MTM, i think i will stick to OTR. felt a bit cheated now.

May i know what is the norm for BS when they say "MTM"?

Thanks for advice


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Hi melon,

I share similar thoughts as you. Think most BS, if not all, will limit the materials that you can use for your MTM gown. The most standard things that I have heard is no full lace and no full embroidery, etc.

I would say to make a decent MTM gown, you definitely must top up! For me, actually I find most wedding gowns are more of less unless you really can't find the SIZE that suits you from OTR, I would say take gowns from OTR.

Got a friend who says she MTM her gown to a design that is from Vera Wang..but when I look at her gown, I would say hmmm..looks quite common to me. Maybe I don't know how to appreciate designer's creations..

I have heard some BS even have MTM both WG and EG and the basic package costs was like only $3,688. How would that be possible rite? Well, unless you do the minimal for your gowns..which I feel is quite unlikely ba


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Hi melon,

For most of the BSes that do MTM, they do provide a certain amount of lace, pearls, sequins, and embroidery. As for how much, it usually varies from designer to designer. To get an idea of how much "basic" stuff they provide, u can ask to see other brides' gowns which do not require top up. "Plain" is very subjective, as some people may prefer a simpler gown.

Or if u already have an idea of what design u want, u can show it to the designer and ask for a quotation.

For e.g. if one wants a full french lace dress, it will definitely require top up, as the material itself is very expensive (can go arab street/online to verify). So it is only fair we need to top up.

The good thing about MTM is that we can design a dress that is exactly what we want, like marry a few elements of different dresses if we like, and if it suits us. of course, if u already can find what suits u and what u like in an OTR dress, or do not have time for design sessions, then OTR would be the way for u.

Hope that helps some! And good luck with the search.


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Hi Faith... Wan Ting here!! Wow you look stuNning in the pictures.. Really excited for you. You must be busy with your preparation now. Congratulations!!!


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hey melon,
I got a MTM measure package for both WG and EG. Think what you shared is pretty common. However, think I am very blessed cause the BS I am with has written in black and white that the package allows me to choose any material/ embroidery with no additional cost. So far no comments about them raising cost on issues like that.


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I just want to share my bad experience with my BS. I'm very very disappointed with FRENCH BRIDAL at Tanjong Pagar. My FH brought his own pants down as "sample" and they took measurements for his MTM pants. Two weeks later when called them to see if the pants are ready, they said that no measurements have been taken. And my designer said that Yiling has left, it was her case and her things are very messy. To me, these are their internal problems. Why push blame to an ex staff who had already left the company and made her scapegoat?

Furthermore, when we went down to take measurements, Yiling was not even around. She wasnt the one who took my FH's measurement. It was another auntie called Irene (if I'm not wrong). Sometimes, when you make a mistake, all you need to do is to apologize and double up and make sure future experince is good for the customers. Instead we were told that we dont need new pants for our photoshoot wat, they can let it to us. Actual day then needs new pants.Sure, we could have buy new pants or even use our own pants for photoshoot but the point here is that they are not even admitting their mistake and no apology made.

With such irresponsible way of answering the customer and slipshod attitude in service, I'm really worried about my actual day...if they would mess things up..and then push blame again.

Actually, this is not the first time. The previous time was my evening gown, which didnt turn out as nice as we all thought it would. Sometimes, it's no one's fault when decision is made by ourselves...yet again, they said "u should have listen to the designer because we know best." Hello....who gave the advice? Who said it would be nice? Again, I cant stand the irresponsible service attitude and blame game.

I really regretted signing up with French Bridal. AND I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FRENCH BRIDAL TO ANYONE!


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Hey pea...
Sorry to hear about your experience.
My friends went there for their wedding too. They encountered similar problem. They got her husband's suit colour wrong. Brown instead of white. Then they said it was too late for changes.


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That's VERY bad! White and brown are so different! French Bridal should get your friend a new white suit by hook or by crooked. They made the mistake and the customers suffer the consequence. Very very lousy bridal!


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Dear Friends

sorry MIA for very long cos busy with AD..

fINISH Part of my AD last Sat..
jUST want 2 say The Aisle bridal is really GREAT!

These are my studio+ actual day photo , both packages i took from Aisle -


Actual Day- e photographer took more than 700 pix for e morning part..i only post some due to loading time:

When i went back on sun 2 return e gown, e lady boss start discussing with me on how my dinner should be..she want to help me plan my march in song n new accessories so as to match my dinner,etc..

i m really touched by everything they done..while other BS keep talking 2 me abt extra charges for split day wedding, Aisle just focus on making things right n give me e comfort to stick to my decision..Thk god to have them as my BS..


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Hi ladies,

Just to share, my Bridal Shop is Sg Bridal from JB.

