A Yacht Wedding"

Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by piglet08, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. piglet08

    piglet08 New Member

    Anyone attended a yacht wedding or planning a yacht wedding?

  2. weddingll

    weddingll New Member

    Sound romantic!
  3. starjoy

    starjoy New Member

  4. joyce_ling

    joyce_ling New Member

    Hi all,

    I intend to plan my yachet ROM on 14/9/08. At first still worry if my idea works, but glad to know that someone share the same idea.

    Can email me the contact of the yacht that yr frenz host? Thanks!
  5. piglet08

    piglet08 New Member

    hi joyce, i got the package for the yacht wedding, can you leave yr email contact?
  6. kurera

    kurera New Member

  7. joyce_ling

    joyce_ling New Member

  8. dor2712

    dor2712 New Member

  9. porsche

    porsche New Member

  10. jlxl

    jlxl New Member

    hi i would also like to receive any photos and details (venue, min/max no. of guests and total cost etc). Thank you very much

  11. joyce_ling

    joyce_ling New Member

    hi all,

    I have another yacht package that can take more capacity (min 50 to 150 pax). Anyone interested, do let me know.
  12. jac15

    jac15 New Member

  13. piglet08

    piglet08 New Member

  14. porsche

    porsche New Member

  15. teacubet

    teacubet New Member

  16. eelin77

    eelin77 New Member

  17. keropi_81

    keropi_81 Member

  18. joyce_ling

    joyce_ling New Member

    Hi all,

    I have sent to all of you, let me know if you yet to receive.

  19. dreyx

    dreyx New Member

  20. piglet08

    piglet08 New Member

    hi joyce, after comparing the 2 package, i realise that yours doesn't include food, decor so there's quite a bit of add ons, making it a little pricey
  21. teddy_mac

    teddy_mac Member


    Wow... Woah... Nice... Lovely... Romantic...

    Thank you so much for the pics. I really am seriously considering having my ROM on the yacht. Nice!!! Please send me the package and the cost...

  22. yamei

    yamei New Member

    hi im interested to know more about the package, my email is symswa@hotmail.com

  23. lim_connie

    lim_connie New Member

    hi i m interested to know more about the package too.. could you email me?

    my email is lim_connie@yahoo.com

    Thanks a lot
  24. joyce_ling

    joyce_ling New Member

    Hi Penny,

    The package comes with food but exclude deco. I have email you the menu & the pic of the boat for your reference.

    Hi Teddy,

    Pls give me your email so that I could forward the package to you.
  25. jiajun

    jiajun New Member

    hi..can i have the package details as well. the menu and pics related.

    my email is johnny0847@hotmail.com

  26. providencia

    providencia New Member

    Joyce, Love, could I trouble u gals to send me the packages too? my email's kelandsel@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance. [​IMG]
  27. xia0bai

    xia0bai New Member

  28. teddy_mac

    teddy_mac Member

  29. joyce_ling

    joyce_ling New Member

    Hi all,

    Just understand from the person-in-charge that the ROM package that I send to you are no longer valid (quoted us during Jan 08, valid for 7 days only). Hence if you need to get a more accurate quote, pls contact them directly. Thanks!
  30. sahdeau

    sahdeau Member

    hi joyce, do drop me a mail regarding the package for rough gauge.
    send me some photo too.thanks lots.sss
  31. joyce_ling

    joyce_ling New Member

    Hi all,

    Pls ignore the package I hv intro for Happy Cruise, they have jack up their prices tremendously. If anyone is still interested, I have the package intro by Love & piglet08 (Truly Harmony). They are much better, sorry for sharing a poor package.
  32. c017171e

    c017171e New Member

  33. mstomrs

    mstomrs New Member

  34. renton

    renton New Member

    Hi joyce, can you send me your contact for the boat charter?


    Been looking out for one but have not been able to find one to my expectation. looking forward to hearing your recommendations. thanks.
  35. newly15

    newly15 New Member

    Hi Joyce,
    I am interested. Can you send me the details pls.
  36. stargalwed

    stargalwed New Member

  37. synapse

    synapse New Member

  38. joyce_ling

    joyce_ling New Member

    hi brides (newly15),

    Kindly give me your email so that I can send to you.
  39. piggy03

    piggy03 New Member

  40. happyfruit

    happyfruit New Member

    Hi Joyce.
    I'm interested to find out too. Can you share with me the package intro by Love & piglet08?

    my email: write2kimmy@gmail.com
  41. alexteosgd

    alexteosgd New Member

  42. newly15

    newly15 New Member

  43. princesstinker

    princesstinker New Member

  44. cutiephinphin

    cutiephinphin New Member

  45. fionyeo11

    fionyeo11 New Member

  46. cfay

    cfay New Member

    Hi Joyce.
    I'm interested. Care to share with me the package intro by Love & piglet08?

    Email: cindy8019@hotmail.com
  47. ev0n

    ev0n New Member

  48. gynntonic

    gynntonic New Member


    Can you also email me the package pls? Can you also email me the contact details of the person in charge?


  49. elstrial

    elstrial New Member

  50. yuki84

    yuki84 New Member

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