Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing


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Hi all,

I have a wedding package from Fiori Bridal to let go cos I have decided to go overseas for my bridal photo shoot instead. I've only paid $200 deposit. Willing to let go at $180.

It is a very comprehensive package, $3000nett, that provides:
-1 MTM Wedding gown,
-1MTM Evening gown,
-ROM packages (inclusive of another OTR wedding gown),
-26pcs of photos 12X15,
-6 costumes for studio shooting
-100 4R photos to give away and
-1 bestman's attire
-1 bridemaid's gown
-car with driver

The owner is very good with DIY and is really value-for-money.

Interested parties have to go back to them to place another round deposit by 15/07/2007 to secure the package. Package is OPEN date and transferable.

For more details, please PM me/ leave ur email on this thread.

***please do not use this package details to negotiate with them as the boss has specially given us extra freebies. Hehe!

Thank you so much! =)


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Hihi ladies! I m very interested in PMB packages after reading so many rave reviews
However, i m actually looking for ROM packages.. anyone care to share?? Thanks!

my email is [email protected]


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Hi yun11,

I'm also a BTB with PMB and so far, I must also give my thumbs up for their good attitude and after sales service.

You can call 65625486 to check if you wanna know more.

Hope this helps


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Hi melody, that is what i got when i went down for consultation @ PMB sometime in April 07 and i wrote down all the details cause i drop by alone since i was just doing facial few units away. Hope this helps.

Precious Moment $2145 + Outdoor
1)Actual Wedding
- 1 set of wedding grown, 1 evening grown, 1 set tea dress (All OTR)
- 1 gent set
- Bridal w choice fresh flower n corsages
- Bridal car deco & bridemaid's car ribbon
- Actual day & night makeup & hair do
2)Photography Session
- 15 pc of 15" * 12" (i only manage to neg to 20 photo)
- 1 piece of 11" * 14"
- 3 sets of outfits each for bride n groom
- Bridal bouquet w fresh flower
- Accessories free on loan
- Studio makeup & hairdo
3)FOC Tea Dress & Trial makeup (I requested for my rom 1)
Need to top up $30 for hair-do for ROM
Car not included. Need to top up min $550 for Merz car on the actual day.


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Dear all BTB, another good source of BS will be Ted Collection (not Ted Wu) & can also try JAWN boutique - can read their thread for yourself before deciding if it's worth to pay them a visit. Rather than taking ref. here directly.

Coz there are some unscrupulous BS people here who fake as BTB then post good comment on themselves & get us con & cheated when we visit them. I initially took one ref here & as a result, they won't let me out of the bridal shop (along tg. pagar)& keep talking & talking with strong arms tatics. Until my bf turn ugly. It's so scary...

Do be very wary of these "opinion" that sound too good to be true.


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Nita, i do agree. althought i am a newbie here (just rom, jus looking for BS), i was "harassed" in one of the BS at Tanjong Pagar too.

Does pple go for ala-crate?


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Hi Gals,
does anyone or any of ur frens is interested in taking over my french bridal wedding pkg.Due to some changes,i'll be going overseas to held my customary. My pkg is worth of $3688 & i'm selling it off at $2788 & the wedding pkg is open date. I already paid $1.2k as deposit so u jus have to pay $1k if u r interested in taking over. Pls e-mail me at [email protected] for more details.


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Hi Lin, sometime you don't have to read between the line to see who are the genuine BTB or those send by the BS to spam the forum with their self-proclaim good services, cheap price etc.

Yes more & more ppl these days are choosing a la carte as compare to ONE-stop BS & put your head on the chopping board.


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honestly speaking, i'm a bit wary of those who has very old joint date. haha how could a person be a bride or groom for years...


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Maxi, apart from the join date, isn't it obvious that some are true con-artist who pretend as bride to transfer package here & there etc. Mainly those from Tg Pagar area, they "cross" reference each other with different user name. Genuine bride need not feel offended.

Somehow, ask yourself these question, if a pkg priced at $2988++ do you think they actually make money from you? Think again, they have overheads, rental, make-up, photography - naturally it's the price that attract you & from there, addition cost involve will be from the photo selection. Otherwise how they make money? Let's justify this, they need to survive too. While I prefer to do a la carte, that way I know what I'll be getting without addition hiden cost.