I just had my photoshoot session last weekend. Managed to capture some candid shots with the help of my sis and bro. I have posted the photos in my multiply (swee11).

In case, anyone interested in my BS, do PM or email me. I can share with u my package.


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Hello ladies!

Does any of you have experiences with or comments on the following to share:-

1) LeBelle Couture (or LB, misspelled intentionally with 'e' instead of 'a', cos strangely the forum does not allow that word)
2) Divine Couture
3) Dreamz Wedding by Claire
4) Frederick Bridal
5) Graceful Image?

Many thanks in advance!


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Hi ladies,

I'm a Sep 08 bride and i would like to share with you ladies my exprience with my BS, Julia Wedding News at Tanjong Pagar Rd. Although its abit more pricy as compared to the others along the street but their services and beautiful gown compensate all.

Just had my PS in Greece sometime in May and went to view the layout of the ablum today. Was very impressed by the outcome. From the point i signed up with them till now, their service level has always been very consistent... and of course not forgetting their georgous gown. No regrets at all.

If you are still searching for a BS, do consider them in your list...

They are going to hold a wedding show in vivocity from 23 Jul 08 to 27 Jul 08 after their 1st show 10 yrs ago. Do visit them.

If you would like to know more can go to their website or email me at [email protected] for pkg details.

Happy searching!!


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hi gers,

I'm a Mar 09 bride and my Bs is "MY bridal room" at Bugis - Tan Quee Lan street. I have gone through my Rom with them and i must say they have been very patient with my change of appointment due to last min unforseen situation like my hb reservist.

If you are still searching for a BS, you can also consider "My bridal room", you can call up the boss - Uncle Quek @ this no: 6338 1908.

I can email you my pkge which i took since last yr dec if you want to.. Can Pm me..



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Hi ladies,

I'm having my AD in Apr 09. Now searching for gowns, suits, etc. Will not be having any pre-wedding photos, so gonna go for ala carte.

Other than D'sire and Allure Charix, any more recommendations where I can get my gowns? Thanks!


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Hi Takimi

So sorry to hear that.
I knew about the M&M case. Coz I have a friend signed up with them too.

My Dream Wedding, indeed is a newly set-up BS.
Think their signature package maybe having PS in Hong Kong.
Got many beautiful scenery, very nice photos.
The gowns gorgeous and unique too.
Maybe you can find out more at their shop, if you love having PS in Hong Kong.

If you don't mind, I can recomend you The Aisle Bridal Boutique.

Same as Faith Toh and Janet Sim, we are the happy TA btb.
We enjoyed their excellent service.
The lady boss, Vicky and their staffs are super friendly and nice people.
Their gowns are heavenly gorgeous.
Their in-house PG, Georgie, very nice person with unique photography skill.
Their AD PG/VG team, needless to say, equally GOOD.
You can click Faith's link for your reference.
We have lots of other TA brides sharing their happy experience in The Aisle forum.
Do drop by the forum and read our sharing.
Btw, I just got my studio photo soft copy last week. I don mind to share with everybody.

I can understand the agony you are going through.
Because I did gave up the previous BS with deposit paid, due to certain reason.
Eventually, I signed up with The Aisle Bridal.
You can make appointment with Vicky and tell her your current problem. See what she can help you.
Feel free to consult her. Don't worry. She don't hard sell.

As this might be your "second" chance.
You got to choose wisely for this round.
Try to find out as much info of other BS as possible.
Think which BS suit you the best and comfortable with.
Do more comparison before signing up with them.
I'm sure you will find your ideal BS

Apologise for being long-winded.


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Hi Takimi

Can imagine how bad u feel with M& jiahui said,better shop ard b4 confirming any package..

i think e package is not most impt..mOst impt , their services n photos are up to stardard..

personally i seen dream e photos are all taken by artists, u can't be sure of e stardard..u have to look at real life examples of common pple photo to access their stardard..sometimes, u seen most of e BS , they will put e alblum of models which is not i always request to see the actual client photo b4 confirming e package..Something for u to take note..


