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Hi there,

Am planning a trip to Krabi sometime in Sept. Anyone who's been there will like to recommend places to stay? Also, what are some places of interests and what can we do there?

Thanks so much for your input. =)


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Will be going to Krabi end of this month. Will post the outcome when I am back for your references.


Hi Nero,


By the way, which resort are u staying at? Mind sharing your package?


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Krabi, if I didn't remember wrongly, there used to be a thread on Krabi. I have been there once last year this time.
seriously, this is a bad timing to go Krabi coz its their monsoon season. You will be stuck in the resort most of the time as boatman won't take you out to nearby island for excursion since the sea will be rather rough.

The best time to go Krabi would be Dec to April.

The activities there include : diving, snorkelling, mangrove excursion, cave-trekking, walk around city, eat durian (cheap and nice), shopping, any other water-sports etc.

The other time I stayed at Phranang Inn. Its very resort style. No hairdryer or bathtub. The swimming pool is small and always filled with leaves and branches.
I think there is a new resort call golden something. It looks like a better choice.
Go find that krabi thread and read.


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Hi Krabi,

I would be staying at the Krabi Resort. My package is a 5D4N free & easy stay for two at a price of $764. 4 Days come with breakfast in the package.

Flying by Silk-air.


Hi Krabi

My best resort stay ever before, Krabi. The beaches are so beautiful.. and the surrounding quiet and peaceful. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with no other distractions, you have found the right place.

I stayed in the Pakasai resort ( about 10 min walk to town) . Think I pay about S$200 plus per nite at that time, but the last time I check on the internet, US$ 80. Negotiate more, and you will prob get a better deal. Very quiet in the resort, nice view of the forest. The swimming pool is also quite pretty.

There are plenty of hotels around in Krabi for all budgets. I explore a few hotel but think that Pakasai resort is worth paying for the serenity.

I took a few package tours around Krabi, snorkelling, kayaking, and elephant tours. You can also do diving, and rock climbing. Do go out to islands like chicken or bamboo island. Remember the movie, 'The Beach'. Similar surrounding. The package tour is amazing, they pick you up from the hotel, boat ride and the lunch is amazing good ( if you book package from the hotel ), with 6 course picnic lunch and drinks on the beach. I also took one package from the roadside, same itinery, food is not bad too. Best part is when they actually bring watermelons, pineapples, and cut them for you during tea breaks. In addition, all the snorkelling, diving gears are all provided. Just bring your own sunblock.

I stayed at Krabi for 8 days 7 nites. Long enough for me to explore around and have some time just reading and relaxing at the beach or pool. If you are bored, you can also go to nearby phi phi island or even take a bus ride to phuket. restaurants around are also cheap.

You will enjoy yourself, if it is not raining. Sept is near the end of monsoon, so you will probably get showers only at certain times of the day. It will be fine for most of the times. Good luck and play hard.


Hi Bear, Nero, Funkrabi,

Thanks for all the info. =) Called the tour agent and she recommended Pavilion Queen's Bay? Supposed to be newly renovated. Have you guys heard of it?

So are all of you busy preparing for your weddings?


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Hi Krabi,

I have just gotten back from my trip to Krabi.
The place was quite enjoyable especially if u want to relax on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze.

I stayed at Ao Nang Villa Resort which is at the Ao Nang Beach. The room was quite spacious and comfortable. The beach is just outside the hotel.

Here are some of the activities that u can enjoy.

4 island tour(Poda Island, Chicken Island, Taloo Island and Ao Phra Nang beach) - 250 Baht per person for long tail boat else 1000 Baht per person for speedboat.

PhiPhi island tour(Bamboo island, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley) - 950 Baht per person on Ao Nang Princess express boat(Air-con) else 1900 per person on SpeedBoat.

All of the tour package comes with lunch & Full snorkeling equipment. Personnally, I choose to go for the cheaper fare to cut down on the cost and spend more for the dinner.

I am quite lucky to have good weather through out the trip. It only rains on the last day when I am departing.

Have a nice trip and bring along your sunblock and lotion.


Hi Krabi

I was there recently too !

Initially I wanted to take the Pavilion Queen's Bay as well cos its like 4 star & the package price is just not too expensive too.

When I arrived there, I was glad that I didn't take it... Its quite a distance frm the "Main Stretch" of shops.

I agree with Nero that Aonang Villa is gd.