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Hi Gals..

Me ROM in 1999 ... But only having my AD this year .... hahaha..

Maybe there is pplp like me ??? hahaha ..

Anyway .. judge from yourself ... no matter how pplp promote .. here ... in the end u really have to like what you see before u sign ....

Ya .. really saw alot of good comments abt PMB .. till i so curious about them althought i have already sign up with other BS. I heard their service is pretty good but photo just so-so from some of the bride whom hv visit them while shortlisting Bs ...

Anyway .. I think i like my BS .. cos they can make a big sz gal like me to look so different ..
.. In case, anyone want to know which BS i join .. My BS is J&M at Tg Pagar ..

Not all Tg Pagar BS is no good .... there is alot of good n nice BS there too

btw.. here is the link which i come across at other thread which is useful if u are shopping for BS ..


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hi bride08 and starmambo..
sorry just saw ur msgs on this thread.. i think u both r in the PMB thread liao rite? hee..
anyway they hv a basic package at $1995... but they r very flexible to cater to ur needs...

i signed up for 85pics wif them coz i reali love my visit and also the svcs there.. reali feel at home when at PMB..

keke im a happy bride at PMB nv regret giving up my previous bridal package i took.. cheers


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the link has been removed? my wedding was over liao but now and then i still visit sgbrides to read some gossips, other threads about life questions, family problems are interesting too. Once awhile I will share my experience with some brides asking for advice, but not advertising for them lah. yet some so-called "brides" recommanding the BS is really blatantly advertising for them.


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I am a new BTB! Currently sourcing for a reliable with quality service BS. Actually have shortlisted 3 BS (Feline, French & Jazz) but after reading so much bads about their services, a bit worried hence decided to explore more.

Can anyone share with me the packages offered by both My Bridal Shop and Precious Moment?

My email is [email protected].



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swee, I'm also sourcing for package (but for studio photography only)

Mind to share abt the bad service you heard abt French?

I'll be checking out Precious Moment Bridal this wkend. Will share my comments after which.


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Hi All,

Here's some advice for you gals selecting bridal shops now... Don't get con into signing packages which seems too good to be good. Those so called nett prices packages are not true! Most of the time you will end up topping up for alot of things... Just be careful of the tactics used k? Pls ask them carefully. Dun end up like me, I just calculated the total cost spent at my BS and found that I could have gone ala carte & got what I really want. BS are too restrictive with what they can do!!


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Hi gals

I'm 09 BTB and now sourching for a few more BS before making a decision soon. Had been to 5 BS but so far...din reali find one right yet

Got frens and colleagues told me about Precious Moment Bridal too
Was told that they have very good reviews in their services and gowns. Will definately drop by Precious moment Bridal to check them out and shall give my comment soon ya

wish me luck...cheers


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Hi chole, have have lots of time in choosing & making that final decision.

I'm dropping by to Precious Moment Bridal too, let's keep each other updated?


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why PMB's photos so little? 15 is the lowest I've heard! I went to GHA, they throw in alot of things but I didn't like the gowns at all, some very old already. I guess if want quality gotta really forgo some freebies and choose a good BS lor.

i signed with The Aisle bridal, so far very happy there. It's very big and the decor very nice, that's the first impression i got when i walked passed it!

my FH love all the dresses we chose! Can't wait to wear them on my AD! So far, the service is great. Everyone's so friendly, and we'll always end up chatting and joking around during fittings or discussions..

we negotiated 30photos, i think it's quite alot already


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Err..guess it's due to their price at only $1995. others give a few more but many priced more than $3088 or even higher. Anyway, Im seeing them to find out more and shall update details here soon.


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Hi swee,

MBR have different package. It depends on wat is ur preference. Most importantly is make an appt to take alook at the gown and the suit and of cos the photos before u decide. Dont make a rush decision.. source around 1st.

Hee hee but i sign up with MBR w/o sourcing around cos really like their service and the suit for guy is different..

Do pop in to take alook....

