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  1. queenstarlet

    queenstarlet New Member


    Just wanna share my experience with Absolute slimming wellness (ASW). I went there recently becoz I had tried many methods of slimming but nothing really works. I'm 100 kg and has been fat ALL my life. And I realize with age, it became even harder.. and this was the time when a friend recommended me to give ASW a shot.

    And I have not regretted since. The consultants were non pushy. They were very patient and customised a program that would be easy for me to follow. There was no punishing exercise regime to follow and I could see the results in a matter of weeks. I lost 2kg within the first 2 weeks and 10 kg in 6 weeks. And even after going for a holiday and feasting , my weight has been able to go down further, to which I'm thankful.

    Thought this would be a very good option to recommend to the brides to be, and PM me if you have any questions..


  2. Samantha.tan2511

    Samantha.tan2511 New Member

    Same here! I've started absolute wellness only for about 2 weeks now and felt tremendous differences in my inches. Dresses felt looser and their specialty which is heat therapy works really well for me! Highly recommended for those who have problems losing weight and had tried different ways but it doesn't work out for them!
  3. Yannie88

    Yannie88 New Member

    Me too! I was actually recommended by a colleague in 2016! I've been going back for maintenance every now and then. Before coming here, I was at another slimming centre but did not see any results and they were hard selling. I tried to exercise on my own but it seems to build more muscles and made me look bigger.

    I lost about 4 kg over 1 month plus of treatment and my weight didn't bounce back even though i went overseas and went crazy eating.

    Highly recommended too for people who wants to lose weight healthily!
  4. Elene

    Elene New Member

    Hi, just want to know if their treatments (GuaSha) will leave marks on your body? Like blue-black kind of marks? And how often do you need to go for the treatment?
  5. April9669

    April9669 New Member

    Hi there!, May i know what are their prices per treatment?
  6. Sharon C

    Sharon C New Member

    Fr my experience it depends on individual's body constitution. Like for me, my body not very good so I will have some reddish marks (起痧) fr e scrapping. However my sister seldom has any on her body.

    Not to worry, it will go off in a few days. What i did was i wear clothes w sleeves to circumvent the issue. The gua sha helps w my upper backache also so i kinda enjoy it. Its like slimming and healing my backache at e same time.
  7. Elene

    Elene New Member

    I see. Thanks Sharon! Is the Gua Sha painful?
  8. Sharon C

    Sharon C New Member

    For me its generally okay except the outer thigh area but i will ask e therapist to use lesser force so thus far its okay. I hv low threshold level for pain..lol
  9. Elene

    Elene New Member

    Icic. Cool! May I know how much is their package?
  10. Sharon C

    Sharon C New Member

    Its $220 per session. How many sessions depend on individual. Previously i took 8 sessions. Not sure if they hv promotion for new customers. U can chk w them. No worries, they no hard sell at all.
  11. Elene

    Elene New Member

    Okok. Thanks Sharon! :)

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