A Venue for ROM ?


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hi all,apologies,but i do not have my pics in soft copies,they are in CDs and hard copies.
but i had attached the venue pic here.

the package details i also have them in hard copies only.
u gals can contact my coordinator at 65 6739 6455 [email protected]
request her to send u the details,she's friendly and reponsible.


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Hi Babystarlet,

I've got the rates from Jasmine and even went down to Furama Riverfront to have a look. Thanks!

The lounge is a bit small and lighting is dim.

But it looks ok on your photo tho...


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Hi, anyone can assist me on this:
I plan to hold my ROM next yr March but the day is Sunday, therefore I hv to engage a JP rite? I have no idea of location yet. But can anyone advise me how to go about it?


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Hi Janet. Yes, you need to find a JP.
You can start look out for places you like for your ROM. For me, I got a wedding planner to help me with everything when we decided to get married. If you are interested, you can call my wedding planner. her number is 9119 4512


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hi anyone can help or know someone who can advise,

hubby & me decided to renew our wedding vow, this year is our ten years..
we did not have any solemnisation package/wedding dinner last time so quite clueless abt how to plan for a small gathering, abt 30 pax to celebrate and renew wedding vow..
do I need a jp to renew wedding vow? if no, how to renew? If yes, do we need to cater the invitation to jp as well? does jp charge a fee? anyone can provide contact number?
do I need a gown as formal as rom?
is it better to plan it on fri evening or on weekends?
i m thinking of Peony or Furama.. restaurant or hotel better? Do they provide cake for cake cutting celebration? or can i source myself?
do I need to provide small gifts (like those from wedding dinners) for the guests?
do I need to provide song to go along with the atmosphere?

We intend to celebrate the anniversary in dec and need some advise.. thks a lot :p


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Can someone guide me is the step correct for ROM ?

1st - find a Good date
2nd - Find place from ROM
3rd - FInd JP
4nd - Ready to Book the date though online .


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My bf n i did steps 1 & 4 ("_) then decided to change and ROM outside (i.e. step 3).

Then now stuck. Can "love that binds" find JP for us or we're supposed to look around?

tsk tsk ROMming is exciting :p


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you dun have to find only JPs. some religious leaders can solemnize. Some grassroots leaders too. You can get the full list from ROM website. JPs, religious leaders,grassroots leaders,etc are collectively called Deputy Registrar by the ROM. Deputy Registrars can solemnize.


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hi.. sorry to interrupt..

Cactus.. come back to Jialat.. we need your advice on the "income disability" cover.. where you last left off...


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Hi, Yum Cha in Chinatown finally have Hi Tea Buffet now.
No 蒸點 Steamed Dim Sum

1 豉æ±è’¸æŽ’骨 Steam Pork Ribs
2 é ‚æ±é®®ç«¹å· Steamed Beancurd Skin
3 é…¸ç”œé³³å°¾è¦ Prawn & Meat Dumpling
4 桂林醬鳳爪 Steamed Chicken Claw
5 é­šé¦™é‡€è±†è… Beancurd Stuffed w Fish
6 西洋èœè’¸é›ž Steamed Chicken
7 é­šç¿…å°é¾åŒ… Steamed Xiao Long Bao
8 雞肉蒸大包 Chicken Giant Bun
9 èšçš‡å‰ç‡’包 Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
10 咸旦蓮蓉包 Lotus Paste Bun
11 ç“œå­è±†æ²™åŒ… Red Bean Paste w Melon
12 椰香å°é¥…é ­ Coconut Flavoured Bun
13 瑤柱蒸蘿åœç³• Steamed Carrot Cake
14 è·è‘‰ç³¯ç±³é›ž Glutinous Rice in Lotus L
15 éµè‚å°é¾åŒ… Goose Liver Xiao Long Bao
16 水晶蒸素餃 Crystal Vegetarian D
17 豆苗帶å­é¤ƒ Scallop w Pea Dumpling
18 香茜魚翅餃 Shark's Fin Dumpling
19 èœè‚‰è’¸ç‡’è³£ Vegetables Meat Siew Mai
20 韭èœæ°´æ™¶åŒ… Crystal Chives Dumpling
21 飲茶è¦é¤ƒçš‡ YUMCHA Prawn Dumpling
22 香茜窩打餃 Fish Otah Dumpling
23 西å¼é­šå­é¤ƒ Fish Roe Prawn Dumpling
24 é­šå­è’¸ç‡’è³£ Siew Mai w Fish Roe
25 é®®è¦è˜†ç­é¤ƒ Asparagus w Prawn Dumpling
26 三寶蒸雞扎 Three Treasure Chicken
27 æ³°å¼æµ·èœ‡çµ² Jelly Fish in Thai Sauce
28 äº¬åŸŽè¾£é¤ƒå­ Dumpling in Spicy Sauce
29 西洋èœç‰›è‚‰åœ“ Home Made Beef Balls
30 馬蹄水餃湯 Water Chestnut Dumpling
31 豉æ±æŽ’骨飯 Steamed Pork Ribs Rice
32 桂林鳳爪飯 Steamed Chicken Claw Rice
33 生炒糯米飯 Fried Glutinous Rice