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Hi all,

I'm a Flamingo Bridal bride.. And I would really want to praise their service!!
Well.. Flamingo Bridal had MTM my dream WG and EG... Whatever design you want from them, they can do it!! Including clean cut design by Bridal Veil to bareback WG by Divine, they can do it!! Cause I had a bareback WG and a CS EG.. Everyone said the gowns looked nice on me!! =)
Their package is 3688nett for MTM WG and MTM EG.. If you are getting OTR WG, will deduct 400 from the price.. The package also include a full suit for the gown, makeup, flowers for car, bride, corsages etc.. the standard stuffs.. =) Currently they are having discount for DBS card of $200..
I have never regret signing up with Flamingo Bridal.. So, if you are looking for MTM WG, you definately can go take a look as Shirley, the boss is not pushy at all and just make sure that Shirley is around when you pop by.. She can suggest and advise on the WG.. Still remember during my 1st visit at Flamingo I actualli request to try out their gowns.. I tried about 2 pcs.. Well.. It was the surroundings which made me felt very comfortable..and the location is very convinent.. =)
My hubby is also very happy with his MTM suit.. =)
I understand that some people will have constraint on the PG if taking a designer bridal shop.. well.. i got myself quite a good deal from Linn Photography.. Her package is 1650 with ALL negatives return, 10pgs of montage, 10pgs of full pg; 1 big frame and 2 table top frames.. =)
Well.. you can ask for more pgs or cheaper rate as Linn is open to discussion.. =)
So.. total, i spent about 5k on my gowns and pre-wedding shoot.. =)


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Hi nph,

I gotten a OTR WG from Flamingo, my MTM WG & EG, the chinese kua and our own clothes for PS.
As for the album, I'm not sure what is magazine style type, But it is similar to the album provided by the rest of the BS.


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Thanks bb,

But if we need 1 more evening gown for the photoshoot, do we rent fr them? any idea roughly how much it cost?


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Dear sisters,

Need some advices from all of you in this forum. I had my photo shoot take on 28 and 29 July. But I received a call today from the bridal shop, telling me that my photographer's laptop has been stolen. They had requested me to go back and re-take all the photos again.

I had told them that it is a hassle for me to re-schedule my time. What will you do if you were me?


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Hi ladies,
i am very interested in My dream wedding BS. But heard that is a bit pricey. Has anyone sign up with them already? Can share the information on price and package? Thanks.


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hi gals!

i'm just starting to look for BS... and it's so tiring! Hee. Anyway, I've 'shortlisted' a few based on the photo albums at their booth:
1. Bridal Concept
2. Bliss Bridal
3. Sattine

Any views / recommendations? Appreciate if any of you could share your albums with me ([email protected])... tired of those sales talk... i'd prefer to see customer reviews and experiences =) thanks!!


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Hi just to share my views. Here are a list of bridal boutiques which i went last week to take a look at their gowns for my Banquet.

1) Julia Wedding News - Nice gowns full of details. Not much of hard selling. Package wise, its slightly expensive compared to the rest prolly due to the quality of their gowns. So be prepared.

2) Di Gio - Nice gowns. Friendly staffs. Were offered S$2899 for 1 WG & 1 EG, 1 MTM Suit for my husband, 1 photographer for AD with 300 prints.

3) Yvonne Creation - Simple gowns. Being approached by Rosie. Hard seller, kept pursading us to take full package for pre-wedding shoot and AD.
However, we already took our pre-wedding shoots a year ago with another BS (at first we thought we could escape wedding banquet thus we went ahead with the photoshoot know in-laws..) Anyway, we told Rosie about it and she kept pestering us to reveal the BS we went. We told her in the end and instead of being neutral about it, she constantly gave negative comments. To make it worst, she said laughing :"If the BS is good, you wont be an angry bride and come to us instead!"
Please dont go for Rosie if you are interested in YC.

my gfs and husband are so pissed with her sacarstic remarks. She assumed the that i am angry with my previous BS. But the reason why i came sourcing for others is because my previous BS advised me to, saying that we shouldnt rush into it and should take a look elsewhere to see if we can find any gowns/package better than them so that i wont regret in the future.

4) Wedding News Bridal Couture - my previous BS. Nice gowns. Friendly, excellent services, honest and dont do hard selling. They waited for me till 12am to select the gowns!! Ultimately they are still our final choice. So..we signed the package and now i am a happy BTB!!!

Ps/ sorry for the lengthy post. =P


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Hi All, i'm quite new here. Kinda
got familiar cos my bestie got married recently. I'm a Jun10 bride, so doing my research now. If possible, I would rather nail down the BS, photog etc etc ETC (so many things!) as early as i can. can't stand the ding-donging (not a patient person by nature :p ) and not to mention the "inflation" haha...

Anyway do you think it's to early to book a package now?

I have visited a few BS, so far they are ok with me trying the gowns before we sign anything. Any reviews on DiGio, Golden Horse, Sattine, Wedding Present and LaBelle Couture?


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hi ladies, I'm letting go of my White Link package, secured before their price hike recently, at a very attractive discount (original package price $3988). Pls email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks


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Hi Gals,

Can someone juz share with me, for Made to Measure Gowns, can it be tried on by other people, other than the bride herself?

If your MTM Gown is promised to be kept til your wedding, and nobody gets to see or try it, but you saw it being tried by others, wat would you do???