A Yacht Wedding"


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please email me packages too..

[email protected]

thank you


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Hi, appreciate if any1 can email e Truly Harmony packages & pics to mi. Thanks a million!

Email: zaex1 @ hotmail.com


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Appreciated that you can send me the Yacht Rom package to my email? Many thanks.
My email cshine1.hotmail.com


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Hi, am interested in the package too.. Would appreciate if those who had their ROM under this package share their experience.. Thanks! =D


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Hi Everyone, i bought a solemnization package with a yacht company and alrdy place a deposit with them. But due to my 8 character clashes with my husband to be, we have to postphone our wedding to 2 years later. If any couple is interested to buy over my deposit, pls email me to find out more. Package is transferable, and can be swopped to a birthday party, wedding outdoor photoshoot or any party on the yacht. FYI, the package price is quite reasonable. I seldom log in to check the forum, thus pls email me if you are interested. [email protected]
Need to clear it as soon as possible.


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Hi, i am also interested to have my solemnization done in a different way.. Solemnization on a yacht seems cool to me.. But, can anyhow please send me some solemnization packages for my reference...

Thank! =)


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hi everyone, I had my Yacht wedding with truly harmony. they are very nice and gave us a beautiful wedding. i think they should be the only company in singapore doing this.