No 腸粉 Rice Flour Roll

34 å‰ç‡’蒸腸粉 BBQ Pork Rice Flour Roll
35 é®®è¦è’¸è…¸ç²‰ Prawn Rice Flour Roll
36 鮮魚片腸粉 Fish Rice Flour Roll

No ç²¥å“ Congee

37 皮旦瘦肉粥 Century Egg Lean Meat
38 飲茶艇仔粥 Cuttlefish & Peanut
39 瑤拄白粥 Dried Scallop
40 新鮮魚片粥 Sliced Fish Congee

No 炸點 Fried DimSum

41 蜂巢è”芋角 Chicken Yam Puff
42 ä¸Šç´ ç‚¸æ˜¥å· Vegetarian Spring Roll
43 èŠéº»å‰ç‡’é…¥ Sesame BBQ Pork Pastry
44 æ°´æžœæ²™å¾‹å· Fruits & Mayo Roll
45 é®®è¦ä»˜çš®å· Bean Curd Skin Roll w Shrimp
46 醉香紙包雞 Crystal paper Chicken
47 鳳尾炸è¦æ‰’ Fried Prawn Tail Dumpling
48 鮮果明è¦è§’ Fried Shrimp Dumpling
49 鹽燒白飯魚 Fried Crispy Silver Fish
50 蒜香軟殼蟹 Garlic Soft Shell Crabs
51 æ³°å¼ç‚¸è…圓 Deep Fried Tofu Ball
52 èŠéº»é¦™èŠ’ç­’ Sesame Prawn & Mango Roll
53 蒜茸炸è¦é¤ƒ Garlic Prawn Dumpling
54 韭èœç…Žé‹è²¼ Pan-Fried Chives & Meat Dumpling
55 臘味羅åœç³• Fried Carrot Cake
56 金花炸è¦çƒ Fried Prawn Ball
57 è è˜¿å¥¶çš‡å· Deep Fried Custard Roll
58 北京煎肉并 Pan-Fried Pork Pancake
59 香脆炸榴蓮 Crispy Durian Roll

No 燜ç«ç‡‰æ¹¯ Double Boiled Soup

60 燜ç«ç«¹ç­’列湯 Soup Serve in Bamboo

No ç²¾é¸å°èœ Special Side Dishes

61 蜜æ±ç™½è‚‰è’œæ³¥ Sliced Pork Loin w Garlic
62 金æ¯é‹æ²™é´¨æ¾ Diced Duck in Golden Cup
63 姜麻山水滑雞 Chicken w Minced Ginger
64 貴香çŠç‘šèŠ±èšŒ Stir Fried Coral Clam
65 ç™¾èŠ±é­šæ»‘è±†è… Stuffed Beancurd w Fish
66 å°–å¿…æ‹‰è„†å¸¶å­ Fried Scallop w Cempedak
67 åƒçµ²èŠ±æžè„†éº¥ Fried Crispy Squid w Oats

No ç”œå“ Desserts

68 三味香酥并 Red Bean Paste w Banana
69 è“®å­ç´…豆沙 Red Bean paste w Lotus
70 芒果å‡å¸ƒä¸ Chilled Mango Pudding
71 秘制龜éˆè† Chinese Herbal Jelly
72 é®®æžœé¦™èŒ…å‡ Lemongrass Jelly w Fruits
73 生磨æä»èŒ¶ Homemade Almond Tea
74 酥皮旦撻仔 Baked Mini Egg Tarts

