A TRUTH after a 3 years seperation in a marriage


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one way of finding True Happiness, is in how we translate our thoughts... i dun think 2nd wf "win"... if the man is not very desirable, why would being with him qualify as a "win"?

actually it's quite possible that u're the winner here... along with the other lady.

since u say it's none of your biz, and u only just happen to see them - How u translate that information - IS CRUCIAL to your longterm happiness.

if u take away all the negatives, u will realise that u have Won, just by being out of it. and things can only get better since u're no longer in sh!t...

work towards the future and let live those who have hurt u. let them be your motivation to seek happiness... finding true happiness is one of the best ways of vengence.


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There is no win or lose in r/s matters... ur ex is not a trophy or pressie to be won etc... moreover, if in your perspective, he is that bad, why would the "last gal" be the winner? She might not be happy for all you know?


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Hey thanks, could have miss constructed what I want to put again. I never see this as a win or lose case in terms of the relationship matters. He is a gone case, bad apple. I only lose my $$$ to an bad apple, the Gov and the lawyers that's all.

TS I hope you can move, try this: When I have flash back, I just think how lucky I am now to see how bad he is earlier. The flash back just become shorter n shorter, eventually gone.

When touch the matter, anger will come frustration comes too but short while. Sooner or later, it will be gone also like DOLL. Then maybe after all these, I will be like what littlewoman share " I am sure u will eventually find ur inner happiness once again with the life u are sharing with your child"


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yup, u came out the winner having shed the extra kilos that would have otherwise been a burden for life... and the burden might even be carried by the next generation.