Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..


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halo Aurelia Cho,

congrats on your ROM! mine was done tgt with my AD which is on MAY 2010 hee.just over. alot of guests give compliments on my new figure and also said that i have younger look now.

anyway, i had lost abt 17kg in acupuncture slimming program which consist of detox+dietary and acupuncture. of course determination is needed. i have already maintain for 1 yr le.

i also scare of pain and needle one, but for acupuncture not pain one, only can feel little vibration when the currency connected to the needle. i always slpt during the treatment.
if you need more contact details or program infor of this program can email me at [email protected]

by OCT you shld be able to shed off 10 kg la. i can do it why u cant? DETERMINATION!!


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Hi Aurelia,

welcome to this thread and congrats on your ROM. If the doctor do it at the wrong acu point, then it will feel pain else is just like ants bite. I went through the acu program as well, manage to shed off 10KG and currently still able to maintain for the past 1yr ++..Now is in my xs size, anyway fyi i also dislike needles.. but when i went for the consultation that time, i ask them to test it on my hands before i make any decision. Does not want to waste $, so must make full use of it.
If you need more information, can email me @ [email protected]


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Hi Aurelia, you may want to take a look at TRA. its painless(no needles), very practical, safe and effective. TRA was mentioned in Her World mag this mth issue too. You can contact my consultant Roz at 98006632. She can share more.All the best!!


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Hey Jasmine, fat ger and zara..

Thank you for your replies. Anyway my fiance doesn't allow me to go to 'treatment'. He said I'm good enough like this and because nobody complains so... just like that lol..

Well I feel bad if I insist and go against him. Guys are like that, they just don't understand how we feel~


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Hi aurelia,
you are welcome )= no worries, haiz guys are like that they think we can slim down like them easily. They don't understand one la.

Hmmm true if he object you but you go against him will feel bad. You can learn from me, I brought my hubby there to accompany me for consultation n let my consultant explain to us. At first he also not happy with it but after saw my result he got more confident on this program.

Most importantly is let him understand this program is not like those slimming salon de treatment . (=


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hi all,

i have just sign up with LFI today on a 3 months program. seriously want to lose the weight and to gain confidence, but skeptical if i am determined enough to go thru the 2 weeks of detox. how did u gals did it?



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Hi berry egg, good la! Don't worry la I can slim down you can too! Hmm only first 2 days abit can't get used but after that I can do it well n lost abt 17kg .
I can you can do it too ! Keep it up.
Enjoy before you start hee


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Hi Berry egg,

Find out the reason why you must really slim down, will give you the force to continue
First 3 days is abit hard as our body suddenly no intake of foods, but after that you will feel more comfortable already. So as long as you can tahan for the first 3 days, you pass the test
Anything can ask us,will try our best to help you.
Jia you...


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hi rita,

normally the program is 3 months wor. i spent 4mths + to slim down abt 17kg.
how much u need to lose?
you getting married right?
hmmm alright i will email you about my package cost, details and contact. my email is [email protected]
you go for consultation then see how much u can lose in 3 weeks lo. but the time too short le.


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hi Rita,

How much you need to lose within 3wks? Time is pretty short but is all depend on how fast your body can react. I email you the detail, you can take alook at it.


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hi all,

found a thread in Flowerpod Forumss, hope it helps.. my advise is to do check out other forumss on whatever you need b4 committing.

Below is wat i copy from there.

QUOTE (beannie @ Mar 23 2010, 07:21 PM)
I have signed up a package from LF last friday.. Cost around $3.6K !!! Each time i think of it, i feel heart pain.
is 20 sessions plus the products (S-factor, B&H) . Give me quite a lot

For the first two weeks, i am asked to detox first.. Today is my 4th day. Lost around 1Kg. Will start for the acupture slimming end of this mth. Hopefully by end of Apr, I can really see weight loss and by end of the whole sessions (around 3mths), i can lose at least 10Kg or not. I'm weighing 65kg and been putting 10Kg for the past 3 years

Anyone went to LF? Do PM me to share your experience. We can also motivate each other to get our ideal weights


Hi Beannie...

Just came across your post. I am with the same acupuncture centre(@ MP) as well.
How much weight did you lose? Is the dietary plan working & did not weaken your health?

Sad to said... I din lose much weight(slimmed down ard 5kg) because I did not follow 100% of their dietary plan.
I feel e dietary plan is not quite ideal if you are a sports person like me.
It weaken my stamina greatly due to low sugar & zero carbo intake.
I was even panting when i climb the stairs during the first mth. Sigh...
After struggling for ard 2 mths, I finally gave up cos I feel it not a right thing to do if you want to slim down in a healthy way.

Conclusion is if you did not follow their dietary plan. You won't slim down. Acupuncture is useless too.
After I stopped following their dietary plan, I went for 6 sessions of acupuncture sessions but to find
tat I only slim 0.1kg of internal fat. *Shake head* I did not over eat, i only ate half the portion of the
original bowl as I need carbo & protein to maintain my exercise routine such as jogging, swimming or
cardio workout. Once you intake carbo, the dietary plan dun work anymore. Please think twice to see
if you can really commit to the strict dietary plan & zero basic stamina(for climbing stairs).

I learnt my lesson. The only way for healthy slimming will be: Low carbo, high protein & lotsa exercise.

