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hi alice! just saw your post. i am going to have a small wedding reception (a simple buffet reception) after solemnization. thinking of skipping some customary traditions. is there a reason why you ask? i was thinking of skipping because we are not to familiar but we would also like to consider that i am part chinese. so looking for a wedding planner to help with something simple. found one but haven't decided.. still shopping around.


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Hi Brides,

I had these artifical white flowers garland walls made as part of the stage decoration for my wedding in April. We received good comments from guests and relatives.

Intend to keep them, however, due to space constraint, I have to let go. There are 2 sets of garland walls, each 2 meters long.

Got them custom made for $450 and willing to let go at $250 for both. Price negotiable. Items are well kept and brand new.

Those interested please email to me at [email protected]. I can forward to you clearer pictures that were taken during the wedding banquet, and maybe share some tips with you on stage decorations.

Thank you!



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i had my wedding buffet dinner held @ Ritz Carlton with abt 100 paxs.. and they even arrange a room for me to held my solemnization & tea ceremony there..good service & good food..no regret.. can look for Brandon the manager there.


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I just had my wedding at Shang for about 11 tables.Food portion was big & tasty.Ambience was perfect.Services also super.Interested can look for Melanie.


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I wanted to organise a friend's birthday party at Jewel Box and were on the way there, but was stuck on the way up due to the coaches letting off tourists. So in the end, we gave up the idea in case of logistics problems going to the venue.


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Four season can have 4 or 10 tables.. depends on the no of ppl. I personally quite like their svcs.. Wedding in May, so far so good


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Any Air -con event for ROM. My friend didnt like the warm in singapore, i am sourcing for her, as for mine her have to suffer on my rom date - unders the sun


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Looking at your wedding pics smokeyeyes (smokeyeyes); they're so nice! You all are enjoying and having fun; I guess what matters most in this special event is the family. You don't need to bring all your friends and colleagues or some others; as long as your family is there to witness this special moment of your life together, then it would be the happiest thing ever. Congratulations!


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Hi everyone, I'm planning to get married next year but my husband and I are on a budget. Any recommendations for a budget/cheaper wedding?


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Hi Jean, you can consider having both ROM and wedding lunch or dinner at a restaurant, have a small & intimate celebration, not too many guests.


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Hi Kacey, would you like to consider rooftop bar/restaurant? Please call me at this no for further details: 8239 3477


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Hi gals, I'm planing to have simple weddding too...any venue likely can hold 80-100pax? Preferred ballroom, I don't mind lunch reception. How about recommendation of wedding package? I'm interest on Graceful Image and My Bridal Room package at the moment, anyone would like to share some info, email: [email protected]


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I held my wedding at Changi Village Hotel, doesnt sound very posh hahaa but its a 5 star hotel! It was a poolside reception and the view was beautiful!I invited 80 guests and most of them were busy snapping pics coz the view n the setup was so nicce! I hired my frens who is a makeup artist and another fren who's a photographer, so i saved alot on that!But nonetheless, received endless compliments! Very tight budget! A simple wedding is much preferred by us so we can spend more on honeymoon!


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Hi Chloe (kinkilove),
I am interested to find out more abt your pkg in changi village and if you could share any pictures with me?
Personally love the hotel..hahaha

You can email me at [email protected]