MOreover, its like the "cheapest" resort that most tour agents offer. Its quite good. Air Con Rms, Good Bath Tub, HOT water & Cable TV ! (its kinda like a Great Luxury over there)

It has a gd location. Its just a few walking steps from the LongTail Boat terminal & the Main Stretch. Next to Aonang Villa is Golden Beach Resort. The Golden beach resort was recommended by tour agents too.


hi kely,

i have just been to krabi and stayed at aonang villa. that was the silkair promotion and it costs us only $310 per pax. quite cheap actually. my agency is holidaybagus tel: 68830016. look for leon. he is quite friendly


hi all

i just got back from krabi 2 weeks ago (our national day weekend.) it was fantastic. i was in a panic cos i had no clue what i was getting myself into, plus the fact that i had to decide on the accomodation (which looked misleading on some websites!!!) i stayed at ao nang villa resort, and i highly recommend it to all who are interested! i was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the place, the spacious rooms, and the nice big swimming pool! i would like to go back there again, if possible.


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hi i also went during the national day weekend
we stayed at pimalai resort. the sea was great and our villa was real huge..the only minus point was the long journey to the resort from airport.
but all is worthwhile!


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oh yes.. we tried the couple spa but it was a bit ex...around 6800 baht after tax..
but well, good for relaxing..

btw we were upgraded to a suite for no happy and super lucky..the sea was clean...


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Hi Low,

U can try for another place to stay. That's where I stayed & it's lovely. The spa is great too if thats what u r looking for.

Spas within hotels are better in service & are reasonably priced. As for those on the leaflets that they will give you when you arrive, they look as they are priced - cheap & sleazy looking.

We rented a car when we were there & we scouted a few places on the leaflets. In the end, we went back & had spa at the hotel itself.

Get the map when u arrive. You will see a hotsprings a distance away. If you like, rent a car (cheap) & drive there. Along the way, you will stop by little towns & local food is nice & cheap.


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I booked the package from holiday tours. at that time there was a promotion of stay 2 nights get 1 free..we booked the bayfront villa plus taxes around $1600 for two..$200 was for airline surcharge coz we travelled during the national day holidays.
Food was not really expensive...thai fried rice around $8 ..breakfast was so-so...


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hi all,

Just to check. I'm going to Bangkok follow by Krabi for my Honeymoon.

Any idea if Bangkok has flight to Krabi? By the way, does Krabi has airport?


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Yes, you can fly frm bangkok to krabi but I think the internal flights are pretty costly. Yes, krabi has its own airport, KBV. I will be staying at The Cliff at Krabi, hope it's good!


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Consider to go Krabi for short getaway. Anyone care to share what are the activities over there?

Btw, is there direct flight to Krabi? Cos one of the travel agent told me ve to flight to Phuket and take a bus to Krabi -_-

Also, any comments on Krabi La Playa and Aonang Villa resort?



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Hi Zenn,

When I went to Krabi in 2003, rented a car and drove around. We went to a hot spring abt 1/2 hr away from where we stayed - Chaonang Vogue Spa & Resort. Went for spa twice also. We also joined the 4-island cruise.


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Hi folks, I stayed at Sheraton Krabi. They have an infinity pool and their own private beach, so it was very peaceful. My boy fren & I enjoyed a romantic walk around. We can also windsurf & sail from their beach.

They also arrange transport to other restaurants outside their property, so you don't need to eat at their restaurants, which were quite good too! Their spa is quite good & I bought 2 very nice sarongs from the spa shop too.

You can do the Phuket things from Krabi as well, like go to Phi Phi, James Bond island as part of the island hopping tours. But Krabi is a lot less commercial & quieter as their town bar stretch is not so crowded.


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Hi sweets!
I will be going sheraton krabi this end nov n i m glad to hear that it was a good experience for u! I hope it will be great for mine too! i m going there for my honeymoon.
DId you book the tour to phi phi island from the hotel itself? what is the rate like? is it expensive?


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Just came back from Krabi. Stayed at Sheraton Krabi, very nice resort. Food is good and reasonably priced too. However, it's about 20min car ride to Ao nang beach, where most activities/shopping are. But Krabi is not as developed as phuket, so not that much shopping/good restaurants outside hotels. I think staying in a nice resort is more important.
Took the 4 islands tour, quite enjoyable. It's better and more hygenic to have your own snorkelling equipment even though the tour operators provide. Would recommend packing lunch from hotel or restaurant if you are fussy about food. Though they provide lunch, it's quite simple. there's no shops on the islands so you can't buy lunch.
Didn't really find any nice restaurants outside the hotel. Went to Ao nang cuisine after seeing some recommendations but was greatly disappointed. It's a simple eatery and food's not that good, the hotel restaurant food is much better.
Didn't want to spend too much to go to the hotel spa (massages min. of S$100+), so tried a day spa, Wanalee Spa, recommended on the forum. Sad to say, it's a big disappointment. it's more like a "backpacker's spa" than a proper day spa like the ones you find in Bangkok. It's in the middle of nowhere, looks like a family run operation. While I was doing my massage, I was wondering what kind of oil the person was using on my body! So wasn't relaxed at all... All in all, I would say it's not for someone looking for a proper spa with nice ambience. The masseuse was ok, not very good but not exactly the worse I experience too.
Did go to Aonang villa resort to take a look, partly to check out its spa. Prices at the spa there is slightly cheaper than Sheraton's, about 20% but the ambience seems nice too. think they have a special price for in-house guests. The resort seems quite nice and within walking distance to all the amenities, didn't have a chance to look at the rooms though.