I am no longer with the acupuncture centre now. With the low carbo, high protein & lotsa exercise theory,
I am still slimming down in term of weight & inches. Try this & best of all... its FREE!


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Hi Ladies,

Been a silent reader of this thread. While reading this thread, it was really encouraging to see podders posting that said they lost 10+ kgs after 3 months. Coz I'm getting married in Oct, I tot y not just give it a try. If it really works den good for me! So I went for the consultation to hear more and see what really makes it tick.

Seriously, I tink dun any of us need to pay them to ask them to help us slim down... Total cut of carbo diet, drinking shakes 6 days a week, who wldn't slim down if they are on a diet such as this??!!
Honestly, you must have a really strong mind la.. the consultant there can speak super well and sound totally convincing. But at the end of the day, when you hear about the diet plan they have for you, it's really pointless to waste such $$.
As long as you cut carbo, your weight sure drop one

Best is to find EXERCISE buddy to motivate each other to slim down =)


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QUOTE (fAiRy PaRaDiSe @ Jul 27 2010, 08:58 PM)
The consultant said differently. she told me if i were to take their package, i would have to take shakes to replace breakfast and dinner, than lunch eat as usual. dun decrease or increase the portion. i immd thought, will i faint from hunger?? LOL. ya 2.6k is alot actually. I had a friend who used to worked for them, but no more already. she did say that alot of pple slim down in that 3 months. i see how it goes. got extra money $$$$$ den go. haha

Hi all,

I am an ex-customer of the slimming centre @ MP. My advice is dun sign up too.
Acupuncture is just their selling point. In fact, I agreed that they r no difference from normal slimming centre.
I personally feel that acupuncture dun help much.
What really help is the diet & shakes. Why not spend your $$$ on shakes straight away?
You will definately slim down if u r on shakes for 2-3 meals.

Btw, their normal meal refers to lean meat & vege only. No carbo such as rice & noodle are allow.
If you wan noe more, feel free to PM me. I am willing to share my experience.


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Strongly agree with Dolphie! Thanks for posting! At last I see a more "sitting on the fence" comment here.

hmmm... i got into this place cos my wife is always in here reading and reading recommendations and reviews of products & services.

as a man point of view, ladies are easily taken in by sucess stories, only want to hear what they believe in and good things about it.

End of day, many of those slimming centres or so call slimming spas or whatever they call themselves are not as beautiful as they seems to be.

Eg.. **Jeanette Au - spokes person for Reduze? Any1 saw jeanette fat before?? It is not convincing at all, but ladies chose to believe.

for here, strangely there are only positive things cos many were same users that are spreading the goodness through many many threads.

My wife did went into it, she believe it works...

End of day, it was totally crap. It is really all about what the user Dolphie mentioned, or what forumers talk about it elsewhere.

Believe some users have realise the hoax and started to post "beware" msg here.

For the time & $ my wife have wasted on all these treatments at this so call sucessful plc or wat slimming buddies... and i strongly felt that u gals should really think about it.

It all sales talk.


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hmm, true, jasmine is right, Determination is important, no patience then don join.i btb and i have the need to slim down.
i had lost 8kg already, and i wish to slim down another 8kg. the post is demoralised but i believe my eyes because on my acupunture treatment while i'm waiting for it i chatted with 2 ladies there, they going to end their course and had hit target by loosing 10kg and 12kg. they look great so i hope i can be like them too

so i think i should be able to lose at least 10+ kg while the end of course. now already has few people comment that i am looking better.


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ya tinkerbell00, ur progress is smooth lo. good! i believe human are not stupid, can differente which is true or not true. glad that you frd frd with customers there. haha last time i tried to make frds with few too but most of them never exchange number hee, some did exchange msn with me.

ya u can make it. jia you! i believe you also looking good now


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was intro by jasmine to her consultant on last year to her acupuncture slimming program. initially was not so well doing but after that body getting reacted to it .

i had lost 10kg in 3 months.
FYI, i am a mother of 2. was with a big tummy and at thigh&arms.
jasmine is correct, if you want to slim down successfully, need to have certain determination.


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hi all,
nt sure if u all are keen on london weight management slimming package, inclusive of 10times lavender sea salt scrub and hot blanket, 10times cold wrap, 10times machine. package will be inclusive of 1pax london weight coffee. i am willing to let go at a discounted price. pls email me for more info if you r keen, [email protected].


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Hi everyone.. If anyone is still looking for accupuncture slimming, i might be able to help
do pm me if needed, i've friends who took accupuncture slimming.. Lost between 3-5kg of fats in abt 4-5weeks..


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Long time nvr post here liao.
yeah! Acupuncture slimming is healthy, of course determination must be there lo. I've lost ard 17kg on 2 years plus ago.
Already maintain for 2 years plus liao hee.
Had intro tinkerbell n sharon stone to my helpful consultant too. Glad that they able to achieve good result (=

Anybody need the infor can email or add me in msn : [email protected]
Or those already on program can add me as slimming frd too (=

Gambatteh to all especially btb!
well i think acupuncture slimming is a healthier way to slim down though, second to exercising. i injured my foot but terribly had to slim down over the past one year for my wedding. i went for acupuncture slimming for one year and managed to slim down from 60kg to 49kg at my wedding.

now that my wedding is over, i still have two sessions left. anyone interested, pls let me know [email protected], the sessions are at amk.