Happy searching


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hey netfinity,

can show me your package details? I signed with The Aisle already but also curious if i'm getting a good deal already or not!


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I didn't, wedding was over when i found this. A friend who's marrying in December is buying. Will update you if you are keen to know.


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Hey netfinity,

Sorry I didn't send you my package details. Too busy and lazy to type open email and type it there. so I'll just type here lor.

I got my package for $2988 which includes
2 man's suit
1 man's pants mtm to keep
2 father's suit
2 bestmen suit
2 bridesmaid dress
2 flowergirl dress

6 outfits for PS
1 fresh bouquet on ad
1 bridal car deco and ribbons for following cars
1 trial makeup
1 studio day makeup
1 wedding day morning makeup
1 wedding day night makeup

30pcs 12'x15' album (magazine style)
36pcs 4R with 6 poses
1 5R mini album
1 20" canvas portrait
1 CD ROM with selected pictures returned to us

I topped up $400 for S-series bridal car with lucky plate number 9999, think must buy 4D already.

for PS, i got 6 outfits, with unlimited accessories change. also have an assistant to follow during outdoor shoot. What about yours?? share share!


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Hehe...Im definately to be called a kiasu 09 BTB lor bcoz I already started shopping for BS since last year;) sob sob...ofcoz veri veri tiring to see so many BS...but luckily I have my 08BTB galfren scouting for BS too. We went to many and seriously, found them all offer quite the same things in their packages and cost about $3k-$4k. well, few of BS offer MTM gowns in their pkg...around 20-30 photos...the rest quite alike.

The last BS we stopped at was Precious Moment Bridal 2 weeks ago. They must be happy that they got another 2 couples snap shot signed on the spot that day! Fair enough as we feel very happy with them too.

My comment to share is, PMB digital albums had simply caught our eyes. Lots of designed photos but no extra cost. Saw beautiful gowns and they look very new and quality is good. $$$ quite reasonable + we find their $$$ for extra photos are much cheaper. Veri friendly nice people and all of us felt so easy-going at the shop. Lotsa fun!!!

wonder any 09 BTB like me has oso sign a bridal package..hmm...wanna share share?


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I have a qn! i'm planning my wedding in 2008, hopefully NOv/Dec. Starting to look for hotels also. For long b4 the wedding must we start looking for one? Can i book one like next yr? cuz i tot i wana go for some bridal shows before deciding. Pls advise!!


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you should start now... especially if u r getting a MTM rental WD and EG. They need ard 4 mths to make ur dress and PS is 4 mths b4 ur AD.. Thats what i was told.. U also need to 'book' ur MUA and photographer in advance.. just in case the MUA and photographer that you like are not available on ur AD


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bridal shops make their money from printing your photos. imagine each photos costs about $50-$60. I got all my photos back 800 pieces of them in a digital CD. I can do printing myself.
Printing of photos only costs less than 50 cents. If I print all , only cost me $400 bucks.
Don't be a sucker to pay your hard eaned money for extra photos.
I engaged my own photographer who specialises only in photography.

Bridal shops are unethical. Why they have to charge your every pose and photos at $50-$60? it's ridiculous and not logical.

If you pay your photographer $1000 - $1500 for their services and skill to take wedding photography, it's a fair and square business practice and you get all your photos back.

All the WG and EG in bridal shops have been tried and worn by hundreds of brides before. Feels like renting costumes only for your big day.

Your wedding photos belong to you. bridal shops do not have copyright and retain them as it is personal to you. And imagine you have to pay them to give extra copies.

I would seriously encourage all brides to go ala carte. The total cost is only about 20% more compared to bridal shop total costs. and you get top quality from all vendors.
The advantage of engaging ala carte, is you can choose your own MUA, photographer, florist, and choose / design your gown.
If you do not find their services satisfactory, you can change any of them. BS do not allow this. So if you are given lousy MUA or photographer, you don't even know (or have no choice as you have paid).

I planned my wedding only 3 months in advance and I did not have the stress of choosing BS as I know I got professionals to handle my wedding.

Imagine if your BS did not do a good job and most of the things are handled by them, you will be stressed out finding last minute replacement.


