Accomodation in Brisbane, Goldcoast or Surfers Paradise?


Anyone has any recommendation on good accomodation in Brisbane or goldcoast or surfers paradise?anyway whats the difference in Goldcoast and surfers paradise?Which is better?


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I stayed in Raddison resort in Gold coast. Royal woods is not bad. Surfers paradise is one the beach in gold coast. In brisbane, i stayed in Soho hotel.

For more details of hotels, can check out this website

i used that to book my stay last year


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U must definitely stay at surfer's Paradise cos Gold Coast is a pretty big area, if u end up at Broad Beach, u will practically be bored to death. Surfer's paradise is the main attraction area, where all the shops, cafes, water sports are. If im not wrong, on every thur, they have this pasar malam by the beach selling quirky & unique stuff


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hai Jess, there's alot of apartments and hotels ard surfers paradise. I stayed in Candlelights apartment. very near to surfers. and it's very clean with a fully equipped kitchen. (in case, u wanna cook)I love surfer's paradise!


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i also love gold coast and surfer paradise.when i am in brisbane i always 'flew' there ..its only half an hr from bris city drive..hahaha i always eat the delicious steak there - hog's breath cafe.yum i miss the 500 g of beef and the curly fries there..singapore mac curly fries
also e harbour town nearby..'fake' elvis performing there, the pelicians and greedy doves over there..and not forgetting all the little souvenir shops over there

stay mah..i not sure..sorry folks.but theres lots of hotels there for ya to choose..
hi panda dimp

can ask for ur advise since u r familar with the area? what's the best way to tranfer from Brisbane airport to Surfer Paradise? By train or coach? any recommendations? Thanks!


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can try the above link if u want....they have a car n apt package.

i've stay there for 8 days in yr 2003, a wonderful experience quiet and yet near to town.
previously stay at cosmopolitian in yr 2000 just opp hardrock, but found it too noisy. only benefit for staying in town is 4 shopping, i recommend lovers to stay away from town


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Anyone got recommend for holiday apt?
I would need a 3-bedroom holiday apartment for my group.. We are thinking of spending 3 nites there.
Please advise.



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I can recommend the sands. it's by the beach and at surfers paradise.
I just came back from my honeymoon from gold coast I really enjoyed my trip there.
I spent a total of 4k. But I stayed in a motel instead of apt as just the two of us.


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hi if 4 of us are going, do all of u suggest staying in an apartment or hotel? which apartment do u suggest? is the price diff great?


Hi desertrosie,

U stayed at The Sands in surfers paradise? Me and my hubby will also be going to Gold Coast tom night flight for our HM and also staying at The Sands. How is the room like and is the location accessible to the shopping areas and food? Please advise..thanks so much..hope to hear from u soon...


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I have a 4D/3N hotel voucher at The Sebel Cairns (5*) to let go. It covers accomodation for 2 at the Harbour View Room and also includes daily buffet breakfast and all taxes for the room. The voucher has to be used by 10 Oct 2009.

Actual value of the voucher is AUD 1500 but I'm letting go at S$1200, do PM me if you are interested!


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i stayed at legends. heart of gold coast. entertaining, but prob is tat dey dun provide cable. at brisbane, stayed at metro tower mill. value for money and nice if u dun mind the small space.


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I have a 1-week accomodation that I need to sell off. I am selling at a discount at S$1199. The stay can be at Europe, US, Australia, famous Goa, Bali and other places. email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Please help to share with people you know. Thank you!!

Australia I have got Whitecliffs Beach Resort, Lakeside Country Club, Port Pacific Resort, Tamarind Sands, Beachcomber International, Don Pancho Beach Resort, Golden Leaf Apartments to choose from.


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I love brisbane, it's a beautiful place! The air is so refreshing, very good place to relax one's mind, unlike sg so fast paced.


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I have visited Brisbane lots of time but I always stay in the Wings hinterland Gold Coast. It is a great place where You will get to stay in a nice friendly family home with people who like people, lot more friendly that staying in a hotel or motel room and they are very affordable.