Zenn, you can check out sheraton's website to get the rates. I managed to get some really good rates (on promotion) so paid less than S$150 per nite.


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<font color="119911">hi! I just came back from The Cliff @ Aonang. I must say I'm thoroughly impressed by the service and rooms! There are not many rooms so it's not like a big hotel with so many people. The staff at The Cliff know our names by heart, I'm always impressed by this kind of effort in service. I highly recommend The Cliff. The resort rooms are just so romantic! Everything's so bali-wood type of decor. We had a fantastic and romantic time there! Must say we preferred staying in the room to going out to the islands


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hi lyons, it's reassuring to know you had a fantastic time - i've booked for 4nights at the cliff as well

did you arrange for them to pick you up at the airport?


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<font color="119911">hey pink bunny, great! I'm sure you'll enjoy all 4 nights at the cliff
Definitely worth the money. Though it's not the cheapest around, it's value for money. Don't expect the frills though, like big swimming pool, facilities etc cos it only has a small swimming pool but the rooms are to die for la!
Wish i can go again...

As far as I know, The Cliff told me that it's actually more expensive to get them to arrange for a taxi. When you get off the plane, there are PLENTY of taxi drivers around! If you're worried about being cheated, when you walk out of the check out area, look to your right. There's a small booth offering taxi services. Their prices are controlled so no need to worry. Hope this helps!


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hey guys, if i'm looking for a nice cosy hotel that costs 50-100 sing dollars a night, one thats still near the central happening place. what would you recommend? is ao nang beach the central place?


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hi lyons, I'm considering The Cliff also. However, I read in some website's review that the rooms are small... Are they really that small? Is the room with king or queen size bed? Thx.

hi NT,
If you read at the begining of this thread, someone mention that Sept is the monsoon season. The best time is Dec - April.



alike to you. I am also going end of Sept..29th to be exact.
Debating between AoNang Sunset and AoNang Paradise as I am going on a budget together with my son and hubby.


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Hi I'll be going to Krabi mid Sept, staying at Sheraton Krabi. Can anyone advise me where can I book a car in Krabi and wat's the daily rental rate.

Thnx !

when at krabi, u just walk around the outside shops &amp; tour operators, they w have cars for rental.. try nt to rent fr hotel cos usually more expensive.

sept is rainy season there ley.. w be abit inconvenient for u to move around, cos when it rains, it's v heavy.. try to bring umbrella or raincoat ok..


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hi all,
i am planning for a short trip with hubby in dec (xmas season.
Looking at 8-10days of stay at krabi.
Is it too lengthy?
budgeting around $800-$1000/head. Are there nice deals around for recommendation?
can recommend some nice and cant be missed itinery

acutalli i am debating between krabi and cebu...any suggestions for me.

i would love to have nice beaches, seaviews, shopping(eg bali style), seafood
abit greeddy..hhahha


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hi cerine,
i stay at krabi seaview for few days..the villa are not bad...ard S$40/day..(but dun expect much on the bfast)

8-10 days i believe is a bit long in krabi..
krabi is a more quieter place than phuket..
maybe u can choose to stay krabi a few days
then go koh samui another few days..
staying 8-10 days in krabi will bored you to death..esp at nite..nothing much to do.

as n/c mention abt the ao nang sunset..i tik the bfast not good either...
just my 2 cent worth


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hi cerine and ice baby ,
i've been to krabi twice before and will be going there again next week.

for a unique hotel, you could try the somkiet buri resort. they are not the usual 4 walls and a pool kind of place.
if you enjoy nature , than this hotel will take your breath is much like a boutique hotel....i believe they only have about 25 rooms.
cost wise, about $100/night or less

the spa is pretty good too.... the missus was there every night for their treatments.

things to do : rock climbing is a must....everythig provided for. the guides are pretty good.(king climbers)

hong island kayak is an absolute must... try

hope this helps.....

can't wait to be there again


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I went to La Playa resort near Ao Nang beach which is 5 min away. It is owned &amp; run by a Singaporean service is very gd.
Eating is cheap the food from the roadside stores beat those in restaurants hands down.
I went to krabi town pasar malam &amp; ate lots of their local food quite spicy though.
Rental of vehicles is abundant &amp; prices are abt the same. Very great view, it was damn fun driving &amp; riding in thailand.


