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My fren pasted her photo on a piece of paper and left it on each wedding table in the banquet room for the guest to write any well wishes. They will then collect it back after the banquet.

I also thought of doing that but like a bit copycat leh....then i thought of using poloraid to take photos of guest when they come but that is going to cost a bomb.

Any other ideas to share?



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the poloraid is a good choice but i heard that it is costly

how about getting your favorite photographs that you have taken before ie. tour, dating, ROM pics

u can developed them into post card size n placed them on each table for your guests to pen well wishes to you? ask your helpers to get the cards back for u (then u can paste them on your album)

just my 2 cents worth


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hi ming,

thanks sound good....but a bit similar to my fren concept...hehe.

but if we paste it, then we can't see the words behind leh.

any one have any cheap and nice ideas to share?


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Hi mousy pig,
ur frend's idea very special !! No need guestbook already. hehe. How about pass them a piece of paper each (probably a heart-shaped) for them to write their wishes and drop the paper into a bowl or sth and u collect them and DIY a photo album ?


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hi lisa, i was thinking also of something like a heart-shaped card that they can write on then later to collect back...the bowl is an interesting idea but that means have to get many bowls?


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Hi gergera and mousy_pig,

sorry, wasnt on this thread for sometime.
ya..a bowl will be enuff. Or can get your buddy or jie mei to collect for you from each table also can !?


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How about that:

Take a nice pic of the two of you, blow it up quite big and buy a frame which comes with a very wide passepartout.

Place the pic with the passepartout on an easele at the entry of your reception/banquet venue and have all the guests sign/write something on the passepartout all around your picture.

Maybe you can ask a friend to be the hostess to welcome the guests and remind them to sign. After the wedding you can hang your "guest book" on a wall in your home as areally nice keepsake.


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Sorry, I thought it´s the same word in english.

I am not quite sure, but my dictionary says "mount". It´s basically a high quality cardboard frame which covers the outer edge of the picture to give it a nice look. So the actual frame needs to have the sice of the mount (passepartout) and the cut out of the mount needs to be slightly smaller than the picture.

How wide you need the mount to be depends on the number of guests. And if you need a very wide mount, you will have to enlarge the picture more, or it will not look as good.

I would go with a picture size of at least 24 X 16 inches and the a width of mount of about 7 inches all around.

But if you got a lot of guests, I´d probably take about 10 inches of mount and the picture accordingly bigger.

One of my friends had such a guestbook and now she got it hanging in her house - everybody likes to read the well wishes and it´s always a good reason to reminisce a bit...


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yup! it's cool....can have own MTV. but now i havent get permition from my husb...

go discuss later.hiak haik!
he will be black face again...
nvm, i use my money if really like that.

who know normally how the charges?


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Hmmmm, I think taking poloraid photos, paste it on a paper and ask them to write some blessing will be nice. Can keep for future.

I am doing a personal MTV video of me and my hubby by my VG to be shown on my dinner day. Should be damn funny.. heehee


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How about making a small card and having the guest to sign on the card during the reception instead? Maybe can even ask the guests to either drop the cards in a big bowl or hang them on some kind of a tree or something.


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You could print namecard sizes card with pictures of you and your hubby and your new contacts in front and the reverse can be a discount or gift voucher that they can use to redeem or buy discounted merchandise. I know of someone who can do it.

Your idea of the MTV is cool. Not expensive lah. I think you can do it even with a custom-made song of your love story in less than $2K.


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Hi baby_jo,

Passepartout is used in a photo frame to separate the print from the glass. To be a bit more technical, it's about 3mm thick cardboard, with a rectangular or square cut out in the centre to "frame" the picture (our grandparents generations loved to use those oval or heart shaped ones).

I have some picture samples on my blog: http://www.lyrical-moments.blogspot.com/

In order for people to sign on the matt, you need to get one that's has a smaller cut out so that you can have more space signatures. After guests sign on it, you select your favourite picture from the wedding, mount it in the frame with the matt.

So far, I've only seen these kind of smaller cut out ones available in Europe. In Singapore, you have to get a frame maker or DIY to cut out yourself (you'll need a special matt board cutter for that and it takes a bit of practice to do the 45 degree cut) Forget about those in Ikea as their edges of the cut out are quite coarse due to machine die cut.


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Hi Stephen,
I like your idea, but it is time consuming..
I planning some giftaway to my guests during ROM reception. Although not many guests, but i very lazy.... heehee!


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Hi Ai Ting,

Passepartout is not very common in Singapore, but you'll see them everywhere overseas, even in budget shops similar to Ikea.

Also, the acid-free matt board is not cheap - I actually shopped in Netherlands for a wedding couple and the matt board alone costed like 19 Euros, that's about SGD$40. Solid wood frame costed another SGD$56.


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You could get graphic supply shops like Art Friend, Grafftii ect to do a mat cut to create a passpartout.

Or even framing shops like Merlin which incidental should have acid free mounting boards but be prepared to pay the premium for acid free material.

Have 2 matt board cutters but never quite got the hang of doing it perfectly.


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Joseph: Good stuffs come with a price. For example, good wedding albums are really hard to find in Singapore... many of the "standard" magazine style albums provided by bridal studios these days are either made in china or malaysia. Imported albums from overseas would easily cost 2-3 times more than the "norm" ones in Singapore.

The important thing is consumers need to be aware what they're paying for so that: 1) They know why they should spent money to pay for better quality stuffs (it's a one off thing that's supposed to last) 2) They don't get ripped off by service providers.


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ellery: Cutting matt board takes a lot of practice and patience in order to get a perfect sharp corner. Apply too much pressure, you can see the paper buldging out where the intersection is. I personally prefer to let people do the handy work for me.


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hi.. juz wanna share, my wedding had juz passed & i had my guests sms me their wishes which was flashed on the projector screen immediately. u may want to consider this as it's a rather new concept so very few people wld have used it.. helped me make more use of the projector & oso displayed my fotos to my guests at the same time. moreover the technical service provided by the staff to work this was very good, considering the small price i paid! aft the wedding, they compiled all the wishes into a personalised cd! if anyone interested u can check out this website www.smswedding.com


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hi lyn

i did a bit of research b4 my wedding & this was the cheapest i found.. but no regrets cos service was beyond expectation! u can look for swee mein, he's friendly & helpful..


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hi lyn,
all the wishes were compiled in a cd wh was given to us aft the wedding.. was nice to slowly view all the wishes together on the huge tv screen at home..
my hotel provided us a wedding scroll for guests to write their wedding wishes, we used it for our church in the day instd...


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<font color="119911">Moninet,

Icic...i hv 2 guest books given by my BS. So shd be using tat for our banquet as well...more for relatives and older ppl who dun uses sms. Hehe...</font>


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hi anymore ppl tried this thing.. now the price hv gone up to $348 or $388... it looks interesting,, but wld appreciate more ppl share comments here..or give some ideas to make it a special wedding


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there are several companies doing the live sms thingy. just go to google and do a search. make sure you get one that can support chinese sms so that the elderly can join in the fun.


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We are going to have a cartoon animation,
using the mascots, we will send out E-cards to invite our friends.
That's our idea for our upcoming big day.


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if there is elderly, how can send E-card if they dont have internet? or dont even use the computer? Or should have 2 type?? Just my suggestion.


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