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Dear Brides to be,

I had my wedding recently. With this recommendation, I hope to express and share my joy and satisfaction working with designers Amanda Lee and Vaughn Tan.

Amanda Lee needs no introduction as she is by now a well known local wedding designer.

Vaughn has been keeping a low profile and he is a true gem uncovered.

Take your time shopping around and most importantly, enjoy the whole process!


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Hi TangoBride,
Can you share who is your photographer? Did you manage to get back all soft copies of your PS photos even without topping up?

I understand that even if we go ala carte and get a professional photographer to take the PS pictures, there is still a limit to how many photos is included, eg like 20 photos. So there seems to be still a need to top up to get back the pics.


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Hi All,
Just want to share my experience with everyone, previously i was deciding between:
a. $3998 package
- excludes PS but ties up with famous photographers that charge $1000 - $1500 (don't remember how many photos, think about 30 pcs)
- MTM WG & EG (to keep), MTM men's suit (to keep)
b. $3777 package
- includes everything but WG & EG are off the shelf.

Naturally with a budget in mind, i took the (b) $3777 package.

1. i top up $1500 for photos so end up i spend the same amount as package (a)
2. my photographs (esp. indoor ones) are not what i wanted and the photographer's angle made me looked fat (we did communicate with him b4 hand) We top up cos my hub wants memories
3. my BS tells me now that they have no halter and very limited sweetheart neckline WG. Reason: s'pore brides don like it so didnt bring fr Taiwan. Imagine this! And before i sign for package (b), BS said they will bring whatever i want from wherever n if all else fails, then they will MTM one for me as long as the design is popular!!! SO what now?

why i would choose package (a) if given another choice:
1. MTM has different meanings in different BS. Most cheaper BS just ask u for photos, make a gown using cheap material and lace, and charge u extra for extra lace, crystals, embellishments etc They produce what u want, without considering suitability (as with the price they charge, they do not have the professionals that can give such advices). Then another kind of MTM is the designer kind where they let u try different designs to first determine suitability, then sketch your dream WG. This is with special consideration for what kind of necklines are suitable, what kinds of materials are suitable to create the perfect look, what kind of colors suits u, and most importantly, you create a gown that is of the correct length. (so u don have to be in the curtsy position by holding the 2 sides of yr WG, or buy highly uncomfortable 5" or if u r tall, flat shoes, just because yr WG is off the rack and length cannot be altered!
2. i get professional photographers, that is more impt than having 80 pcs of unflattering photos
3. i can have my flattering sweetheart or halter necklines on what could possibly be the most impt day of my life, SIMPLY becos they are more suitable for me, and not becos the rest of spore are more suitable for bustiers!!!!!!!
4. i get to keep 1 EG, and 1 men's suit

point made, and will be glad to share more


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Hi, PMB stands for Precious Moment Bridal and it is at Sin Ming Road, near to Thomson Community centre.

I also signed up my package there. So far, have very good experience on their service throughout all my appointments. I've chosen my gowns and very happy with them
Hmm...they really have alot of OTR gowns for me to choose and i'm impressed with the condition as they all look very clean and new. Well..err...I'm very fussy over this as it actually saved me hassle from going for MTM gowns.

I think PMB Package is rather comprehensive in price and like many mentioned, service is said to be rather good.


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Hello there,

Happened to drop as my wedding just over...hehe.. on 2-12-08. I'm a satisfied ex-PMB bride and would like to express my contentment at PMB. They are commendable for their imoressive gowns and photo albums. Together with my hubby, we had enjoyed their service pretty much.

No doubt to recommend this BS here & all the best in getting your good BS soon. Cheers!


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hi ladies,
Is it better to sign up BS packages at roadshow or in the BS boutique itself.
Coz some frens advise to go for roadshows coz is value for $ but the gowns that they opt for u to choose is limited n not very impressive.
While some advise me to go their boutique to recce 1st, try on some if possible then decide n sign up with them, tho more ex but worth it..
I am in dilemna now coz I now sourcing n will seriously hunt for BS in Jan 08 n had sign up for some BS show..