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hi ray,
oh, thanks for the website..
looks great.
i checked out the package with tour agency.
range from $600 - $680, at Sunset, including Gala dinner, for a 6D5N thinking to island hop,..but not too sure if 6D is too lengthy.

hmm..willbe checking out SEalandandtreck resort...



Came back from Krabi early Oct. Aonang Sunset resort is okay. Not too bad. Breakfast so-so but if u are on a budget, it's okay. =)

You might wish to try adding the price up to see if it is more worthwhile to take a package or book seperately urself.

Date from 20th Dec - 15th Jan
- Direct 2900 baht/nite (
- Sawadee 2350 baht/nite

**Xmas eve dinner 900 baht/pax extra. New Year eve 1200 baht/pax extra for the dinner!

- 600 baht per way

If for 2 pax, hotel (2350*5) + cab (600*2) + New Yr Gala (1200*2) = 15350 baht
15350 baht = SGD 668.
Per pax = SGD334.

The above do not include airtickets. So if u can get cheap airtickets. Then u actually save quite abit. Cheers!


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Hi anyone tried Krabi La Playa resort? I have booked the Deluxe room.. any comments? What are the things I can do there?


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i juz came back from la playa, stayed in the pool access room. bad choice!!! facing our room is the construction of a new buidling. everyday hav strangers looking at us.

location wise is quite gd. its at 1 end of the aonang area, so quite convenient. swimming pool is quite huge thou'. basically, its a resort with many singaporeans.


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I wanna recommend Aonang Princeville Resort !!

It's a small resort located right in front of Aonang Beach next to Phra Nang Inn (Ao Nang Villa is just further down the beach) along the stretch of shops, but it's snugly nestled in luscious tropical trees so you won't feel the disturbance of the crowd on the streets at night at all.

The resort is more Bali style with a very cosy reception area. The Deluxe room is very cheap but very big and nice with a king bed and daybed. The floors are very nicely done up with mosaic tiles for the bathroom and toilet and coloured designs on the cement floor in the room. To our surprise, there were many TV channels available including CNA, NHK, HBO etc. for such a small resort.

Everything - shops, boat services, taxis, even the highly rated banana pancakes - is at your doorstep. You can even negotiate for a cheaper price with whichever agent you book your tours from because of its proximity to the beach - they don't need to ferry you back to your hotel because it's only a minute's walk away.

Only 2 complaints I have:
1) Breakfast is... erm... nothing to shout about. I loved the cereal and milk best. But overall I still think this is a super good deal for the 1320baht/night (offpeak rate) I paid!

2) They gave me a room on the ground floor which was very convenient when you come back aching from kayaking or soaking wet in your swimming gear, but was pretty noisy at night with the frogs croaking outside. Maybe because it rained every evening I was there. Anyway, you might wanna request for a room on the 2nd or 3rd floors just in case.

* Please note that their superior rooms are not a smaller version of the Deluxe room. The Superior rooms are much cheaper because there is no design whatsoever with just a double bed in the room, something like chalets in Singapore. Some online accomodation sites only show pictures of the Superior room.

** offers really cheap rates. I intended to book Aonang Villa with them at first becos of the cheaper rate but they don't have rooms for Aonang Villa anymore so they recommended this resort to me. Blessing in disguise!! I saved S$50+ even after cancelling my booking with Asiarooms for Aonang Villa for a penalty of S$24.

*** Suitable for people on a budget, don't like crowds, like convenience.

**** It's a small resort so if you like big pools and loads of facilities then maybe this might not be a good choice, but hey! you've got beautiful islands nearby and loads of activities to do! AP Resort is a good place to go back and relax in.



Thanks for the update of the place.

For me, I stayed in AoNang Sunset, which is simple and ain't too bad for the price I paid which was around 900 baht. Cos all the rooms are the same. HAHAHA.
If those who want pictures to AoNang Sunset's room...pls PM me. Cheers!


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Hi icebaby,

PMed you about the pics. =)

Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with the room at AP the moment I stepped in.

Interested ppl can pm me for pics too.