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After getting good feedback about Mac fluidline from this thread, I went to get one last week. The makeup artist told me it doesn't smudge on oily lids but sad to say, it smudges. It smudges until my friend asked if I have not been sleeping for months... :'<

So I guess the next option I got to try out will be Bobbi Brown...&amp; pray hard it is really smudge free.


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Would recommend Shiseido Marjolica Neo Eyeliner. Been sticking to this liquid eyeliner since my fren 1st introduced it to me. Easy to apply and it stays on the whole day without smudging.

However, when turning the pen to get the liquid eyeliner out, got to be careful not to turn too many times. Otherwise, it'll ooze alot out and it'll be wasted.


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I'm using Chanel's Ericture Automatic liquid eyeliner.. It is not waterproof, but smudgeproof. I swear by it!

After trying so many brands, all of them smudge my lower eyelid when I sweat/perspire, and they smudge and don't last long till end of the day, especially when i meet my friends after work.


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You can't get any cheaper than Wet'n'Wild, and they have a bunch of colors to chose from, and it works great- just as well, if not better than brands that cost 3 times as much!
Try it out- also NYC is very cheap and works great. Even if you decide you don't like either of them, you're only out like 2 bucks. Good luck!


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Lancome artliner is really good if you prefer the pen style
MAC i found good as a basic liner
my fave is YSL it has the thinnest brush so you can get a really thin line or build up to a thicker...it's also fantastic for the flicks at the outer corner of your eye!



I'm using tonymoly gel eyeliner. Is good &amp; easy to apply as it glides on easily. Best is waterproof &amp; it can stay well especially when I have oily eyelids. This eyeliner come with a retraceable brush. Retail at $25.90 but I got mine @ 30% less retail price.

A few of my friends are using this product &amp; good remarks from them too.


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my colleague introduces me to Sasa house brand eyeliner pen. it's very affordable, less than ten dollars and pretty lasting.give this a try..


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Shiseido Maquillage liquid eyeliner! Its the best eyeliner I ever had. My eyelid is very oily n normally I always hv smudge w most eyeliner ive been using....but this maquillage amaze me! Highly recommended


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i recommend etude house liquid eyeliner - oh my eye line... the packaging is similar to anna sui but it only cost $8.90... very easy to remove and wont smudge unless you rub your eyes...


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i like the ones from sasa, those japanese ones with 24hour smudge proof. forgot the name, but so far tried a few and all works


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Have been using Majolica but now Watsons no longer carry this brand!! T.T can anyone share which eyeliner is really smudge proof and stays long?


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Don't forget to put eye primer before using eyeliner. It helps your eyeliner to be smudgeproof.

You can use any eye primer or use foundation and dust some powder right after


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I m using Heroine makeup's liquid eyeliner too. Found it quite good n cheap... other than this brand, u can try shu uemura also.