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Finally got the time to upload a testimonial from a recent wedding couple, Andrew & Sze Jie


Dear Academy Personnel (Jonny, Han Siong & Bernard),

It has been a very pleasant working experience working with all of you and we are very satisfied with the quality of the service provided.

Han Siong & Bernard coordinated very well together and they even performed beyond their normal call of duty to be warm, friendly and that made us felt very relaxed throughout our wedding.

The photos & videos were worth the wait, because they were beautifully done and everything were nicely presented & provided to us

Thanks and Best regards,
Andrew & Sze Jie
16 Jan 09
Hi everyone!

Back with a comment from Khery & Rina...
Sorry... till now, I still don't know how to upload photos in this forum =X

Hi Jonny,

Very sorry for the late reply.

It was a very pleasant experience to have Academy Video as the vendor for the photo and videography services on our big day and we are glad that we've made the right choice.

Han Siong & Bernard are very professional, friendly and helpful. I never thought that photo and video - taking could be so relax and enjoyable on the most meaningful (and perhaps, most nervous) day in my life. Their friendliness made us feel very comfortable and relax before the camera and video recorder, and we really love the result of the photo and videography, also the highlights that they have prepared for us.

The photos & videos were worth the wait, because they were beautifully done and everything were nicely presented & provided to us, and i have recommended them to my friends who are going to get married this year.

Thank you for the excellent service and keep up the good work!

Best Regards,

Khery & Rina
09 Feb 09

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Well... It's a long weekend yet again =)

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Just came back from a good rest on Labour's Day...

Just began editing a couple who got married two weeks ago... It was a special one (Sorry... Can't reveal much...)

I'll reveal more when time comes =)

Hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend...

Anyone care to join me for Curry fishhead in J.B? haha!

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Well... it's always a drag to go back to office after such a long weekend... Especially for me... Jus came back after a week long MC =s

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