Accessories, veils & gloves, etc


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hi, anyone knows where to get nice tiara?? Me thot of wearing gloves for the banquet, issit outdated liao??


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i tot is a bit, but if your gown is princess gown, the dreamy kind, then it add a touch of elegance... ask your designer, she will know best...


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Dear all,

i went to People's Park Complex to look for Angela Soong's shop, but i think she has relocated...

anybody have any more contacts to shops selling wedding accessories?


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Anyone know the contact of the shop making customised wedding accessories featured on the first episode of the wedding TV program hosted by Michella Chia and Quan Yifeng some time ago ?


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Hi Happyhappyface,
You can try Arab Street for the long satin gloves. I bought mine there, but cannot remember the exact name of the shop. Its somewhere in the middle of the row. I recall it was displayed on a board when you enter the shop.

Perhaps you can bring your dress or something to make sure you got the right color. Or try buying over eBay.
Hope this helps!


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can i ask if ppl still wear the long satin gloves? what type of gown would it match with? i suggested to a BS tat i wear the gloves (havent selected any WG yet) and the coordinator grimaced.


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Hi there!
Does anyone know of the contact details of this shop called "OWN ACCESSORIES". I saw some of the hair accesories in a issue of 'Wedding & Travel" & they were Gorgeous!!! But the bridal mag didnt include the contact details. Pls let me know if you do know.
A zillion thanks! (^_^)


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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any contacts on places/shops that sell accessories with crystals (Eg: Swarvoski, etc)?

Please kindly drop me a mail. Thanks in advance.

[email protected]


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hey hapict..

im not so sure if u are still reading this.. wanted to reply to ur question on wearing satin gloves.. i tot it was a great idea! i saw this very nice lady from the forum who wore black satin gloves with her wedding gown and i tot tt was really gorgeous! the overall effect was very vogue looking.. i tot she's really the epitome of style! im borrowing the idea oso..gotta pop by arab st one of these days..


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Do anyone know where can we find a place that sells all kind of fabrics in making evening gown as well as accessories in reasonable price ?


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hi there,

i need to look veil at any shops, any idea to tell me pls... urgent..

i found angel MUA's accessories photos look quite nice, url: ;)



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Hi ladies,

Check out for accessories like veils, gloves and jewellery. Very reasonable and nice!

I rented my gown from her for photoshoot.


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Hi All,
Does anyone here know where can I get wedding hats with netting / furs, or any other head accessories?


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Hi, hi.

I have this preloved pair of red hair clips for sale. I wore them with my kwa on my wedding day for sale. PM me if you're interested.

I also have brand new ones.




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sorry, to add another post, but i managed to find another photo of another set of accessories which I wore with my kwa. Was going for the very Chinese look, since I was wearing a kwa.

PM me at [email protected] if you're interested.



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hey, beryberry, am not sure if this is what you are looking for.

I sometimes wear dramatic headgear and I've gotten comments on this set as it looks very bridal. Especially the one with the feathered flower.

Are you looking for something like this?




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Hi Sentosa,

Thanks for the post, and sorry for my late reply but I had manage to get something which I want from another shop. Thks for the effect.


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I have Diamante Choker (Brand New0, letting go at $25

Diamante Earring wore only once for D&D, letting go at $10

Diamente Hair accessories(BN) letting go at $10

Interested, pls email me [email protected]


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Hi Gals,

Can someone juz share with me, for Made to Measure Gowns, can it be tried on by other people before the wedding, other than the bride herself?

If your MTM Gown is promised to be kept til your wedding day, and nobody gets to see or try it, but you saw it being tried by others by coincidence, wat would you do???


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Genevenie - Can you keep the MTM gown? If yes, then it should not be tried on by other people. But if you cannot keep your gown, then yes, BS can let other BTBs try it on before your AD.

But if it has been promised to you that no other BTB will try the gown and you saw it, demand for an explaination and best, compensation! To me, this is BIG! No integrity at all.


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Jol - Yes.. they promised to not let other BTB see the gown, not to say even try.. yes.. and I saw it being tried by other BTB.. I wanted an explaination on the spot, all I got was "Sorry".. I wan compensation too.. but wat do you tink I should ask for???

Yes.. tis is VERY BIG to me too!!!
It's emotionally hurt!!! Feel cheated!!!


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Genevieve> Saw what u written, seems like the BS is not honest with you, if it is for me , i will feel cheated and angry too. So is there anything u gn to do?


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genevieve - speak to the boss! I think best is to request for free top up of photos. I would kick a big fuss over it and demand for an apology also. What do they mean by 'sorry'??? Its about integrity! They absolutely have none by letting others try on your new MTM gown