Adult $16.80
Child $12.80 (4-12 Years Old)

Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)
3.00pm till 6.00pm (Last order 5.30pm)

Prices are subjected to 10% service charge & GST
Not valid for further discount or usage w vouchers
Wastage will be charged as normal selling price of the item.
Item no 60 is limited to 1 serving per person
While Stocks Last


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no lah, got it from the restaurant. just cut and paste loh.

been there for tim sum, but nv try this hi tea yet. Too bad weekend dont have.

But from the menu like quite worth it leh. 1 plate of soft shell crab is $8 eat 2 and 1 mango pudding worth it already.

But buffet not for people like me, cannot eat. in the end pay by order cheaper.


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icic...my family n I oso frequent customers of Yum Cha but we nv try the buffet b4...nv noe they have buffet...i wonder if my fren were to ROM on a wkday can she take tis hi tea buffet...tink will get her to call them up...


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Hi Min,

I juz ROM at Peony-jade last mth. Their service overall is good, food is nice..staff very well-trained..But heard there is a price increased next yr..perhaps u cal check it out at the peony jade thread for more details..


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Hi Tealeaf, I can only comment after i held mine in jan....

So far, they are quite okay.... Which area did u choose?

I choose the banquet area... haha... cos the rooftop was booked by their GM... haiz...


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Hi Jason Eileen,

its for my ROM ceremony, a hightea buffet.. Have not confirm with them yet. I am looking at Swissotel Merchant Court too.


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Hi Mindy,

I intend to book their rooftop for the Solemnisation ceremony and ballroom for the hightea. Already went down to view the place, quite like the ambience but am worried about their hightea snacks.(quite ordinary)

Which menu did u choose? Main course or buffet? Your event wld be in the afternoon or evening?


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Just to share my ROM venue pic & AD diner pic...

Hope to see more couples at Seletar Country CLub. Value for money package, free flow of beer w min 20 tables only. All package only require min 15 tables from $538++ menu.


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Hi Ho, i've attended my fren wedding at fairy point and its a lovely and beautiful place but you need to get shuttle bus for guests and florist to deco the place..


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I have my ROM at ALoha Loyang Seaview Bungalow 1 this coming Mon 05 May. I done everything myself as i do have budget. I get caterer for 9 tables with tentage (in case raining). Who interested,I more than happy share the process that i done.


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Hi Yanne, can share your photos and how you got it done with me?
How was the tentage? Thanks.

How is the fairypoint one like?anyone have pictures etc to share?

Very blur me.

[email protected]: that's my email. Thanks!


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Hi all,

Still looking for venue for my ROM for this Nov. any ideas? btw, I checked with Aloha - Fairy Point 7, they have their solemnization package which we have to take from them, we can't bring our own catering and deco and consider it's quite expensive. Is it true? Pls advise guys... really confuse looking for the venue which is nice and within out budget...


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Hi Prisilia,

You will have to take a F&B pacakge from Aloha, their min is S$18.90 for min 30pax. However for deco, you can DIY. With the F&B package, you can book thru their corporate booking, depending on which chalet you want, different chalets have different rates. Aloha Fairy Point 7 is ard S$400+ per night for weekend (Sat)which is their peak. Off peak is half the price.
Also they do not allow ROM/Wedding during PH.

However if you wan to use ur own F&B, you can do at your risk, if get caught it's S$500 penalty.

I just rec'd their packages, let me know if you want their quotes.


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Hi !

Rather new to this forum! I am planning to ROM in 13 Dec (our 3rd year anniversary), so is looking for a location right now!

I am currently looking at labrador seafood galleria and Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC).

It is just going to be a small initmate affiar with 2 families for abt 15 to 18 pax.

I really want to solemnize facing the sea hence narrow to these 2 places. Also I don't want places too high-end coz my future in-laws are malaysians so scared they feel out of place.

If anyone has other places to propose, it will be greatly appreciated.

Or if anyway has packages or photos to share for Labrador Seafood or RSYC, it will be great too!

My email is eternity [email protected]